Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


25. What is it About Waiting Rooms?

It had been a crazy 24 hours and every minute Maddy was making sure Harry was ok she made the guys promise they would keep her in the loop, she couldn't help  but check her phone one last time as she switched it off when the plane took off. Now that they had landed she had switched it back on but she didn't need long to spot her name in the crowd and rush to a very familiar face.
“Zayn!!” she was cut short as he quickly grabs her hand and they started weaving and ducking through all the people, thankfully no one noticed who he was
“We've got to be quick, his condition hasn't changed but I don't want to get caught by any media as they will just slow us down. Hi Mike.” Zayn says over his shoulder as they finally jump into a tinted car.


Pacing around the waiting room was all that Maddy could do and when she got sick of pacing there she went to find some other corridor to go pace in, as she was doing this she hears her name as someone approaches. Maddy turns around and sees Niall coming towards her, he like everyone else looked horrendous, it was the first time the two were actually alone after everything that had gone on since they broke up. Maddy sees he is distraught and does what she does best, 
“Hey it's going to be ok.” She comes close to him and rubs his arm to reassure him, Niall looks up at her and he finds himself drawn to her and before Maddy knows it Niall's lips are on  hers trying to gain entry; Maddy is shocked by his actions and pushes him off her, she looks at him frustrated.
“What are you doing?!” She hisses at him
“I thought that's what you wanted.”
“You thought wrong Ni, I'm here for Harry, you're the one that said goodbye.”
“Maddy please just take a chance.”
“I did Ni, I've taken a chance on Harry.”
“You can't just forget about us though.”
“I don't, I'm reminded everyday.” She smiles at him thinking of little Mark and rests a hand on his cheek.
“But Ni we drifted apart.”
“We can drift back.” she gives him a light shove at his poor pick up line, he smiles and they let their foreheads rest against each other his blue eyes showing everything Maddy remembered about them, then they dim a bit.
“I wish you all the happiness. I really hope that Harry does make it through this for that reason.” His Irish accent goes thick and Maddy knew that this meant he was upset yet she also knew he was sincere with what he was saying. Someone clears their throat and they are taken out of their trance Maddy didn't realise that her hands were resting on Niall's forearms and she mentally face palms herself because whoever just saw this body language would have gotten the wrong idea, and to add to the look they both turn at the same time with faces looking like they had been caught doing something wrong. They come face to face with Zayn, his eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and tears and now with shock, Niall quickly brakes apart and turns away from Maddy with his back to Zayn.
“Zayn it's not what it looks like.” Maddy goes to take a step closer towards him but he holds up his hand to stop her.
“Save it! Here were have our best friend in intensive care and here you two are playing lovers reunion, Maddy you can't do this to him anymore!”  he wipes away fresh tears
“Zayn I'm not.”
“She's right.” Niall attempts to step in
“And you...” Zayn was on a roll and the sleep deprivation wasn't helping his mood
“You're the one who gave this a green light and now you're trying to stop it, have you even told Maddy about Bianca?” Both Maddy and Niall go to speak, Maddy let's Niall go first.
“I was actually just letting her know I wished her happiness, and no I haven't.” it was now Maddy's turn
“Zayn honey we're all shaken up and I haven't been living under a rock I've seen the pics of Ni with a lady friend, I stalk you all.” She stretches out her arms
“Come get some love.” Zayn hesitates for awhile but couldn't hold a grudge against Maddy and he flops into her inviting hug, she rubs his back, he was so exhausted, they all were. Niall stands there rubbing the back of his neck Maddy knew? He looks over at them and their eyes meet, Maddy gives him a nod to say it was all good he smiles at her and goes back to find the others.


A few more hours had passed with no news on Harry's condition most of them were drifting in and out of sleep as it was now early morning. Maddy's eyes flutter open to a white coat coming towards them and she is suddenly wide wake
“Doctor.” and the word wakes them all up as they crowd around closer waiting to hear the outcome.
“He's going to be ok.” they all let out a sigh of relief.
“But over the next couple of weeks he is going to need constant care, he has broken a leg and an arm and he is going to need to come back for check-ups to make sure he is healing ok. He is very lucky he was wearing protective clothing and his helmet as this could have been a very grim outcome, he is still in and out of consciousness so please take it one at a time and if he looks tired please leave him be, but right now you can all go see him.” They all make their way toward the room that Harry was being kept in he was unconscious when they were there but they were so relieved hearing the sound of the heart monitor, they huddle around the bed and talk to him in whispers about how they missed him or just little jokes until it was time for them to leave. Maddy asked the nurses if it was ok if she could stay with him they reluctantly let her and Mike takes Mark back to their hotel so they could get some decent sleep. When they had all gone, Maddy grabs a chair and drags it to his bed she grabs his hand and talks to him...
“Oh Harry where do I start? You don't know how much I want to slap you right now you had me so worried; you broke your promise but right now that is the least thing on my mind. I'm so glad to know that you are ok and if this was some crazy plan of yours let me tell you it bloody worked, but between you and me I don't think you needed to go that far, you've been on my mind ever since the first time. Harry I love you and I'm right here now I'm here for you; for us. I'm not going to give up on us, please wake up soon.” She wipes a tear away as she lets out her feelings towards him into the open she rests her head on the side of the bed and falls asleep, she could finally rest knowing he was ok.  Maddy is out like a light and in the stillness of the night his hand moves to hold onto hers, he had heard every word she and all the others had said he just could not get his eyes to open as much as he tried there was just a heaviness stopping them. He had managed to move his hand to hers and hold on with what he could, he hoped that soon he would be able to open his eyes and tell her that he heard everything and that he too was not going to go anywhere.


The weeks after Harry's accident Maddy had not left his side and he appreciated it whole lot. With not being able to get around much because of his broken leg he admired how patient Maddy was with him and how accepting she was when he needed help with anything. He was getting better at doing things himself now there were just a few things that he would need help from someone else. Today he was determined to be able to change himself without the assistance of his cane that he had been using to help him walk more freely. He had managed to get his sore leg into the pants but when he tried to balance to get his other leg in he lost his footing and fell over.
“Damit!!” Maddy and Mike had heard the thud and the clatter coming from upstairs and when they heard Harry they exchanged looks before Maddy gets up to investigate what had happened, she rushes up to make sure he is ok. Maddy cautiously ventures into the room gently calling out to him
“Harry what are you doing?” Harry struggles to get up as there was nothing close for him to grab a hold of and pull himself up he just sits there and speaks his frustration
“Nothing, I  can't fucking do anything!” he yells at her as he looks at her as she comes down and sits beside him
“Sorry,” he takes back what he just said it wasn't her fault he had lost his footing
“Hey it's ok, what do you need help with?”
“I need to put my pants on.” He blushes a bit and Maddy smirks, she was use to changing clothes with Mark but with Harry she could have a bit of fun with this, but she decided to wait until the mood was a bit lighter. She helps him up from the floor and picks up his pants she bends down so he is able to slip his legs in one at a time.
“While you're down there.” he jokes a bit and Maddy just rolls her eyes at his crude joke but she uses his comment to have fun, she slowly brings his pants up over his ass and rests them so they are sitting nicely on his hips as she wraps her fingers around and does the fly and button up at the front while looking up at him with a very naughty look, once she is done she quickly slaps his ass and moves away that little bit.
“Hey that's not fair.” Harry smirks and tires to get her back but can't move that fast with his leg, he manages to grab a hold of her hand and pull her closer to him and their lips finally meet in a heated moment. This was the first time they had finally had some alone time, they continue to send each other into over drive, Harry kisses Maddy's neck as he presses against her allowing Maddy to grind up against him more.
“Mummy?” they quickly pull apart at the sound of Mark's voice.
“Hey sweetie, have you finished your nap?” Mark stands their rubbing his eyes and then reaches up towards her to be picked up, as Maddy picks him up Harry makes his way over to the bed as she brings Mark over to the bed so he can climb all over Harry. There is laughter and playful growls as Mark tries to wrestle Harry and Harry just swoops him up in the air every time, Maddy leans against the bedhead watching the two play she quickly glances at the time and panics a bit
“Ok come on Mark we've got to get you ready to stay with daddy.” Mark scrambles off Harry and slides off the bed and plods off to his room and Maddy follows to go get this little man looking all handsome in his special outfit.


Hello a bit short but hopefully I can make it up in the next one, sorry if it's jumpy.

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