Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


14. Sydney Bound

"I can't believe we're leaving in a few days!” Louis lets out as they pack their cars up with all their bags
“I know this sucks.” Liam says
“I want to stay longer.” Zayn huffs
“Believe me guys I would love for you all to but, you know you have something called a career to go back to, imagine all those poor fans.” she pulls a sad face.
“Hey we still have two days in Sydney together, remember the climb.” Harry adds and they all perk up
“That's going to be mad as!” with hugs and kisses from her grandparents and her cousin Mike they are back on the road again, heading for Sydney where the boys would catch a flight back to London.
Niall and Maddy would be travelling together again as the guys had thought it was best to stick them together as they needed to figure things out. They had pulled over on the side of the highway as Maddy wasn't too sure if they would make it to the next town before dark to get petrol.
“Why are we stopping?” Niall piped up
“I don't think we're going to make it with the petrol we have left.” The others were well ahead of them by now and left them for dust when they last stopped. Maddy got out of the car to rummage through the boot and came back with some sleeping bags and a casket of wine.
“I'm guessing Harry left this behind.” she holds up the wine
“He won't miss it.” Niall says opening it up and pouring the cheap wine into some plastic cups. They were sitting cozy in the back having a good laugh and chattering away. The wine was going to their heads and Maddy thought it was time to stop beating around the bush.
“What are we doing?” she finally says Niall stops laughing and looks at her puzzled
“Eeerrr what do you mean?”
“I mean us what are we doing? I really like you Niall and well I just don't know what's going to happen when you leave, you know you are leaving in a few days.” she gives him a playful shove.  They had not yet done anything in that way, they had made it official the last few days but they were both still holding back. Now with the rush of alcohol going to Maddy's head and being in such close proximity to Niall alone she couldn't contain her emotions.
“Maddy I ju...” Niall tries to stamper something out but she had cut him off by grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him into a kiss. He lost all thoughts as his hands trace her body as if they were always meant to be doing this. She quickly pulls his shirt over her head, they let our a little laugh as she ruffles up his hair; they begin giving each other such rapid kisses, Niall then starts to take off her clothes, he looks down at her pants and looks back up to her checking if she is sure, she bites her lips and gives him a nod to keep going. He gently unbuttons her pants and slides them down, he positions himself on top of her so they are comfortable and they begin the rhythmic moves as steam fogs up the car windows and they took each other to the next level. They laid naked side by side and Niall played with her hair, their clothes were all sprawled out in the car and they didn't give a damn.
“Maddy?” Niall muzzles into her neck she lets out a 'mmmm' in response
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” she turns to look up into his blue eyes and smiles broadly at him as he leans down and kisses her.   

The guys had managed to book the penthouse suite in one of the most prestigious hotels in Sydney all five would be sharing as Maddy suggested that she should keep her distance now that they were in the city, they reluctantly agreed but made sure they got her an amazing room with views which was only two floors below them. Maddy had just finished unpacking the things she needed for the next two days when their was a tap on her door. She peers though the peep hole and opens the door wide as she is greeted by Zayn.
“Girls night remember?” he holds up some dvd's, Maddy giggles at his gesture they had told the others that they were just going to have a quiet night in but really they were going to hit the popular gay bar in the city to let their hair down.
“Did they buy it?” Zayn nods,
“Wait what are we going to wear?” they now realise they forgot to organise that part of their plan...
“Shit!” Maddy looks at the time,
“Quick we still have time.” She grabs his hand and they rush off down to the mall. An hour later as they couldn't spend too much time out they had managed to find some pretty decent outfits to wear out tonight. They were giggling so much as they made their way to the elevators, when Zayn quickly puts his hand over her mouth and they dash off behind the lobby desk one of the workers looks at them oddly and then cottons on as to who they are hiding from. Louis had just walked past and neither of them wanted to get busted let alone getting the third degree from him. The worker gestures to let them know it was safe and they hurry off to the elevators. They make it back into Maddy's room with no more run ins.
“Oh my god!!! that was so close.” they let out a sigh of relief.
“They won't check on us will they?” Zayn shakes his head to her response
“We're all good, now quick drink and go get ready!” he unscrews two bottles of midori mixers and hands one to her, they clink and then Maddy rushes off to get ready.
“How do I look?” she comes out and twirls for him.
“Like a goddess, babe I can see why both boys are panting after you.” she waves off the last bit of his comment and grabs her clutch as they head on out the door.


You could almost cut the air with a knife the tension was that thick between the two guys, nothing had been exchanged it had just built up to this whole point and Harry was going to blow, he gets up to head out.
“Where are you going?” Liam asks
“Haz, jus...”
“Fuck off Ni, you don't know anything!! I was almost fucking rapped in that bathroom fearing  what was happening to you in the other room! And all you can think of is shutting me out just because you've fallen in love, we were like brothers,” he wipes the tear angrily away from his cheek as Niall is left gaping at him like a fish Harry isn't patient enough to hear what he has to say and storms out of the room slamming the door behind him. The other two turn to Niall in shock
“Is that true?” Louis asks, Niall shakes his head
“I didn't know that, I knew you know they kissed him but I didn't know that they had tried to get it on with him.”
“And what exactly happened to you?”
“They just clawed at my body, they ripped my shirt but nothing further and just some kissing.” he closes his eyes shutting out the dreaded memory that was now braking them apart.
“I have to fix this.” he gets up to go after Harry
“No!” Liam interrupts.
“We all know Harry, give him space and then find him later, just not now he is too hurt.” Niall nods and slumps back down on the couch, he really did hope that Harry was ok.

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