Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


20. Surprises!

He thought that he could let her go but in reality he was finding it hard to move on. He steps outside his apartment and heads to that all familiar shop to grab what could chase those memories away. He hovers outside the door but something stops him from entering, he mumbles to himself turns around and just keeps walking down the street. He fumbles around in his pockets and finds a cigarette and lights it up; he didn't smoke all the time just when he was really stressed. He turns the corner and heads to a park bench and sits down on it and pulls out his phone his finger glides over a picture of her and he contemplates whether he should. If he had gotten that bottle he wouldn't be doubting himself right now he wouldn't be the coward he was feeling like right now... he takes one last drag of his cigarette, stomps it out and places his phone back in his pocket, crosses his arms and heads back to his apartment where he'll stare blankly as the warm fire in his living area and think of her.

“I'm worried about Haz.” Liam broke the comfortable silence that him and Zayn were in.
“He's drinking again.”
“I know.” Zayn rolls his eyes, “I'm the one that gets him stumbling up my doorstep wanting to know the latest on Maddy.”
“You talk to her?” Liam sits up, now intrigued with the news from Zayn
“On and off yea,”
“Oh how is she?”
“She is doing fine seems to be handling things pretty well on her end.”
“Wish these boys could do the same.”
“Well what do you expect they are 'trying' to forget her, but how can you forget someone you love?”
“Good point.” Liam goes back to laying down on the couch and lets out a sigh,
“I do miss her though.” he goes back to thinking about how everyone had shifted since Maddy's goodbye; Harry had closed off again and  there was his drinking but this time he wasn't with a million different girls instead he buried himself in their work and tried not to think about things. Niall on the other hand shocked everyone, he had had a few flings with different girls none of coarse latest as he too was hung up on the one and only but he appeared to be happy. Zayn seemed to be the one most in contact with Maddy he played it down as to how much they talked so they wouldn't always ask and so they could move on but he would let things slip when a drunken Harry would show up on his doorstep asking all sorts of questions about her. Louis and Liam were fine it didn't affect them as much though they missed her bubbly attitude around the place they were safe from the clutches of being burned.

Maddy looks down at the white stick in her hand reading and re reading the label to make sure if what she is seeing is correct.
“No, no, no, this can't be happening.” she leans her head back against the bathroom wall as tears roll down her cheek, looks like forgetting Niall Horan was not an option. She fires up her laptop and decides to do some online stalking.... though she had heard most things through Zayn she wanted to establish herself where he was at with all the things that had happened. After scrolling through twitter feds, instagram and countless of news articles she knew that he was still single, she hovers over the follow button and clicks it. She was now following Niall on twitter for now and she used a name that he would hopefully know was her; MadinLove. And decides to do was all fan girls seem to be doing she sent him a Niall please follow me tweet but make it known it's her; Oh Niall how I long to be sliding down grassy slopes with you in Ireland, please follow me  She palms herself instantly for doing this but hopes for the best and hopes he doesn't pay her out too much.

The guys were all around Liam's for some drinks before they had to meet their manager, Niall was just quickly checking his twitter out when he notices an odd looking tweet and his eyes light up as soon as he reads it.
“Guys look at this.” Niall gestures for the guys to look
“I got another follower, but wait for it...” he shows them the name and the message she sent. They all burst out laughing they knew Maddy's humour.
“It's definitely her, what fan girl says stuff like that?” they all nod and Niall starts to follow and tweets her back; Why hello there I hope you're not playing a wicked game here? Maddy beams at how quick his response was she was in, she was so happy that he was actually talking to her after what she did to him.
“Liam I'm using your laptop!” Niall so badly wants to see her now! He turns on the laptop and opens up his skype and hopes for the best
“What are you doing?” Zayn comes in and lays on the bed
“Seeing if she is on...” a green light appears
“Guys!!!!” Zayn yells out and they all rush into the to room as Niall clicks the connect button
“Maddy!!!” they all scream at her as soon as her face lights up the screen
“Boys!!!” she says unable to hide her smile as she stares at the forgiving faces, she blows them kisses and they pretend to catch them
“Couldn't resist my good looks hey Maddy?” Louis brakes the ice
“Oh Lou you know it, I had to buy posters just to keep me sane, but not really.”
“Sure, sure please don't tell us where you hung them” Liam winks at her
“I make out with you all every night especially you Zayn” she winks and gets them all laughing
“Well hun sorry to cut this short but we've got to get going.” Zayn says eyeing them all, they were already late for a meeting with their studio manager.
“Ok laters bitches, I've missed you all.” and she disconnects. She felt at peace knowing they were all doing well. Except for that one face in the background... Her phone vibrates

Zayn: Spill now!
Mad – There is nothing
Zayn – Oh yea because you've been talking to me all this time and then out of the blue you start tweeting Niall, bitch please.
Mad – I love how you can still be sassy over text, yes there is something but I can't tell you
Zayn – Ok I believe you, stay safe babe and no breaking hearts this time around
Mad – I promise, how is Harry?
Zayn – Fine, I'm sure he'll text you sooner or later ;)


Harry became alive again when he knew that she was in contact with Niall, yea it hurt that she went straight to him but it was something at last and then something clicked, why would Maddy all of a sudden contact Niall when all this time she has been hearing stuff from Zayn, he frowns but this time he now has the confidence to text her.
Haz – Something is wrong, what's wrong?
Mad – I'm fine I promise
Haz – Then why did you brake your rule?
Haz – Wait....
Haz – Fuck! You're pregnant!!???
Mad – HARRY!!

Her phone rings
“Tell me it isn't true and i'll let it go.”
“Harry it's true, but please don't say anything” she hears him snicker
“What are you laughing about?”
“Oh nothing, Maddy i'm just so happy right now, I love you and you call me if you need anything at all, look i've got to go the guys are giving me weird looks, does zayn know?”
“No and you can't tell him!”
“Even better I have one up on Zayn”
“What?” she chuckles it was so good to hear his laughter
“Nothing, and thank you, lo- erm bye” she wanted to ask him if he was ok but hearing his upbeat voice stopped her.
“Bye love”  harry smiles to himself , it was so good to talk to her and gosh she was going to have a baby he couldn't be more happier, he makes his way over to the others Zayn gives him a puzzled look
“Is she alright?”
“Yep” smiling bigger now just to annoy Zayn, he quickly grabs his wrist
“You can't get in the way again Harry, she contacted Ni for a reason.”
“We'll soon see.”
“Oh what's that suppose to mean? Both of you suck with your secrets!” Harry wasn't giving anything away to Zayn and was loving how annoyed he was getting about not knowing. A tinge of pain then sweeps over him as he realises Zayn was right, he wasn't going to be able to have Maddy. She was having his baby now and that would just solidify them.


7 months later....


After the whirlwind of having his cousin back in town Mike realised he needed to get away from this town for awhile too, he packed his bags and headed up to Brisbane to get settled there. Him and Maddy caught up every now and then, but it had been awhile since he last saw her face to face, they chatted often but neither of them had the time to catch up as both were busy with their jobs.

Mike was relaxing on his weekend off that he finally had, he was scrolling through his phone contemplating weather or not he should try and catch up with Maddy, he was just about to dial her number when a knock at the door stopped him. He fumbles with the latch but is surprised at who is standing in front of him and all he can get out is.
"Damn it Maddy, who is the dad?” He runs his fingers through his hair shocked and worry etched on his face as he is greeted by the sight of his once slender looking cousin now looking like a balloon and no man running up behind her to help her with any of this. Maddy's bright smile fades at his words, she hadn't told him in all the time they had talked to each other but she just didn't want to burden him when he was just getting started up in Brisbane, she looks up at him again and sees that he is just concerned about her, she mentally face palms herself for not telling him sooner.
“Mike calm down it's all good.”
“What for my little cousin to be alone and pregnant?”
“It's not like that.” she mumbles and looks down at her belly
“Who is it?” Maddy's eyes well up and Mike starts to put together the pieces and then it clicks
“Fuck! No way, that prick is living the life while your left here to have his baby! He isn't even in the same country as you are!” Maddy puts up her hands to stop him from saying anymore.
“Mike wait. He doesn't even know.”
“Whaa, wait... why?”
“Well can you let me in first?” they were still standing on his front porch talking about all this. Mike quickly looks around to make sure no one heard this and steps aside so she can walk in, he rushes to her car and grabs her other bags. Nice bombshell for Maddy to drop on him, but he was all she had. Maddy collapses on the couch and kicks off her shoes her feet were aching now.
“Soo..” Mike sits down beside her and takes her hand letting her know he is ready to listen and not judge.
“I didn't really know until he left of course and well I kinda told them to forget about me and move on....”
“Fuck Maddy why? Don't you love him?”
“Well yea I still love him, at the time I just thought I was doing the right thing by letting them go, I didn't want to hurt anyone.”
“What do you mean them?”
“Oh right I missed that part out... well I fell for Harry too and he was the one I told to tell them to forget.” she shrugs realising now just how stupid that move was, she could have been with one of them and the other would have been ok.
“Do you talk to them at all anymore?” Maddy plays with her fingers
“Well for awhile it was only through Zayn but when I found out I started talking to them all again, and well I just haven't found the right opportunity to tell Niall.”
“And Harry....”
“He knows...”
“He guessed straight away, but he hasn't told a soul.”
“Sort this out now!” 
“Oh yea because that is going to go down well over chat, oh by the way I'm pregnant with your child!”
“Maddy! You can't raise this kid by yourself, he has a right to know, and having Harry know how much would that suck if he found out by him, the other man you loved may I point that out...”
“I  just really want to tell him face to face, but I don't know when that is ever going to happen.”
“Maddy you have to tell him.”
“I will, just not yet.” Mike sighs he knows her mind is made up and he doesn't want to pressure her to do anything.
“Ok then well get settled I'll play uncle to this kid.” she beams up at Mike he has always been so kind to her no matter what she throws at him
“Thanks Mike, I really didn't want to do this by myself.” he leans in and hugs her
“Why didn't you tell me any of this, Maddy I've always been here for you through everything.”
“I was scared Mike”
“Well you don't have to be anymore, come on let's get you unpacked.” he pulls her up and they head out to grab the rest of her bags.

Mike pulls out his phone and shoots a text.
Mike - You bastard, why didn't you tell me?!
Curly - Tell you what?
Mike - About my fucking cousin being knocked up by your blondie best friend!
Curly - Ohhh shit! I thought you knew seeing as you guys are so close.
Mike - Nope, thought she could do it herself.
Curly - How did you find out then?

Mike - When she realised she couldn't do it by herself lol
Curly - Ahh Maddy, if you need anything...
Mike - Yea for you to punch the prick for me, jokes
Curly - You know I can't do that.
Mike - Harry you know I've always liked you, I'll keep you in the loop. I'm glad she at least told you.

 It was true Mike preferred Harry over Niall, when him and Harry first met they got along like a house on fire and Mike got Harry to let go of some of his fears he remembers the conversation...
“God it must run in your family.” Harry says leaning back taking another sip of his drink as the two of them had cleared out of the parking lot once they knew Maddy was ok form the asshole John.
“What do you mean?”
“I feel so comfortable around you, like I'm not on edge.”
“You sure you're not drunk.” Harry laughs at the comment he had been drunk plenty of times yet this was a new breathe of life to him being here and away from everything.
“Nah it's not the alcohol it's your cousin.”
“Ahh yes, she told me about this kiss, like to stir the pot?”
“No, I mean I didn't mean to I just can't help myself.”
“She has that thing, but don't you fuck it up curly, I like you, you're either going to be the best thing or the worse thing for her.”
“You're forgetting something.”
“What's that?”
“She's in love with Niall.”
“That's because he is safe and his love is pure.”
“Can we go back to drinking?” Mike laughs and raises his bottle and they clink them and soak in the night sky above them...

Later that night after her and Mike had finished setting up his spare room into now her room, Maddy sits down on her bed and fires up her laptop and quickly checks her accounts and he is there waiting, her heart flutters why is he up at this hour? She opens the messenger box and types...
Mad  -Hey you!
Ni - Just the person I wanted to talk too.
Mad - Why, what's up?
Ni - I have some great news! Are you able to skype?
Maddy quickly positions herself to not give away the baby bump, she was getting good at this. She clicks the connect button to allow the video
"Haha there you are beautiful." she blushes at his words
"You're not too bad yourself, so what's this news you so desperately want to tell me?" Niall scratches the bad of his head and yawns he had no reason to yawn as it was already morning over there but he did like his sleep..
"Have you been up late again?"
"Maybe." He chuckles at something he just remembered and it's to do with what he is going to tell her, however she knows him too well by now
"Spill Niall." he puts up his hands in surrender and laughs
"Ok ok, so you know how we are going on tour next year..."
"Yea..." he leans in closer to the mic and whispers
"This is top secret though ok so you can't tell anyone!"
"Ok... tell me already." she whispers back and giggles
"We're coming to Australia!!!" Maddy's face drops open in surprise this is really exciting
"That's so awesome!! when will you be here?" Niall holds up the ticket for her to see
"July! I know it's ages babe but hey it's something." Since the boys had gone back home they had been non stop working on their new album and then when their manager said tour they said yes. They were running on fumes some days to get things together for all this, there was all so much going on. Maddy breathed a sigh of relief she would have time to get in shape and the baby would be old enough by then for someone to look after it for the night.
"Hey are you ok, you look nervous?"
"Oh no I'm fine, I've just got to look good for you." she winks at him he lets out a groan
"God I miss you." he stretches out on his bed
"I miss you too." her stupid hormones were in overdrive tonight and she didn't want to start blabbering away to him so she decided to wind up the conversation. She lets out a fake yawn.
"Do you mind if I call it a night?"
"Yea sure babe, just one more thing."
"I love you." she goes bright red at his words how could he have this affect on her still after everything.
"Love you too." she blows him and kiss and he pretends to catch it
"I can't wait to really kiss you." he says suggestively
"Niall! Stop it or else you'll drive me crazy."
"Sweet dreams." he winks and their conversation ends. She really did love him and hoped that when she next saw him he wouldn't run for this hills.. she can't help but think of someone else that would also be coming she messages him.
Mad - So....
Haz - I wanted Niall to give you to the good news, you excited?
Mad - Yes, I can't wait to see you all!
Haz - Are you going to tell him before then?
Mad - No.
Haz - Maddy! Come on
Mad - I'll tell him when I see him...
Haz - Ok can you tell me something...

Mad - Yea sure.
Haz - When is your due date?
Mad - January 25th
Haz - Ok, got to go XO
Mad - Bye love xx

Harry looks at the date again they would be in between shows around then so he would be able to slip away for a few days to be there he would arrange it all with Mike later so Maddy wouldn't fret about him at all and so he could surprise her. 

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