Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


27. So Shiny

As Maddy and Harry made their way back into the party they weren't going to blurt out to everyone that they had just gotten engaged for now they just wanted to continue to mingle with the guests and their friends. Maddy pecks Harry on the cheek and makes her way over to Zayn and Josh.
“There you are, are you all ok now?” Zayn asks, Maddy loves that he was concerned about her but those actions from earlier were far from her mind now.
“I'm all good, I managed to find Harry and talk with him.”
“And what is this!?” Zayn's voice hitches a bit as he grabs her hand and examines the beautiful rock on it
“Oh my god!! you two!!” Josh joins in as both guys gush over her ring, Maddy blushes at how excited they've become
“We have so much planning to do.” both guys look at each other and clap their hands together
“Excuse me but shouldn't I be the one planning my wedding?” Maddy says trying to look serious in front of them with her hands on her hips. Both turn and look at her...
“Did you just say wedding?” someone says over Maddy's shoulder. Maddy bites her lip as she stays in her weird hands on hips pose refusing to turn around and acknowledge the random person. Zayn and Josh's eyes widen realising the news was not yet out.
“Yes she did.” An all too familiar voice makes all three relax.
“Harry mate didn't know you were there and that your ears would hear the word wedding.” The person's voice chuckles.
“Well not usually but considering this is about my wedding I want to know what these three are talking about.”
“Your wedding! Great joke Harry but seriously whose wedding were you guys talking about?” the person looks back over to Zayn.
“Ours.” Maddy finally finds her voice and holds up her hand and slips past the person and takes Harry's hand as he leads her to the stage.
“Ladies and Gentlemen sorry to interrupt the music but before chins start wagging we thought we would answer the question before it's asked. Yes me and Maddy are  engaged.” the crowd erupts into cheering as Harry pulls Maddy into him and kisses her so tenderly. As they pull apart she is smiling so big her jaw starts to hurt, they step down from the stage and an engulfed by all their friends with congratulations and hugs all around. Maddy's eye catches someone in the crowd as they disappear out the back.
“I'll be right back.” she looks over to Harry and kisses him one more time, she was so in love with this man. She hurries out to the back where she saw him go. He has his back to her but he hears her approach and stand near him, she breaths out.
“So this is it.” Maddy finally says breaking the ice between her and Niall, she had seen him disappear out here and she wanted to make sure he was alright.
“Yes it is, and Maddy before you feel sorry for me don't.” He turns to face her
“Because I am so happy for both of you.”
“Oh Ni.” She steps forward and embraces him she soaks in his scent for one last time as they stay like this for awhile, he really did mean it but he held onto her for that little longer not wanting to forget all the memories they had between each other.
“You know just because me and Harry are getting married doesn't mean that I wont forget us, we have been through so much together and well Mark needs both of us you know.”
“Yerrr I do, so what do you think of Bianka?” they finally pull apart and talk like they have been yearning for since they broke things off; like they were two good friends filling each other in on their lives and not hiding behind anything.


As the night comes to an end and all the guests have finally left the guys all sit back on a couch and relax.
“What a night.” Liam finally says and he takes a sip of his beer. The heals have come off and the girls lean into their partners
“I think we need to remember this night!” Zayn whips out his phone as they all groan at him but eagerly all huddle together and get the snap that says it all. This was them; no flashing lights no microphones just them, with the ones they held close to their hearts.

6 months later....

Maddy rolls over onto her side as her eyes flutter open her head is spinning where had the last six months gone?  She puts a hand to her face to shield her eyes from the sunlight creeping in as she pulls her hand away there is no mistaking the rock that sits perfectly on her finger she smiles to herself.
“You're still in bed, what are you doing guuurrrrlll get up!” Zayn waltzes in looking all fresh,
“Give her a break.” Bianka follows him and plops down on the bed next to her
“After all it is HER day.” Zayn tisks at her
“It may be her day but it is my duty to make sure this blushing bride is at the alter on time! Now come on we've got to get some food into you.” Maddy rolls out of the bed and laughs at her friends yes today was really happening, today she was getting married. With them all fussing over her Maddy finally gets a breather to take a look at herself and she gives herself a nod this was it.
“Ok, ok one last thing.”
“What?!” both her and Bianka look at Zayn a little irritated though they were thankful for all his prepping he was starting to get too bossy.
“Photo of coarse.” the girls and Zayn link arms and take a selfie
“No posting that mister, can't let Harry see me.”
“Of coarse my dear.” he winks and puts the phone away and they climb into the limo to take them to the ceremony.


Like any big event in a celebrities life there were cameras everywhere. Maddy was  glad that they were only allowed outside as she gets out. She spots Niall and Mark waiting at the doors for her. Mark was the ringer bearer and he looked gorgeous in his little tux, he smiles brightly up at Maddy.
“Mummy I love you, I'm happy for you.”
“Thank you my beautiful man.” she bends down and gets a kiss off him
“Now you have a very important job to do, you have to make sure Harry get's these rings.” Niall comes down to him now and ties the rings onto the little cushion Mark is holding.
“Can you do that for us?” Maddy asks, Mark looks up at her bravely and nods.
“I'll be right down the end next to Harry ok so just keep your eyes on me buddy.” Niall kisses his head and quickly heads in to let them know they were here. The music starts up and Maddy whispers to Mark to start his walk down the aisle
“I'll be right behind you.” Mark is followed by Zayn and then Bianka, the tune changes and Maddy links arms with Mike.
“You ready for this cuz?” he says to her. Her dad couldn't get over to London so Maddy had asked Mike if he would do the honours of giving her away he was over the moon that she had even asked him, he had been just as much apart of this journey as the rest of the guys had. Maddy gives him a reassuring nod
“Oh almost forgot something.” Mike says reaching into his pocket pulling out a blue floral broach.
“I got mum to send this over to me and it arrived just in time, this was your mums and every bride needs something blue.” He fastens it to her dress
“Mike don't make me cry.”
“Look at me, you're mum would be so proud of you, I know I am now save those tears are you ready.” Maddy sucks in her breathe Mike always knew how to clam her down, she was now ready to walk down the aisle.

The day went by without a hitch and they were now being farewelled by the crowd they wave everyone off as they make their way down to the limo. Maddy gives Mark a big kiss and Mike a ginormous hug

“Thank you for everything cuz.” she whispers in his ear.
“No so fast.” Zayn comes out with glassy eyes and both Harry and Maddy attack him with a hug
“We have to remember this moment.” Maddy and Harry let out a laugh and wipe the tears away from their eyes
“Alright everyone gather around.” Mike calls out to the rest of the gang and on queue everyone finds their spot as they take another one of their classic shots.
“Ok now you can go.” Zayn pulls his tongue out at them and shoos them off both roll their eyes at him but don't hesitate to quickly get into the back of the limo.


They rest their head back onto the seat.
“Who would've thought, the Harry Styles tied down.” Maddy reaches up and runs her fingers through his hair and they gaze upon each other.
“For you I would sacrifice everything my love.” he leans in and kisses her. They were happy, they had come a long way from when they first met, heck Maddy was falling for someone else and Harry was lost in his drinking but they defied the odds and fought for their love.
“Where to Mrs Styles?” he runs a finger gently up her arm causing goose bumps
“Anywhere with you.” they clink their Champaign glasses as the limo with the big 'Just Married' sign on it whisks them away from all the flashing cameras.




Hey all hope you have enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for sticking out with it XOXO


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