Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


3. Shots and Singing?

After their meal they make sure they keep their distance from each other as they walk into central Dublin to hit up the pub Niall and the boys go to. They are in luck tonight as not many people knew that they were on a break from recording and so thus there wasn't a raging crowd outside. Niall takes a table in the back corner just to be sure, tonight there is a live band playing and the atmosphere is relaxed and the people who are already in the bar aren't phased when he walks into the place.
"What would you like to drink?” Niall turns his focus back onto Maddy
“Just what you have, I'm easy.” She smiles up at him as she takes a seat
“Alright, I'll be back, I'll go find Liam too.” Niall makes his way over to the bar, Fred the manager is on tonight so he is able to order the usual when he spots Liam. Liam makes his way over to him and pulls him into a bear hug.
“How you been mate?”
“Yea good, we're just sitting over there.” Niall points to where Maddy is sitting, waves at her as Liam makes his way over, while he waits for the drinks.
“On the house Niall.” Fred comes back with the two Jack Daniels, he raises one to Fred
“Cheers.” he takes a sip, strong just the way he likes it, and heads on over to the others. He catches the end of Liam and Maddy's conversation.
“So have you been enjoying your trip overseas? What's been your favourite country so far?”
“I'm loving it, have met some pretty amazing people.” she takes the drink Niall has brought over and raises it to both of them and takes a sip. “and my favourite country, that's a hard one..”
“No it's not.” Niall pipes up “It's Ireland of course.” Maddy laughs at his remark as the buzz of alcohol kicks in.
“Yea loving it here so far, but the other place would have to be Switzerland, the snow the alps the picture perfect landscapes, my god it takes your breath away.”
“Agreed” Liam says and they click glasses and finish their first round of drinks. As the night goes on the place begins to pick up all three are laughing and having a good time, when Maddy decides to have some fun with these two.
“I'll be right back.” she makes her way over to Fred the manager and asks him a favour he nods to her and lets her take to the little stage.
“Ladies and gentlemen, you're in luck tonight as we have two of the band members from One Direction here in this very pub to come and play a song to you. So without further adue I bring you. Niall and Liam!” The crowd starts cheering for both of them to come up, each of them look mortified at each other but then go with the flow, they can have fun with this. They make their way up to the stage. Just as Maddy starts to step aside Niall takes her arm.
“Where do you think you're going?” her smile fades when she reads to look on his face, her plan has back fired and now she is being roped in.
“Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Maddy, she is going to help us on vocals tonight, seeing as well we're quiet a few down.” the crowd laughs at Niall's joke as he grabs a mic and hands it over to her. He swings the guitar over his shoulder as Liam takes the other guitar and mic. Liam leans over to her.
“So which one of our songs do you know the most?” she chuckles who doesn't know this one
“Midnight memories.”
“Ok let's do this.” and Niall starts the song off and soon after Maddy has joined in. Both guys are taken back by how good she can sing and keep in tune to their song. They belt out a few more hits then start to take requests off others from the crowd and start singing all different artists. Some yells out pink so they can hear Maddy sing. She rolls with it and begins to sing 'U + UR Hand' as a come back, Liam and Niall follow her lead. They end their night with a song that gets everyone up and singing at the end everyone is applauding them as they go back and take a seat in the corner. All three look at each other and burst out laughing
“I think we did better than what we do in concert” Liam said
“It's because of me” Maddy bows and both guys roll their eyes at her.
“Where did you learn to sing so well by the way?” Niall asks curious to know
“My secret talent.” she winks then confesses
“I love karaoke.” both now gawk at her
“You learnt to sing from karaoke, far out Niall is there anything this girl can't do?” she waves it off
“Drink like me.” Niall says and skulls the last of his drink and orders shots for them all.
“You're on.” three shots later Maddy is still standing while Niall grabs hold of the table careful not to fall, Liam is the worst of all three and is struggling to stand.
“Should we call it a night boys?” both nod in defeat, Maddy and Niall swing Liam's arms each over their shoulder and make their way to the door. The cold air hits them hard, luckily Niall knows a shortcut back to his apartment and they are their within ten minutes.
“Here put him on the couch.” Niall says as Liam slumps down
“What are you doing?” Liam slurs out while Maddy takes off his shoes and begins to move him out of the rest of his clothes.
“Getting you comfortable.” Niall comes back into the room to find Liam passed out and curled up in the fetal position. He places the rug over him.
“Thanks for tonight, I had so much fun.” Maddy turns to him and gives him a hug, Niall still being a little drunk almost looses his footing when she embraces him
“You're welcome, are you alright with everything?”
“Yes, are you? You're not going to fall in your sleep?” she laughs and pushes her hand into his chest as he stubbles back again.

"Yerr I'll be alright." And he shuffles off to his room to collapse in a heap.

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