Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


1. Peace and Quiet

The lights went dim and the cheering stopped, One Direction had not won the X Factor but they kept their heads high.
“It's alright lads, we've got a great backing, we'll have a record out in no time...” Harry's words ring through Niall's head as the cheering gets louder until it's just static and they step out onto the stage to perform to their millions of adoring fans who would of thought that they would be such a huge success

They all quickly clamper off the stage and down to their dressing room, they had done it! Tired, sore and sweaty they rip off their shirts and fall back onto the couches
“I'm glad that's over.” Niall let's out a sigh of relief and gulps down some water
“Ah, ah, ah, not so fast boys we've got to get recording for you're next album.” all groan in response to the news their manager gives them.
“I just want a break.” Liam whines
“And that you will... when you've done recording.” They knew that it wasn't going to be easy so they enjoyed the two rest days before they hit the studio again.

Finally they had finished! They were all now free for the next two months and the first thing that Niall thought of was home. Niall closes his eyes for a second and rests his head against his car seat as he soaks in all the familiar smells of home. As soon as he had touched down he knew there was one place he HAD to go and he was now here. It was on of his favourite locations and the one place  he knew no screaming fan would be. As he pulled up at the somewhat car park he was in luck there was only one other car there and it was most likely someone who had gone hiking around the hills. The landscape cascaded around him; It was a crisp day with a bit of fog, typical weather in Ireland, he began the walk to the waterfall. Niall stopped a few feet away when he noticed he wasn't the only one here besides the bleating sheep. There she stood snapping away with her camera at the beautiful surroundings. She seemed so absorbed in her work that he knew he would be safe, Niall slowly made his way closer to where she was.
“Beautiful isn't it?” He startles her with his words
“Jesus! I didn't even hear you coming, yea this place is a gem glad I found it!” Her voice had a twang to it, more relaxed when she spoke, she turns around to face him.

“Names Maddy” she puts out her hand to shake, Niall relucently takes it, does she seriously not know who he is?
“Niall” Maddy turns her focus back on taking countless more photos.
“Hey let me show you where you can get some better pictures.” Niall chirps up while his head screams why are you doing this??!
“Really? That would be great!” She turns around and they begin the trudge further up the slope, Niall had been here coutless of times so he knew where to step and where not to
“Just follow where I am going so you don't slip.”
“Ugh this is great, are you a local?”
“Not exactally, but I come here in my spare time, what about you? I'm guessing Australian?”
“Haha, you got it! Just doing some travelling, loving Ireland, reminds me of home a bit.” They stop at a ledge and Niall turns her to face the view, he can tell she is impressed.
“Niall this is amazing! I didn't think boy band gods were into this shit.” she startles him, she does know who he really is.
“Relax, i'm not going to tell the whole world where you hang out, that is just mean, we all need our space.” Niall takes a seat on the ledge and lets his feet dangle over a bit.
“So why do you love our country, why does it remind you of home?” He quizzically asks, he's intrigued, yes the band have many fans worldwide but it's not like they have ever been able to sit down and hear what they have to say. Not that it would be much other than them screaming 'oh my god I love you.' Maddy perches herself beside him.
“Well... you all just seem so inviting which is like home and so relaxed.” she leans back without a care that anyone would die being this close to him.
“Don't get me wrong, you know our weather is so much better, you can't go past a good beach  and an endless summer heat but this is nice. Oh my gosh I'm loving the accent, but I'm facinated by any foreign accent, they sound so sexy, love it!” He laughs at her remark
“Your accent is pretty cool too, so laid back with everything.”
“Nah, we just sound bogan, you, you sound magical.”
“Why do you think of leprechurns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows do ya now?” she laughs
“Maybe...” she shifts her eyes awkwardly joking, they continue to make general talk until the weather decides to interupt them and starts to sprinkle droplets of rain. Niall gets up
“We better get going, otherwise we will get drenched soon.” She adhears to his warning and follows him back down the slope, as they are making their way down Maddy slips on some of the wet grass behind Niall
“Watch out!” He hears her yell, but it's too late she comes behind him and takes him out and they slide back down to the bottom, luckily it wasn't too rocky and they didn't have far to go.
“You alright?” Niall pulls her up they are now both wet and have a few scratches on them.
“Yea i'm good.” she bends down and picks up her camera and then he sees it and Niall can't help but laugh
“What? What have I done now?” Maddy turns to face him and then she sees him and starts laughing harder, they are both covered in grass stains and both of them have a big green patch on their ass.
“Look I better get going.” Maddy brakes their laughter
“It was really nice seeing you, and ah thanks for the location tip.” Maddy grabs her camera and wipes the grass off it and begins to make her way back to her car all the while thinking was that an awkward thank you?
“Hey wait up!” Niall calls after her, he can't believe he is about to do this but what the hell.
“Where are you statying?” He asks her
“Oh not far just in the township near by but i'll be leaving tomorrow to get back to Dubin.” He runs his fingers through his hair
“Well did you, err maybe want to come stay with me? I have a place in Dublin, saves you finding a motel.”
“Niall Horan from one of the worlds most famous boy bands are you asking me to stay with you?” She is being sarcstic and is really stocked that he asked, it was the last thing she ever thought he would do. He goes bright pink
“Err yea, that is if you don't have other plans.” She lets out a squeal, jumps and claps her hands together
“I don't, but this isn't going to be too much of a hassle for you? You know I don't want to be in your way if you're trying to keep a low profile, I can imagine it can get annoying?” Shit he didn't think of that, though Ireland was his home it didn't stop people going crazy over him, the look on his face gave Maddy an idea.
“How about... for you know the media to not get any ideas that I just pretend to be a screaming fan if you want to brave the city or we just chill outside the city limits somewhere quiet? I will leave that up to you.” How was this girl so laid back when it came to his fame? It made him want to know her more to be her friend to value something that was genuinely real not fake just because he was famous.
“I'm taking you to Dublin, you can't miss out on not seeing this city because of me, and plus i'm sure I can get places shut down for just us.” This takes Maddy off guard she knew she would want to be low key if she was famous, why was he giving her such special treatment? Oh well meant she got VIP service to explore the city!
“I owe you one.” She says
“So where do you want me to meet you tomorrow?”
“Here.” he scribbles down the address, in the back of his mind hoping he hasn't made a huge mistake giving her his private address that she could leak to the entire world. She takes it from him and nods while clicking her keys to unlock her car.
“Ok Niall I'll see you then, oh shit wait, how do I contact you?” Niall smacks his forehead
“What's your number, I'll call you?” Maddy isn't sad that he doesn't give her his number, she writes hers down and hands it to him.
“You going to be alright driving back to your hotel?” The rain had started to set in now
“Yea i'll be fine, thanks again, see you tomorrow.” They wave at each other as both get into their own cars. Maddy sits in her car quietly listening to the raindrops hit her car, did she really just meet Niall Horan and was she really going to be staying with him tomorrow!? She pinched herself to make sure 'ouch' yes this was really happening.


All your fanfics made me want to write one hope you like :-)

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