Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


7. Not so Distant Memories

“Ha ha, I told you it wouldn't take long!” Liam crashed down onto the couch besides Zayn as he had stopped on by their apartment again. Not long after they got a call from Harry asking about the news and if that meant they were going.
“You're on loud speaker.”
“Well then are we going or what?” he asks Liam and Zayn as Louis was out with his girlfriend for the day.
“Yea Louis messaged and said he was in so i'll book the flights now.” Zayn informed Harry
“Do you think he has banged her yet?” Harry asks them over the phone
“Bloody hell Harry!” Liam yells throught the phone
“Ask him when you get there.” Zayn points out
“Yea yea ok see you guys soon.”

The three were crowded around the computer while Zayn franticly booked all their flights Liam thought this was the right time to tell them even though Louis still wasn't back yet. He let's out a sigh, “His dream is back...”
“Shit,” Harry runs his fingers though his hair, and if on perfect que Louis decided to brace the guys with his presense.
“What's going on guys?” he can instantly tell their mood is off from the look on Harry's face,
“His dream is back” Harry says now slumped on the couch.
“Shit, is he alright Liam?” Louis directs the concern back to Liam
“Yea his message sounded fine, but I guess the sooner we get there the better... Zayn?”
“Yes...” he was just finishing booking the last flight
“I'm done, we're going to go seperatly so you know and that way there wont be another repeat of you know, they all shoot him a glare and he raises his hands in defense
“Hey i'm not the one who took him back to Australia.” Harry now gets up irritated by Zayn's words
“Watch what you're saying.” He points his finger in Zayn's face and then storms out of the apartment.
“What's up with Haz?” Louis asks, both Liam and Zayn shrug, none of the others knew how much the incident not only affected Niall but Harry too.

With more talking to the others Niall and the guys come up with an elaborate idea not to draw too much attention to them. They all wanted to finish travelling with him and Maddy too so they decided that they would do the climb as one of the last things they do before they left to go back home.


It was after they had gone back to their hotel rooms after having performed on one of their last nights for the Australian leg of their Take Me Home Tour; Niall and Harry were sharing a room, he was almost asleep when pounding on the door woke both of them up. Niall half dazed didn't think much and opened the door only to be mobbed by a group of screaming fans that had managed to track them down to their very own room! As the screaming from the front of the room grew louder Harry jumped out of his bed to find his band mate and best friend being attacked by the crazed fans, they were pulling his hair, touching his face, clawing at him as if he wasn't a living breathing person. Harry tries to push the girls off him but they soon start gushing over him
“Harry!” Niall reaches a hand out to him only to find them just brushing and being pulled apart
“HELP!” Harry hears Niall yell out alerting anyone in the near by rooms that they weren't safe. Harry looses sight of Niall as some of the girls push him into the bathroom
“You don't want to do this.” Harry tries to sound authoritative but is shut up when one of the girls smashes her lips into him while the other ones hands wander down into dangerous territory

Harry closes his eyes shut and shakes the memory from his mind, he huddles up in his coat as he walks out into the cold London evening, he hoped to god Niall was alright, things weren't ever really  the same between them from that night but he still wanted me make sure he was alright he stares at his phone and bites the bullet
Haz – hey mate, is everything alright?
Almost instantly Niall replies
Ni – yea just got a bit scared, think it's because a girl took my photo the other day
Haz – yea it's not easy, don't worry we'll be there soon :)
Ni – thanks, I know it's hard for you too..
Haz – yea don't remind me haha, talk later.

Harry puts his phone back in his pocket but not before he gets Zayn's message
Zayn – you're the first one out of here, don't go too far, and i'm sorry about before.
He continues  his walk down the street and finds himself outside the only place that will take these past demons away he walks in and hands the cashier his money and gets a brown paper bag with the botttle in return, he nodds and walks out unscrewing the lid and taking a gulp of the straight liquor he is instantly warmed and the memories start to fade quickly. This trip was going to be hard for Harry but he had to face his fears and be there for his friend.


“Ok so here is the plan we're going to pick Harry up in Brisbane... drive to Sydney and met Zayn and Liam just outside the city limits, they will hire a car, that way we're not all crammed in here. Once we get to Adelaide we'll pick up Louis and go from there to this little town you keep talking about.”
“Geez you guys are organised.”
“Well they just like to check i'm ok and I made them jelous so they thought they would enjoy the adventures with us.”
“I hope they do.”

With all their stuff packed up from staying at her dads they are ready to hit the road again.
“Wait almost forgot this.” Maddy's dad runs back inside and comes back out with containers full of food.
“So you don't get hungry.”
“Thanks dad.” she gives him a big hug. Niall and him shake hands as they clamper back into her car and begin their drive south. As soon as they hit the road again Maddy turns to him
“You ready for this?”
“Hell yeah!”
“WOO!!” she puts one arm out the window as does Niall as she accelerates hard.


The previous night after they had come back from the beach, Maddy's dad had pulled her aside to chat to her.
“Honey are you sure you want to be heading back home after everything?” Maddy shifts uncomfortably, she knew he would bring this up and he had every right to, he didn't want to unleash the flood gates again. She sucks the air back in...
“Dad I've been running for a year now, I need to go back and face it, and besides I won't be alone so it's not like a can fall apart.” He pulls her into a hug he is just worried about her he knows what happened he just doesn't want to see her pained but she needs to heal not run.
“Just be safe, and this guy...” he taps his nose and winks which was a sign of approval for her.
“You may not see it but I do, just please be safe.”
“I promise dad, and dad.” she taps her nose

“I think he is helping heal my heart” She blushes as she just told her dad that she is starting to fall in love again when she thought she wouldn't

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