Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


23. Moving On

“We need a girls night.” Maddy's friend brakes her out of her day dream as she looks at her with excitement. Niall and her were over and of course Maddy felt like shit, she had been moping around for a few weeks now and her friend Maggie was over seeing her in this state, she gives Maddy the you're not backing out of this one look.
“What about Mark?”
“Can't Mike look after him for the night?”
“You know what, yes he can, I'm going to let my hair down.”
“That's the spirit!” her girlfriend pulls her up off the couch as they start to get their stuff organized for the night.

It had been ages since Maddy had gone out clubbing she was enjoying the atmosphere but was starting to feel a bit tired, she heads to the bar to order another drink, hoping this will give her the buzz to carry on. As she turns around to head back to the dance floor she thinks she sees someone familiar. She shakes it off but then she sees the figure leave and she can't let herself regret not going after them so curiosity gets the better of her
“I'll be right back.” she says to Maggie, she heads out of the club and spots the man walking, she scurries to try and catch up, she is about to give up thinking she is too drunk and her mind is making it up but then he turns his head and she knows.
“Harry!?” he turns around and scans the crowd to where he heard his name being called and then the person he was searching for stampers up to him. He catches her before she looses her balance
“Is it really you?” she says reaching up to touch his face, she still wasn't convinced
“Um lady I think you have had a bit too much to drink.” the man still keeps a firm grip on her as Maddy straightens herself out more.
“I'm so sorry, you just reminded me of someone that I know.” she now observes his features then realises he looks like both of them. He had beautiful bold blue eyes and dark brown hair, he was more broader in the shoulders but boy was he attractive and Maddy just happened to stumble into him. 
“It's alright, names Henry.” he takes her hand and holds it
“So Maddy, where do I need to take you? Are you with any friends tonight?”
“Wow quiet the gentlemen you are” she giggles
“I just want to make sure a beautiful woman like you gets home safe.” Henry smirks at her admiring this attrictive lady who literally stumbled into his arms.
“Why don't you take me to yours and then you'll know i'm safe.” boy was she being forward with this man she just met
“I could do that.” he cocks his head to the side and gives her a charming grin. They hail a taxi and Maddy messages her girlfriend to know that she has gone home.



He watches as the taxi pulls out of the queue to take them home and lets out a sigh, that was a close call. He takes note of where the taxi is heading and before his mind comes to senses his body is edging him to follow, he finds someone's unattended motorbike and starts it up and screeches after them.


Maddy lets out a groan as she stretches out her body her eye snap open, this was not her room and who was this person next to her? She peeks under the sheet as she admires the mans fiziq he moves a little and she stills. She slowly slips out of the bed trying her hardest to not make a sound, she heads to the bathroom while gathering the clothing that she can find. When she reappears from the bathroom she finds that the bed is no longer filled with the mans figure and she hears rustling from what seems to be coming from the kitchen.
“Thought you would leave without a coffee?” he says over his shoulder as he stirs the cups, maddy has to stop her mouth from gaping as this guy stands butt naked infront of her.
“Uh you looked so comfortable back there.” he twists to his side and before her mind knows what she is saying it's out
“Are you always this confident?”
“Excuse me?”
“Strutting around naked without a care.” he chuckles and turns and walks towards her with all the confidence in the world
“Well it is my place and as I recall, you had no clothes on when we were in bed.” he holds out a cup for her to take as he looks her up and down, Maddy takes a sip and lets the smooth blend glide down her throat. Henry heads back to the room and finally puts Maddy's mind at ease and slips into some loose pants and gestures for Maddy to sit at the bar.
“So who is Harry?” henry takes a sip of his coffee as Maddy almost spurts hers out from the question.
“You called me Harry last night, must of left and impression.” he cocks an eyebrow from the reaction he just got from her.
“He ah, he is no body.”
“And you blush when you say this.” he takes another sip so casually no pushing it but somehow Maddy found herself telling him.
“Ok he was a really close friend of mine that could have been more, but I loved his friend and had his baby...”
“A baby, is this your last effort hopes to get me to ditch you” Maddy gives him a shove.
“No, it's not but i'm not very good at hiding things so this would of eventually came up in our talk.”
“What's it's name?”
“You're kids name, what is it?”
“You really want to know?”
“Of coarse I do, especially if I'm going to be seeing you again.” he winks at her and she blushes some more, geez she felt so out of touch with the opposite sex over this last year.
“Mark, he is almost two.” she smiles thinking of her little boys smile and his arms outstretched asking to be picked up. Henry takes her out of her daydream when he reaches over and places and hand over hers and gently rubs it.
“What are your plans for today?” he asks
“Ah, nothing really, I just need to go collect mark from my cousins later.”
“Good, then you're spending the day with me.” he takes her hand and kisses it while looking at her as he does, Maddy holds his gaze his eyes were that little bit darker than Niall's but she was already finding herself getting lost in them. She bites her lip could this finally be the brake she needed to rid her memory of the two men she loved?
“Are we able to head to mine so I can get some fresh clothes?” he chuckles at her question
“Of coarse and then I'm taking you to lunch and then I'm going to ravish your beautiful body” he gets up and takes her empty cup and gives her that charming grin that makes her insides tense up.


As they make their way out of Henry's apartment Maddy turns around quickly as a figure captures her attention they make eye contact long enough for her to know.
“Ah excuse me for just a minute.” she heads over to where she knows she definitely saw him this time, she rounds the corner to come face to face with Harry.
“What are you doing here?” She hisses at him; Harry smiles at her serious mood, cups her face and crashes his lips into hers. Maddy stumbles back against the wall where she gives him complete access to her mouth as she reaches her hands up and runs her fingers through his messy hair. He brakes away from the kiss swiftly.
“I came to make sure you are alright.” Maddy searches his face knowing he was telling the truth but why was he stopping their steamy reunion? She closes the gap between them. Harry clears his throat and has to fight every urge not to pick her up and take her away and do all sorts of things to her.
“You should probably get back...”
“Harry.” she knew he was right trust him to act like the decent one all of a sudden.
“You deserve to be happy Maddy.” Maddy comes into him and cups his face and looks him dead in the eye.
“Please just promise me you will be ok? And that you won't be wreckless...”
“No it doesn't, know that it will break me if you do.” He can tell she means it as she has to break their stare and look down but quickly looks back up at him and plants a gentle kiss on his lips and turns to head back.
“Goodbye for now Harry.” she glimpses over her shoulder as she makes her way back to Henry, was she doing the right thing? Maybe she needed someone who wasn't a world famous pop star for once, though her thoughts were still on one of them.  Harry leans against the wall looking at her as this man from the night takes her hand and they head in the opposite direction; Harry had been waiting there all night to make sure she was alright. He was at least at ease for now but he hadn't had much sleep and needed to get back on a plane home before stories started up, he lights a cigarette; this was becoming a bad habit and before his mind stops him and has sent a text to her.
Haz: I'll be ok as long as you are my love xx

From that day Maddy and Henry began seeing each other, the two made it official when Henry asked Maddy to be his girlfriend and she responded with a yes. Henry was good to Mark as well he didn't try and over step the father line but we tough enough so mark knew that he couldn't get away with certain things, there was just one thing lingering in the back of Maddy's mind all the time. Can I really be happy with someone else? Just when she thought things were going well she would always remind herself of this and then send herself into a spiral of checking up on both Niall and Harry from a far. Though her and Niall communicated quiet frequently about Mark she would still linger on the fact that they could one day be a family... Little did she know Harry was doing the same checks on her.


They had been dating for a few months now and Maddy was still struggling to let go and she felt like Henry could sense that she wasn't all for him, they hadn't said they loved each other or anything but Henry was starting to show some sort of sign until this morning, they had had a minor argument about Mark and why his toys were always everywhere of coarse Maddy got defensive and bit but back but she didn't expect what happened next. Maddy sits on her bed rubbing her cheek this was the first time Henry had done something like this to her, it wasn't a hard slap but it left a light pink mark on her cheek as if she was blushing, she leaned against her pillow and thought about him yet again, she would always wonder what if when things weren't the best between her and Henry. Mark wonders into her room holding a teddy in one hand as he reaches up for Maddy to pick him up, she lifts him up and props him beside her as she grabs her laptop and does what she always does in these moments she stalks Harry.
“Unc Har-wee.” Mark points to a photo Maddy had found that was quiet recent, gosh he looked good but his hair was way too long
“Do you want to see Harry?” Mark's eyes light up and Maddy smiles down at him as she shoots him a quick message first
Mad – Someone would like to see you, are you available?
Haz – Anything for my two favourite people xx

Maddy clicks his name on her skype and waits as Mark crawls into her lap waiting too.
“Hey little man!” Harry's voice booms through the screen as he comes into view, he is lying on his stomach in his boxers looking a bit sleepish.
“I'm sorry did we wake you?”
“No, not at all just had some big nights lately with everything.” Maddy raises her eyebrows at his remark.
“Someone is jealous.”
“I'm not jealous.”
“Mum what is jellos?”
“Mummy just wants Uncle Harry to be with you guys that is all buddy.” Harry smiles as Maddy gives him a look to say shut up
“Why, aren't you?” Mark does a little pout
“Honey I think it's time for you to go play with your toys.” Mark looks up at Maddy but doesn't object he was a pretty well behaved kid. He crawls off her lap blows Harry a kiss and heads out of her room.
“How are you love?” Harry shifts his attention onto her as he looks at her, Maddy shrugs
“Yea, alright.”
“Only alright, what's up?” he moves the computer so he is now sitting up with it in his lap, he looks closely at her now looking for any signs
“Stop looking at me like that, god even over the internet you're intense.”
“Because you know how much I care about you, you would tell me if anything was wrong wouldn't you?” Maddy bites the inside of her cheek she couldn't lie to him but this she had to
“Yea of coarse.” Harry relaxes a bit
“So, what's with these long lushes locks you've got growing here?” Maddy sniffles a giggle as Harry shakes his head so his long hair flicks around
“What don't you like it?” he turns and then pouts towards the screen causing them both to laugh
“Oh darling it's just fabulous.” they laugh some more giving each other playful banter
“Love I've got to go we have a big day tomorrow interviews and shit.” he does a gagging face
“It's ok thanks for talking I really miss it.”
“You know where to find me.”
“I know, I'm trying Harry.”
“I want you to be happy, I've got to go ok, give my love to Mark.” he blows her a kiss and she does the same. As soon as he had hung up he knew that she wasn't ok, he saw that pink mark on her face and she had not contacted him much since she started dating that guy and she had lied to him there was something wrong. He runs his fingers through his hair
“Damit Maddy!” he starts his search to see what dirt he can find out about this prick she was dating. He knew he had promised to not be wreckless but if she wasn't ok it would drive him insane!


Things had started to get worse after that day and Maddy was stuck in a rut, she didnt' know how to get herself out of this one a new emotion towards Henry was creeping in... Fear. She never once thought a man would hit a woman but the look in his eyes made her body tremble. She'd read about abusive relationships and could now finally understand how those women felt it was as if she war trapped, if there was on thing that the stories had taught her it was to create an escape plan; save money, have someone you can stay with and keep the minimal things. From that day when Henry slapped her this is what Maddy started to think of she needed to survive and needed to get her son out of this kind of atmosphere. She knew she wasn't left to fight this alone, but she wasn't ready to tell the people closest to her encase Henry picked up the vibe. She wouldn't be able to lie to Harry for long as from the look he gave her their last skype he knew something was off.

What had made Henry tick? He seemed completely fine but he was hiding something himself; though he radiated confidence it was all an act to hide his insecurity. He was never really happy with what he had achieved with himself and would always seek approval from a drop kick dad that didn't care one bit about him. With the constant rejection from a father figure he seeked women. He thought he had found the one in Maddy but then a new emotion started to creep in jealousy. He was jealous of how people were so drawn to her, how confident she was as to her it came naturally and then it was always constantly play back in his mind to when he first met her who was this Harry guy and was this guy going to steal her from him? He watched as has he slowly brought her down a notch her personality wasn't as bright from when they first met and he smiled to himself now people would notice him more; but this was not to be.


Stay tuned the tables are about to be turned :P da da daaa what's going to happen next?? Is a knight in shining armour going to save her?

p.s sorry if there are mistakes did this one really quickly and sorry it's a bit of a filler.

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