Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


8. Meet Harry

They had survived the dash and pick up when they got to Brisbane International Airport but there were some pictures taken.
“Hazza this is Maddy.” Niall introduces Maddy to Harry as he climbs into the back of the car.
“Heya.” the smell of alcohol hit Maddy's nostrils instantly but she doesn't alert either of them about it, she'll bring it up to Harry when Niall was out of earshot.
“Hey, you ready for this?”
“As ready as I'll ever be.”
“Drive!.” both Niall and Harry cheer and Maddy pretends to speed even though her car takes forever to finally climb up to the speed limit.
“So how long till Sydney.”
“Yea about that... we have a few big days of driving ahead of us are you cool if we share the driving?” Both Niall and Harry look at each other
“You're seriously going to let us drive?”
“Yea why wouldn't I?” Both shrug
“I don't know we're kind of randoms who don't live here.”
“But you both have your license right?” Both nod
“Then it's no big deal its a highway and there are loads of signs plus I'll be doing the actual drive into Sydney.” At that point Harry turns to Niall,
“She's hot and clever, I already like her” this comment causes Maddy to blush which Niall can see, Harry always had that affect on the girls, Harry leans back into his seat and watches the world go by as they get onto the Pacific Highway which will take them straight into Sydney. He rests his head and starts to drift off trying not to think of what happened last time they were in this country...  He is woken when they stop and pull over somewhere.
“Wakey Wakey” Niall says to him
“We're just going to get some food.”
“Food!” Harry exclaims as he hears his stomach grumble,
“That is a great idea”
“How about we see if you guys can get us some freebies?” Maddy says as a joke, Harry takes the challenge
“It's on.” and he winks at her; out of all the guys Harry didn't mind the limelight, he would have fun with this. In a way it was his other copping mechanism to deal with what happened with him, he thought that if he had all the attention on him it would get people to leave him alone when he did want some privacy. They had pulled up at a large service station that had KFC and McDonalds with it.
“What do you want love?” he asks Maddy
“I'm easy”
“Alright then, Niall?”
“Chicken sounds good.”
“Well come on then.” he gets out signalling to Niall to join him and takes Maddy's hand and drags her into it. He whispers cheekily into her ear
“You'll get to see Ni in action.” she giggles and leans into him
“It's you I should be worried about, if the stories are true?” he cocks his head to the side and raises his eyebrows
“Hmm yea.” he doesn't deny it and winks at her, Maddy rolls her eyes at his confidence she could see straight through it, it was now she decided to bring it up what she noticed as soon as he stepped foot in her car, she leans in
“Honey you reek ok alcohol, I don't know you well enough yet, but you're not fooling me, you're running from something.” she whispers so sweetly in his ear that what she is saying doesn't come across as so much of a threat but he knows he takes her arm a little too tightly and whispers back
“Aren't we all running from something?” Niall didn't like how close they were already getting, he calls out
“Come on you two, I'm hungry!” Maddy lets go of Harry's hand and rushes over to Niall
“Coming” Harry sighs and follows them he was going to have to try harder if he wanted her to take a liking to him instead.
As soon as both Niall and Harry enter all heads turn and people start to click on as to who they are. Girls start gushing over them, people whip out their phones and snap away while others get them to sign things. Maddy stands to the side and observes the famous side of them enjoying the view admiring him. Niall looks up over to her and frowns, she smiles back at him letting him know she is fine. Some girl comes over and sits down beside her.
“Is this really happening?” she fans herself
“It sure is babe.”
“Wait... Why is he looking at you like that?”
“Like what?”
“Like he wants you dahhh.”
“What?! I don't even know him.” Maddy laughs it off
“Go and say hi to them, i'm sure they are nice” she says to the girl,
“Oh but... but... ok, can you come with me please?”
“Ummm ok...” she gets up with the giddy girl.
“Hello love.” Harry says to the girl and she starts gushing as he wraps his arm around her waist
“And what's your name?” Harry asks the fan girl, Niall follows Harry's lead and does the same to Maddy
“Are you two friends?” Niall asks Maddy
“No we just met, I got her to come up and say hi with me.” the girl has all of a sudden gotten her confidence.
“Well then, we were just trying to order some food, do you think we'll get it for free?” Harry whispers the free part into the girls ear. She just nods along
“Alright” he takes his arm away and walks up to the counter and tries his luck
“Hi can I please...” he is cut off
“Are you really Harry and Niall from One Direction?”
“Yea we are” Niall says so she can hear his accent
“Oh my god! I'll see if my manager will give you some free food!”
“That would be great.” Harry leans on the counter which causes the worker to go bright red. It isn't long until the manger comes out and agrees to it as long as they take a picture with the team and post it on Twitter to help advertising.
“Sure thing, can you please?” Niall asks Maddy to take the photo as the colleuges all gather around outside the KFC sign and smile with the guys. After the little frenzy they hit the road again. Twitter almost had a melt down when it was confirmed that they were well and truly in Australia.
“Harry we still have to keep it low”
“Relax Ni, they dont know where we are going.”
“But what about when Zayn and Liam get here?” he was starting to stress again, Maddy reaches over to take his hand and he calms down.
“Remember we're meeting them outside of Sydney, so hopefully they will loose any media that tries to follow them, and plus they don't know when they are coming. Do one of you mind driving?” she changes the subject.
“I will” Harry pipes up, Maddy pulls over to the side of the road and they quickly swap over.
After awhile when Harry thinks Maddy has fallen asleep he fires his questions at Niall.
“Fuck mate, she is fetch! And don't tell me different.”
“Yer she is.” Niall blushes a bit admitting to Harry
“Oh Niall you like her!”
“Maybe, but...”
“Mate, she likes you too I can totally tell. The way you two go all googly eyed at each other. Have you kissed... no better yet have you fucked?”
“Haz! No! I haven't even told her” he looks down at his hands,
“What if its just a friend thing?”
“It's not a friend thing”
“Yea, but...”
“Look Niall, if you don't do anything I bloody will.” Niall shoots Harry a dirty look. Harry shoves him.
“Haz she's not going to be like the girls you sleep with, she's, she's I don't know different, and mate what was with back at the service station that was too close for friendly.”
“Ni, I was just joking, and well back there I just wanted to see what kind of girl she is but looks like she is hooked on you.”
“Don't give me that bullshit, what did you tell her..” Harry glances at him as the lightness of the subject now turns serious
“I didn't say a word about you know... I would never over step that line and you know it, matter of fact she was pulling me up about the shit she sees in the news every bloody day about me and asking if it's true...”
“And what did you say?”
“Yes.” Niall lets out a sigh
“Sorry, I just, it's hard, I don't know how you can be so, so confident with women after what happened.” Harry shrugs
“I'm anything but confident Ni, I do this to try and get over what happened, it's... it's all an act, but in saying so i'm not telling you to do what I do with Maddy she is too good for that.” 
“Yer, she is something, i'm telling you Haz.” he gives Harry a goofy smile as he thinks of how Maddy makes him feel, Maddy then shifts in the back and they both end the conversation. Little did they know Maddy had caught the end of the conversation. She smirks to herself, ok her head wasn't playing tricks on her. But is what scared Niall the other night the same thing that was running from? She really wanted to know what happened to these two guys that has them so wrecked on the inside.
It felt like they had been driving for hours so Niall took the opportunity to scroll through Maddy's iPod to see what she had.
“What do we have here?” He clicks play and the tune starts up. Maddy laughs out loud and then starts singing to it
“I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want..." Soon after Niall joins in

"So tell me what you want, what you really really want" and then Harry

"I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha" as they sing to the Spice Girls
"Essential 90's music tick." She says as they continue
"What else do you have in here..." Harry grabs the iPod off Niall and continues to scroll through
"You can tell a lot about a person by looking through their music oh I see a bit of S&M hey Maddy? Oh this is a good one. Harry starts up the tune and Bon Jovi blasts through the speakers as soon as the chorus hits they are all singing at the top of their lungs

“Woah we're half way there, woah livin on a prayer!!” they all reach out “Take my hand and we'll make it I swear, woah living on a prayer!"
"Woah shit can you pull over?" Niall exclaims as Maddy laughs
"Yea are you alright?" Harry asks
“Yea I just all of a sudden really need to pee."
"Gah ok, pulling over." they quickly pull over to the side of the road as Niall darts out of the car and runs behind a tree.
“Yea I'm with him” and Harry rushes off too. Maddy giggles to herself as she yells out
"Watch out for the paparazzi, that will give them a BIG story." They both give her the finger and continue doing their business.
The boys clamper back into the car as Maddy takes over the driving again,
“So... tell me a little about yourself Maddy?” Harry leans back curious as to how Niall stubbled across this beauty.
“Well i've just spent the last month travelling around Europe and now i'm been pulled into the crazy world of One Direction, well sort of more like i've pulled you into my world.”
“Wait you travelled around Europe by yourself?”
“No boyfirend, girlfriends, siblings you could of gone with?”
“Gosh over concend a bit?” she chuckles
“Did you get lucky?”
“Harry!” Niall yells at him, while Maddy laughs harder
“Oh my god! You're an ass but if you must know...” he leans forward in his seat and so does Niall.
“You little..”
“I didn't finish”
“Oh do tell.”
“No don't” Niall has slumped back down disinterested in what is going to be said next and looks out his window.
“I met this amazing guy, very cute, invited me back to his apartment and would you know what..." Harry leans in waiting to hear it

"He's sitting right here.” she laughs as Harry's face turns to disappointment
“So you have slept together”
“No!!” both yell at him through their laughter
“Harry we need to find you a lady.”
“You guys are no fun,”
“Why would we tell you about our sex life.”
“Because i'm your best friend and friends share that stuff.:
“No they don't.” they keep pissing themselves laughing
“No no no wait up.I've got this” Maddy laughs some more and can't stop when she presses play and the song comes on
 'let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let's talk about sex.'
They pull up to their motel for the night with tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks
“No shenanigans guys.” Harry winks as they all hobble into the room.

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