Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


15. Look Who Came Along

Harry stumbles into the first club he could find and makes his way over to the bar, as he slams down his third shot he spots a familiar face out on the dance floor. He gets up and heads out to where he saw her.

“Maddy what are you doing out?” Maddy turns to his direction not expecting him to be so close. Busted is what runs through her mind until she realises he is alone.
“I could ask you the same thing.” she says taking his hand and twirling around, she could tell something was up with the way he looked.
“I blew up at Niall, and thus came her to not be followed or seen.” he takes his finger and places it over her lips in the ssshh motion, Maddy nods and winks at him,
“Come on,” she pulls him out further into the dance floor where Zayn is griding up against some random he sees the two of them and brakes away from the stranger and backs his ass up into Maddy as she goes along and lets him grind up on her. Harry's mood lightens a bit as he plays along and goes to grind Zayn so he is sandwhiched between the two of them. Maddy sees the bottle Harry is holding onto and takes it off him, he gives her a confused look as she drinks the rest of it.
“You don't need that.”
“No, but I need this.” he leans around Zayn and plants his lips onto hers, Zayn pulls them apart just before more damage is done.
“Mate, what are you doing?” Maddy places her hand on his forearm to let him know it's ok, he glances over to her shakes his head
“This was supposed to be a gilrs night.” he says all huffed, and leaves them alone on the floor while he goes to get a drink.
“So are you going to tell me what all that was about?”
“I fucking love you Maddy.” he slurrs out
“No you don't.” he looks at her and pulls her into him as they dance together
“Really now” he cocks his head being playful, he comes in close again but this time trails love bites down her neck. Maddy likes the feeling of his lips against her skin but stops him and continues,
“You like the thought of loving me, but really you don't I think you just want to piss Niall off by getting his girl. What is this really all about?” he huffs it was early morning when they step out of the club, Maddy grabs Harry's arm as she slips off her heals ready for the walk back to the hotel, they link arms and continue their stroll.
“You know Niall's story right?”
“Yes I do, it's messed up, you were there too right?”
“Yea.” she stops and stares at him dead on
“Oh honey what did they do to you?”
“They ah almost....” He looks down not wanting to make eye contact as he opens up to a girl for the first time about the whole thing.
“Did they touch you?” she asks getting a nod

“Oh Harry!” she pulls him into a hug and asks
“Did they hurt you?” this time he shakes his head and muffles out
“No, they just got pretty close it's just fucked with my head.”
“Babe, it's alright now, it won't happen again.”
“Yea I know, it's just fucked, but i'm glad I told you.” he pulls away from her and smiles
“Thanks for sharing.” they continue to walk and reach a little cafe just near their hotel they spot Zayn and all three grab a coffee before heading up.
“You're going to be in big trouble.” Zayn whispers in her ear as they now walk side by side, Maddy rolls her eyes at him,

“You're just jealous he kissed me.” they laugh and catch up to Harry. Maddy links arms with both of them as they walk down the hall to her room. They stop at her door as she looks for the card to let them in.
“Is it alright if I crash here?”
“Yea!” Maddy swings the door wide open for both of them to walk past, Harry takes the couch while she goes to find a spare blanket.
“Spoon?” she looks over to Zayn, who was meant to sleep on the couch before Harry changed those plans. As they lay side by side Zayn makes her own up
“So what are you going to tell Niall?”
“I don't know, hey Niall Harry kissed me again but it's all good?”
“Again?! Do you like him?” she turns on her side to face him
“I love Niall, but Harry he knows how to get under your skin causing the feeling to just creep up on you.”
“And he's bloody hot! Wait under your skin, what did you tell him...” Maddy snorts at Zayn's comment and decides to fess up to someone
“At Jen's party I may of said I love Niall but I was finding a place in my heart for him too?” she bites her lip as Zayn gasps
“You're so naughty, but babe you know right?” she nodds
“I know we're not right for each other and i'm not even going to go there, Niall he, he is just so much more,”
“You did it didn't you!?” Maddy covers her face with the pillow and nods into it
“Oh my god, that explains everything!! yea babe definitely stay with Ni he is the one, Harry, he'll move on it'll take awhile but he will.”
“You sure Harry will be ok?
“How do you know that?”
“Because as long as he knows you are safe and happy he will be”
“Zayn, would Niall ever leave me”
“That's a hard one, but I do know he is very loyal so don't stress, now we need to get some sleep.”
“Thanks Zayn, night.”
Maddy wakes to the sound of knocking on her hotel room door she lets out a groan as last nights clubbing and drinking catch up to her, she stumbles to the door and looks through the peep hole and sees that is it Niall, she then looks over to the sleeping Harry and braces for the worse as she opens up the door. Niall steps in and a familiar mop of hair catches his eye.
“Really?” he looks at her vibrant blue eyes now saddned by what he is seeing he almost walks out but thinks better and hears her out
“Harry told me what happened to him that night too, and he told me you guys had a fight last night.”
“So you think it is ok for him to stay with the girl I am in love with and that he is falling for too?”
“Niall, she fucking loves you, and we didn't do anything.” Harry's head pops up from the couch and Zayn stumbles in from the other room hungover
“Shut up all of you, I have the worse headache, Haz come on we've got to get ready.” Niall looks down into her pleading eyes and he engulfs her in his embrace
“I'm sorry I doubted you, and Haz mate, i'm sorry, I, I thought what happened to me was bad, but.” his voice goes horse as they both exchange the it's all good look
“Ok let's get ready for this climb!” Maddy claps her hands as they all rush back up to the boys room to finish getting ready


Hello lovlies hope you're enjoying reading this gahhh I'm finding it so hard to choose between the two of them stay tuned for more of this crazy love triangle.

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