Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


18. Lights, Camera.... Sing!

“Maddy, you defiantly need to go onto X Factor now.” Mike leans against the door post to her room as she looks up at him and he plays the song. Maddy bites the inside of her cheek, she could fool the world but not the ones who knew her the most.
“It's time to start living your dream, it's what your mum would want.”
“Great you just had to throw in her name.” she throws a pillow at him but misses he laughs at her knowing he was right. 

“I'll do it.”
“Yes I'll do it, but you have to come to auditions with me.”
“Of course I will!”
Maddy shakes her head now thinking of that conversation her and her cousin had said a few months ago, she had made it into the top six of her category the 25 and under girls. They had been flown over to London to receive one on one mentoring by their judge leader. She had been doing really well the boys seemed like a distant memory now that she was focusing on making this work out.
“Ok Maddy let's hear what song you want to perform.” Ronan sits down to hear what she is going to sing.
“Ok I'm going to sing, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.” Ronan nods at her choice, as she sings the words to the song.
“Alright that was good just a few things that we need to work out and I think you will be ready for tomorrow.”

"Thanks Ronan, see you soon."


“Ok girls so you're probably wondering who is going to help me narrow down your acts from six to three so I've brought along some people that well and truly know how it feels to be in the position you are all in, with one of the worlds highest grossing album please welcome One Direction!” Ronan announces to the six girls who are now fanning themselves from the shock announcement that they will now have to sing in front of them. The guys walk around casually greeting the girls, Maddy's smile becomes some what of a confused look at she now looks upon the faces of the five guys she spent a whole summer with less than 6 months ago.  Harry is the first to come up and greet her.
“Maddy!” he beams at her as she plays it down and hugs him how all the others are.
“I told you so.” Liam comes over and nudges her
“You got me.” she smiles at him
“You'll do well, I'm so glad you listened to me.” he says as he pulls her into a hug. She scans the room for Niall and walks over to him
“Hi” he was talking to some of the other girls. He flicks her a quick sideways glance says hello and goes back to talking with the other girls. This confuses Maddy a bit but she realises he is probably still hurt over the song her and Harry did not that long ago, she needed to make this right and to send him a message, she makes her way over to Ronan,
“Ronan can I quickly talk to you?”
“Sure Maddy what is it?”
“Can I change my song for the performance?” Ronan's face says no but he indulges her.
“What's the song.”
“Always – Bon Jovi.” he nods
“Alright but if it's all wrong you know I will have to send you home.” she hugs him.
“I promise you won't regret it.”
“I better not, Maddy I can win with you.” soon after the introductions are all out of the way the girls head back stage waiting for their name to be called to perform for Ronan and One Direction.
“Maddy you're up next” one of the staff direct her. She nods she had all of a sudden gotten butterflies as she waits by the door about to step into the room.
“Alright lads, this is Maddy.” She walks out trying to appear confident she gives the guitarist a quick nod to start playing
“This Juliet is bleeding, but you can't see her blood, it's nothing but some feelings that this old dog kicked up. It's been raining since you left me, now I'm drowning in the flood, you see I've always been a fighter, but without you I give up.” she gets ready for the build up, she closes her eyes and lets the words roll out as she sings to him
“Now I can't sing a love song, Like the way it's meant to be, Well, I guess I'm not that good anymore, But baby, that's just me.” she opens them up and sings the words while looking directly at him. 
“And I will love you, baby – Always” she finishes up the song and gets them clapping, Ronan sends her a wink letting her know her choice was good.. Maddy walks backwards and smiles at them all, she had done it and she knew that he knew.
“Ah excuse me,” Niall gets up from the couch he was sitting on, and heads out the door, he had to find her, and let her know that he got the message and he wasn't going to give up. As soon as he was out that door he scanned the hallway, there! He caught a glimpse of her entering another room, he didn't hesitate he ran to the door and tapped on it quickly.
“Coming.” Her voice said on the other side, as soon as it was opened just a crack he pushed his way through and colided his lips into hers.
“Niall what are you...” She got out between kisses, but then  forgot the questions and let him continue to kiss her, down her jaw line then to her neck a moan escaped when he pressed into her allowing her to realise how much he wanted her. They went from gentle kissing to being pushed up against a wall and letting waves of ecstasy take over them.
“I'll be there forever and a day” Niall completes the next line to the song she just sang to him as tears well up in Maddy's eyes. She kisses him one last time as they straighten out their clothes and she pushes him out the door before someone came looking for him. He turns back and gives her his goofy smile from when they were inseparable. She had her man back, for now..
“Where did you go” Louis asks when Niall enters the room again,
“Erm, I had to go to the bathroom.” he avoids eye contact with them and they listen to the other girls perform their songs.
“So guys what do you think?” Ronan turns his focus on the boys once all the girls had sang
“Ronan, you're going to have a hard time choosing, they are all different in their own way.”
“Yer, I'm just tossing up my ideas, did you have any that stood out to you?” The guys all look at each other and smirk
“The um, Maddy.” Harry speaks for them all
“Yes, she's a definite, well thanks guys for your help.” Ronan gets up from his seat as do the others and extends his hand as they exchange handshakes and hugs before they exit. The guys enter the hallway and are heading back out the building, but something was playing on his mind.
“Just wait up.” this time Harry disappears to go find her.
“Maddy?” he whispers down the hallway, he sees a door open and he head pop out from behind
“What are you doing?” she hisses at him as he comes closer,
“I just wanted to tell you that we're gonna be back on the show next month, sooo you better sing your heart out so we can all see you again.” he gives her his cheeky smile, Maddy comes out from behind the door some more and gives him a quick peak on the cheek.
“Thanks Haz, I'll see you all then.” she winks at him, she now had more of a reason to stay on the show.


The guys had touched down two days early so they could squeeze in the rehearsals with the X Factor finalists during that time Niall and Maddy were acting like teenagers with their escapades, They were backstage all getting ready for the performance of the night when Niall pulls Maddy to the side
“Can we ahh... talk.” he takes her hand
“Sure.” and they quickly race down to find a spare dressing room, as soon as Niall closes the door they don't wait long, their hands are all over each other and they are quickly pulling at each others pants, they find a couch and Maddy lays down on it as Niall gets on top of her. Niall's hands run up through her shirt as he knows all the right spots to touch, Maddy moans into his ear as he enters her. They had to be quick but they made the best of it, Niall continues to work magic with his hands over Maddy's body sending her to the tipping point, he picks up the pace  and hits his climax, as they come down from their high Niall  nestles into her neck they are caught up in their moment that they don't hear the door jiggle and someone enters
“Oh shit sorry” Harry says as he quickly steps back out the door, was that Niall and some chick? He questions what he just saw. Niall and Maddy look up at each other after hearing that and laugh, they quickly put back on their pants and exit one at a time.

They are about to enter onto the stage to sing with the boys and Harry rushes up to her
“Hey Maddy?”
“Ummm, was that you back there with ah Niall?” Maddy blushes and nods
“You might want to lock the door next time.” he whispers and winks at her as he walks back to the others. The lights go dim as Maddy stands to the left of the stage waiting to come on
“Ok you're on in three, two, one.” the voice in her ear pieces speaks to them all. she watches Jai the guy next to her go out and start signing his line of the song

“Ok go” the stage hand ushers her to start, she skips out and does her line
“A big house party with a crowded kitchen, people talk shh but we don't listen” she joins Jai in the middle as two more other finalists come out and then out of the centre of the stage One Direction come up and start singing the chorus of the song as the other finalists rush out and join too. The directors had said to make the song look fun and carefree and to let the guys do their own thing, they are all soon surpirised when the get down from their stand and join in with the others.
“Baby you and me, stumbling in the street.” Liam pretends to stumble up to Maddy she grabs his arm and pretends to stumble with him bumping into others as they sing. They make their way over to where Niall is and Maddy unlinks from Liam and places her hand on Nialls shoulder as he faces her and he sings his part
“You and me and all our friends, I don't care how much we spend,
Maddy sings with him
“Baby, this is what the night is for, oh, oh, oh” they turn to face the crowd and start clapping building up for the chorus again
“Midnight memories, oh, oh ,oh” the song finishes and they've all come back to the centre of the stage all wrapping their arms around each other
“Ladies and Gentlemen your final tweleve and One Direction!!!” the crowd screams for them as they take a bow and head on out back stage.
“Remind you a bit of Dublin aye Maddy?” Liam comes up and pats her on the back
“Wait it all clicks now!!” one of the guys back stage chirps up looking in Maddy's direction, they turn and give him a dumbfounded look.
“You're the voice”
“Honey that's a different show” Maddy tries to joke
“no, no, I know that you're the chick off his song.” he points at Harry
“What?” Harry now joins the conversation.
“You're right.” the other contestnts now join in, and Maddy tries to laugh it off
“Oh can you please sing it for us?” they crowd around them waiting anxiously, Maddy shifts her gaze away from them and looks to Harry for an answer and he just nods.
“Ok, ok you got me.”

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