Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


6. Just a Bit North...

They are on the road again, Maddy told Niall that they will be heading straight up to her dads now with no need to stop overnight anywhere. The only time they stopped was to get some petrol and that is when they both see the news article:
“Niall Horan touches down in Australia!” the article has a picture of him getting off the plane, luckily Maddy isn't spotted to be with him. He quickly skims the article and sees they have been tipped: sources say that the very own one direction star has been spotted up on queensland's sunshine coast last yesterday afternoon. No other news has come of it so far, hotel staff are keeping tight lipped. She grabs his hand as he stares too long at the news
“Come on let's get out of here.” Niall is taken out of his trans as Maddy drags him to the car, he is shaking as she gets into the drivers seat
“They are going to find us they always do.” she looks him dead in the eye.
“Niall they aren't going to, we're not really going to any major cities we're keeping to small towns, but that does remind me there is one thing we are going to do which might draw some attention... but that isn't until later. For now we'll spend a few days up at my dads and then we'll head south down to my second home.” She smiles remembering where they are going, and with her reassurance he nods in agreement. They pass a major township and drive for another hour until Maddy pulls the car into a consealed driveway and starts to drive the car down the slope.
“Wake up we're here.” she whispers into his ear. Niall awakens expecting to find himself in some small driveway with a street and a few houses he is shocked when he finds himself surrounded my trees and one tiny little demountable looking building, he loves it, he doesn't feel confined to one spot!
“This is amazing” he gets out of the car, just as her dad rounds the corner and greets Maddy with a big bear hug
“Dad this is my friend Niall, Niall this is my dad, Rick”
“Nice to meet you sir, thank you for letting us stay.” Niall puts out his hand and her dad takes it
“Maddy you didn't tell me he had a bloody accent lucky you speak english mate otherwise I think you'd have a hard time trying to understand me.” he takes Niall's hand pulls him into a one man hug and gives him a whack on the back.
“Come on I've got the camper all set up for you two, you'll be right out here aye Maddy?”
“Yea dad that's cool, thanks.”
“Come on let's go get a feed, you must be starving.” at that moment Niall hears his stomach rumble in response to the mention of food. After stuffing their faces full of food they all sit around the little fire they have going out side and Maddy shares her stories from travelling. As the night air is filled with their talking and laughter Niall soaks it all in as he looks up into the clear night sky, he could get use to this.
“Well, we're going to leave you two be, we're off to bed, see you in the morning.” Maddy's dad comes over and gives her a kiss on the cheek and gives Niall another pat on the back.
“Goodnight dad.” Maddy turns her attention to Niall.
“Are you alright to share the bed with me?”
“Yer as long as you don't snore.” she snorts at his remark and then laughs
“So how are you liking it so far, you just have to tell me if you've had enough ok and we'll go right back home.”
“It's been good so far, i'm really enjoying it, which reminds me I better let the lads know i'm alright.” he pulls out his phone and sends them a group message
Hey lads so far so good, seen a few headlines floating around about me but there has been no paps yet. In the middle of the bush at Maddy's dads right now looking up at the stars. Hope all is well back home. Niall
His phone virabites as all of them reply
Haz - You mean looking up into her eyes ;-)
Li - Nice, they have been trying to get dirt out of us luckily you don't give much away.
Zayn - Sounds great mate, it's been raining over here.
Lou - Oh catch some sun for us and bring it back don't get attacked by dingoes lol

“Well I'm off to bed, just remember to zip up the screen when you come in.” Maddy heads into the camper and takes off her pants she'll just sleep in her boyleg underwear and an old daggy top. She clampers on up to the bed and pulls the sheet over the top of her, it's so muggy in the camper that she isn't sure if she'll get much sleep. It isn't long until Niall comes in he gets into his boxers and slides in beside her.

He woke in a cold sweat he had had that dream again, Maddy stirs beside him
“Hey you ok?”
“Yerr just a bad dream.” Maddy flicks on the torch and it illuminates Niall's face where she is confronted with the sight of his blonde hair all matted from sweat and him all pale and shaking. She wraps her arms around him
“You wanna talk about it?” he shakes his head in response
“Maybe another time, I, I, never mind...” he trails off but Maddy doesn't push for an answer, instead she plants a kiss on his forehead which shifts his mood and he is instantly calmed. Usually when he has this dream he is unable to get back to sleep, but the thought of having Maddy beside him relaxed him and sent him back to a peaceful sleep. Maddy lays back down once she is sure Niall is sleeping well and hopes that whatever it was that shook him up will go away, he looked so afraid but of what?

Maddy wakes in the morning to find herself squished in between the mattress and the side of the camper, while Niall is sprawled out with half the sheet hanging off him and his arm across her stomach, she is stuck here until he moves. She attempts to wriggle out of his arm but in the process manages to wake him up.
“Morning.” he drawls out in his accent
“Good morning.” Maddy climbs over him forgetting she is still in her underware and jumps onto the camper floor
“Where are you going?”
“The bathroom, I really need to pee.” his eyes come to focus to see what she is in and he blushes
“Yar ok too much information.” He rolls back over trying to supress the image he just saw, she turns him on and doesn't even know it!
After they had gotten refreshed and had some breakfast Maddy's dad asks them
“So what are you up to today? Want to head down for a drive on the beach?” Niall's eyebrows shoot up in answer to the question.
“Yes!” he shouts out with his mouth half full of food
“There you go dad, you heard it.” Maddy clears away the plates but not before Niall quickly grabs some more bacon. She rolls her eyes at him, he really does eat a lot of food.

As they head out onto the sand with the 4WD Niall is surprised and having a blast, Maddy's dad lets him take it for a spin but he gets it bogged but lucky the sand isn't too soft so they are able to get out pretty quickly. After a few kilometres they pull up and get out for a quick swim. The current almost sweeps Niall up but maddy quickly grabs onto him.
“It's bit stronger up here so lets just stick to waist deep.” He nods still a bit shaken, but calms as even maddy isn't as playful in the water compared to when they were at the Sunshine Coast. They make their way into the shallow water so they can sit down and let the ripples splash over them.
“I didn't know it could be so sucluded here, when we came there were crowds everywhere.”
“So you like the quite places then?”
“Yea, I get a bit overwhelmed when there is just so many people up in my bubble.”
“That's coming from one of the worlds most famous pop stars!?”
“Shut up.” he splashes water at her and Maddy changes her tone
“Hey sorry, I guess you get this image that you guys are invincible almost unreal.”
“We're all just human.”
“Come on i'm sorry, thanks for being real with me.” she smiles and gets up, she puts her hand out for him to grab it but instead he grabs her throws her over his shoulders and runs into the water and throws her in. she comes up gasping for air but smiles at him
“You got me.” and she starts chasing him to the shore. They flop down onto their towels next to Maddy's dad and his wife
“Where are you two heading off to next?” Her dad asks
“I was thinking of heading down South to see the grandparents.”
“Maddy is this a trip for you or your buddy here?”
“Both” she smiles big
“Niall?” he has his sunglasses on and eyes closed as he lies on his back but hears the whole conversation.
“Yer, I want the laid back experience no hassels.”
“Well then.”
“But... I do want to take him one place that might draw some attention...” he shoots up
“And what might that be?”
“Well you've probably had a Koala shoved in your face so now we're going to do the famous Sydney Harbour bridge climb!”
“I suppose so, we only live once.”
“Great to know you're up for it!”
“How long does it take to get to Sydney?”
“From here it will take over 12hrs of driving.”
“As long as we stop and eat i'm easy.”
“Speaking of food” her dad gets up and heads to the car and gets out lunch. Niall can't help it, he has to rub it into the boys about what he is going to be doing
'Going to be doing the bridge climb eat that.' He snaps a pic of him eating and sends it with the message. Again his phone is filled with their replies

Zayn - 'When?'

Haz - 'Count me in.'
Li - 'I'm booking a flight.'
Lou - 'Don't go without me.' 
Shit are they serious? Niall also sends a private message to Liam
Niall – it came back
Li – you alright? Do you need us there?
Ni – I well yea, what do I tell her?
Li – tell her when you want to mate there isn't a rush...

He smiles at Liams thoughtfulness and what all the others had said, he replies

'You guys for real? We haven't booked anything yet.. but let me know so I can tell Maddy.'
and in unision they all reply
'we're coming!! Zayne is booking the flights as we speak, met you in Sydney!'
Niall's face has gone white and he has stopped chewing his food.
“Are you alright?” Maddy asks
“Um yer, it's just that I told the lads what we were doing and now they are all coming to met us they want to do the climb.”
“That's awesome, what day did you tell them?”
“Wednesday, is that enough time?”
“Of course it is, now all we got to do it book the climb, this is the best summer ever!.” she gets up and runs back into the surf, laughing and splashing around as she falls back and lets the water come in over her.



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