Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


22. It's time to go...

“Yea of course I'll bring him with me to see you guys off.” With that said they all shuffled out of the room leaving Niall and Maddy alone again so they could get ready.
“Maddy I'm not sure I want to be a dad yet...” Niall finally confessed to her once the guys had let them alone again in the hotel room for them to properly get ready. Maddy goes still as she stretches her leg into her skinny jeans.
“What do you mean by not be a dad yet?”
“I ermmm, I would like to keep this news between ourselves if that's ok with you?”
“Niall you silly head what do you think I have been doing for the last year and a bit?”
“Yerr, but you know does he know that I'm his dad?”
“Well not yet, he can barely talk yet...”
“Do you think it can wait until you know things settle down.” Maddy was trying to be calm about hearing the news that Niall really wasn't all that into wanting to know Mark but in her mind what could she expect when she dumped this onto him so quickly
“And Niall when will things settle down, you're a world famous celebrity for Christ sake, you just got to tell me straight you either want to know him or you don't...”
“I do, I just wont be able to be there as a father figure with all this going on.” Maddy walks over to him and places her hands on his chest.
“Know that I love you Niall, but I've got another man to get home to right now and you can either come with me to meet him, and we can come back all together to the airport... or you can go downstairs and have breakfast like we never had this conversation.”
“I don't have to answer that.” he takes her hand while dialling the security to send a car around.

“Can I hold him?”
“Of Coarse!!” Maddy places Mark in Niall's arms as he takes in his son for the first time, he looks over to Maddy with glassy eyes
“This is our son.” he says all proud as Maddy nods and comes behind him and hugs him resting her head on his back; if only this moment could last forever.
“We'll wait for you Naill.”
“No Maddy,” he turns to look at her doing the most selfless thing he can do.
“I want you to know it's ok if you do move on, because I don't expect you to do this on your own.”
“But I'll have you”
“I'm not going to be here though to give you the other things that you will need.”
“Ni don't do this.” Mark began to shift in his arms feeling the tension that was rising between the two of them, he lets out a gentle cry, Niall rocks him talking smoothly to him It's going to be ok little man, daddy's here. Tears falling down his cheek and onto the blanket his son was wrapped up in, he looks to Maddy blue eyes piercing into hers and that's when she knew he didn't want to be leaving them so soon and if he could he would be here for them. She leans over and kisses him
“I'll always love you, know that.”
“I do, and know that I love you both and I'm always thinking of you.” they smile at each other, everything would work out in the end for now they had to be apart for a time being.

“Maddy, are you going to be ok?” they were back again standing at the terminal. She had brought Mike and Mark along this time but they kept it low key so no one would know Mark was his.
“Bye little man, I hope we can see each other again.” He kisses his head.


Harry isn't one bit impressed, last time they both agreed that they would still fight for her but he felt like Niall was coping out just because him and the band had to keep performing and being famous. If it were him he would drop all this just for them he let's his frustrations out to Zayn who is standing next to him as they give them space to say goodbye.
“Why isn't he staying here with her, that's how it should be.” Zayn sighs,
“Because he is not you, and secretly I don't think he wants to get burned.”
“But look at her and him and fuck, he said he would fight for her.”
“I know babe, but this is them.” Harry runs his fingers through his thick curls he walks up to interrupt them so he could get down to the terminal.
“Maddy” she looks over to him and engulfs him in a hug
“Thanks for everything.”
“If you need anything at all.” he brakes away and holds a hand up to her face and gazes upon her, he hears Niall clear his throat and takes his hand away and looks down at little Mark, he leans in and rubs the kids hair
“Be good to your mum and treat her like a princess.” he  whispers to the sleeping baby as he leans back up and gives her one last hug and a peak on the cheek, he shakes hands with Mike and heads down the terminal to board the plane.

Niall kisses her again and again until Zayn has to take his hand and drag him down the terminal, Maddy holds a hand up to her mouth as she watches them go, he doesn't take his eyes off her the whole time. This was going to be so hard....



She was the mother of his child and he thought he loved her but there was just one thing that was making him doubt it all... Harry. He swallows hard as the memories of holding his son for the first time invade his mind he tries to suppress them for what he is about to do next. He waits for the start up tone of Skype and clicks her name, within a few rings Maddy answers.
“Mmm hey baby.”
“Hey, sorry did I wake you?”
“No, no I was just having a little sleep, what's up?” Niall looks upon her face and soaks in all her beautiful features
“Maddy.” his voice cracks
“Niall what's wrong, you can tell me.” He is now trying to back out of it but his heart needs to know peace
“I can't.”
“Can't what?”
“Do this anymore.” he hangs up before he looses it in front of her, it was a pitiful ending and he was regretting how he said it but his emotions were getting out of control. Maddy stares blankly at the screen, did he just end their relationship? Tears well up, maybe being a dad was too hard for him? But why would he do this to Mark? No it was her what had she done, she gasps, did he find out Harry knew before him? Just when she thought things were going good Harry would just have to swoop in and say something that would hurt Niall, she sends him a text
Mad – You prick why would you tell Niall that!?
She sends on to Niall to find out just why
Mad – Niall please tell me why?
Ni – I can't Maddy it's complicated
Mad – Since when have we not been complicated?
Ni – Maddy I don't want to do this anymore we'll know when the time is right.
Mad – Yea ok, will you still wand to talk to Mark?
Ni – Yes of coarse! If that's ok with you?
Mad – It is i'm just so confused Ni, why now?
Ni – It's been building up for awhile now, just know that I do still love you xx
With that last message she knew straight away it had to do with Harry and he didn't want to tell her, what was he doing? And then it clicked, he wanted to make sure her heart was for him and only him. She rests her head against her headboard she couldn't deny that Harry had a part of her heart as well but...



Niall leans against the door post to Harry's apartment he could hear moans escaping the walls, he rolls his eyes he can't believe he was doing this, he buzzes one more time. Harry comes to the door in only his boxes
“Left your slut in the room?”
“Nice to see you too, come in.”
“No it's just a quick one.” Harry stands there waiting for Niall to be quick about it
“I ah, told Maddy we should take a brake, but I ah just want to make sure she'll be alright...”  Harry scratches the back of his head as he hears 'babe' being called out by the random chick he brought home.
“So you're pretty much saying hey we broke up but I really only want her to be with one other guy...”
“Sort of, I just thought you should know encase, you know, you wanted to see her.”
“Niall,” he points a finger at him
“It's always been you, it will always be you can't you see that!?”
“Yea well we'll see now.”
“She isn't a game Ni.”
“I didn't say that I just need to know who.”
“Yea whatever mate, just don't get pissy then if it works out.”
“I won't, this is what I want and I'd rather know whose going to be there for the mother of my child.” Harry rolls his eyes this was ridiculous he knew how Maddy felt, he saw it in so many girls, they all love the cute blonde Irish guy because he seems like such great boyfriend material; faithful, trusting, comforting. And then when they saw him they saw a guy they could have a fleeting romance with nothing too serious, a little daring and no strings. Harry closes his eyes sometimes he hated that perception of himself but there was only one girls thoughts that he wanted to know.
“You're an idiot for doing this, you know that right?”
“Yea go back to your slut and then tell Maddy that.” Niall bites back and he turns to walk down the steps
“Mate, you alright?” Harry asks he still cared about his friend and how he was feeling
“I really don't know how I feel.” he shrugs and continues walking. Harry watches as his friend walks back onto the footpath and heads back to his car, he closes the door and is back thinking to Maddy, he wondered again what she thought of him, he makes his way back to his room to fetch his phone, he sees the girl covered in his sheets he glances past her.
“You can leave now.” he says coldly; the girl huffs but goes about gathering her items, she had gotten what she wanted. Harry reads the abrupt message from Maddy, yet another general assumption he thought to himself he wasn't feeling so kind right now so he showed it in his response to her message.
Haz – Nice to know where I stand huh? I didn't say anything and you should know better! I have only just found out myself when he came knocking on my door. Are you ok though?
Maddy reads Harry's message he was right she had overreacted about him, trust him to be mean yet care about how she was, she smiles at his gesture.
Mad – You're right, i'm sorry. No you wouldn't do anything, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm ok, upset but it all makes sense.
Haz – What makes sense?

She rolls her eyes she knew he knew but wanted her to say it
Mad – he knows that he doesn't have all of my heart Harry xx
Harry smiles at her words he owed it to them to see if it could work but he was going to surprise her.


“I couldn't do it anymore.” Niall confides in Liam as he tells him really why he called it quits with Maddy
“I had to give Harry the benefit of the doubt to see if she would be with him.”
“But she loves you and what about Mark?”
“She also loves Harry, I can tell maybe if I were there all the time it would be a different story but I'm not.”
“So why didn't you go instead?”
“Because I don't think I'm ready to be a dad and have those responsibilities”
“Niall am I hearing you right!?” Liam says a bit agitated at him
“Did you think how Maddy has managed to do it on her own while her lover is half way across the world living without a care in the world.”
“Hey I do care, and that is why I broke it off.”
“No you gave up, mate to be honest I thought you would be better than this.” Liam gets up from the seat and walks away, was Niall really doing the right thing, this last year was so confusing for him it felt like he was living a double life and he didn't want to be doing that anymore and in the back of this mind he knew that she would be alright as she would always have one of them.



Woah sorry for the short update more coming I promise have just been a bit busy with things hope you like it xx

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