Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


16. It's the Climb!

“Are you ready for this?” they all look at each other ready to leave the hotel lobby. This was the last thing they had to do before they left Sydney, by now they weren't bothered by the media. All six link arms and step out into the media frenzy; they had to now fight through the crowds and make it to the building. When they had arrived at the building of the climb they were greeted by the friendly staff who politely told the media that they weren't allowed in. After prepping and some videos of what the climb would be like they headed out.  It was only the six of them in their group along with the tour guide.
“Holy shit, I can't believe we're doing this!” Louis shouts to the group as they reach the top and admire the stunning view, they had started their climb late afternoon and the sun was starting to set, it had been a clear day and they were therefore able to see out to the blue mountains on one side and to the end of the harbour where the cliffs met the ocean on the other.
“Maddy thank you so much.” Harry looks at her with a big grin
“Come on group photo.” Liam shouts and they all gather in for the guide to take snaps of them. They do a few silly ones where they pick Maddy up and lay her across them all. Niall and her manage to sneak one with just them and one of them kissing. Liam re-enacts them kissing with Harry though they don't actually kiss. As they sit down at the top of the bridge Maddy breaks their thoughts.
“I can't believe you guys are going tomorrow.”
“We'll be back I promise.” Zayn says leaning back and resting his arm on her knee
“You know it.” Liam squeezes her shoulders.
“It's just been so great hanging out with you all.”
“Likewise love.” and Harry links him arm around her other leg and rests his head against it.
“Aww you guys, you're gonna make me cry.”
“Don't” Louis joins in who was starting to get mushy from seeing her and then they all gather around and hug each other as they watch the sun finally set over the harbour.


'Flight DJ469 will be boarding shortly'. The announcement came over the speakers they shared some more hugs and laughs, this time all of them were going back on the same flight. A few media had come along but it wasn't much, at this point Maddy didn't care if she would get snapped with them as she was saying goodbye to some amazing friends and to her love. As the others kiss her cheek and hug her tight they all exchange some last goodbyes
“Thank you for keeping my secret.” Zayn holds her
“Girls night again when I next see you.” she moves onto Louis
“Oh Lou thanks for everything, it's been so much fun.”
“Likewise I'll keep you updated on Zayn's lovers.” he winks and she taps her nose
“Li Li, from Dublin so Sydney and I can still drink better than you.” he holds onto her tight he was going to miss this girl that they had all fallen such a close bond with
“Promise me one thing Maddy; keep signing, you're so god damn good, and I promise to look out for Ni and to keep Haz in line.”
“Thank you” she now moves on to the harder goodbye she looks up at Harry and both don't need to say anything they just hold each other
“Thank you for believing in me.” He finally says to her and they brake apart the four move back to head down the terminal not without promising to stay in touch with each other. She finally turns to Niall and he swoops her up and spins her around while he kisses her passionately
“Did I tell you I love you?” she laughs and nods
“Only a thousand times.”
“God, I'm going to miss you so much.” he sets her down and hugs her so tight
“Me too.” a little tear slides down her cheek
“Skype me when you land.” she calls out as he walks backwards down the terminal waving and she blows him kisses.
“Wait!” he runs back up and the others stop to wait for him so that he doesn't miss the flight. Maddy runs to meet him half way down there knowing what he wants she leaps for him and wraps her legs around his waist, runs her fingers through his hair as she looks down into those now sad eyes and plants one last kiss on his lips.
“Come back to me Niall Horan.” she sniffles peaks his lips again and breaks away from him waves goodbye to the others for the final time and starts her trudge back up the terminal as he turns to head to board plane.
“We love you Maddy!” they all shout and the doors close and they are taken away from her

Two months later...


Maddy finished tying up her shoe lace and stepped outside and was greeted by the bright sunshine, it was still early enough for there to be hardly anyone out on the streets. She places her ear phones in and lets her music drown out the rest of the world as the begins to jog down the street. Her mind was all over the place since the boys left and this at least took her mind off it for a short while; they had been gone for over a couple of months now, today though was one of the days she found it hard to get out of bed but she managed and now she was going push herself to forget, she rounds the corner and looks up at the bitch of a slope. You've got this; she tells herself and starts the sprint upwards, she is almost at the peak, she just needs the little more oomph the song changes on her phone and she stops dead in her tracks. She whips out her phone and looks at the song; why did they have to haunt her like this, she usually skipped all their songs now days but today she didn't she let it play and thought of how much fun they all had. A smile creeps up on her lips and she can't help but laugh god she missed them. She shoots him a text
Mad – I love you Niall x.
She puts her phone back and continues her jog now in much better spirits what was the point of trying to forget about the man she loved. They talked enough to keep things going...

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