Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


11. Homeward Bound

After they had successfully picked up Louis without a hassle at all they had all split up again. Maddy was back driving and this time she had Zayn and Louis with her.
“So let me piece this all together, you and Zayn live together back in London?”
“Yep” Louis confirms to Maddy as she gets her head around who and where they live when not recording.
“Ok I've got another one and it's for you Zayn... “
“Go on...”
“Ok but please don't take it the wrong way, are you gay?” Zayn almost spits out the water he has just taken a sip of when Maddy just plain out asks him the question he has been hiding so well from the others.
“Louis!” Zayn hisses at him but then admits to Maddy
“Yes, but only you and Louis know, wait how could you tell?”
“Well I guess it's the way you are around me, it's just that little bit different..”
“Why because i'm not making a move on you unlike Harry.” Maddy giggles and Louis just smacks his head and speaks out loud
“Has he really done that, god Haz and his dick.”
“That and just other things.”
“Go on..”
“The way you look at Harry.” Zayn snickers to himself
“Hey i'm just looking, is it that obvious?”
“Wait hold on” Louis joins the conversation again
“'You're saying you check out Harry?”
“Who wouldn't and don't deny it you have had dirty thoughts about him too haven't you Maddy?” Maddy blushes and starts giggling and nodds to his answer
“Ha! I knew it who wouldn't want ot be pinned against a wall by him!”
“Oh my god, am I hearing this!!??" Louis palms himself getting grossed out by the visuals that Zayn is giving him.
“Damn straight you are.” he says all sassy and snaps his fingers causing them to all laugh
“So tell me what else you do Zaynie boy.”
“Don't worry honey me and you are good and no I wouldn't ever make a move on any of the guys that's just off limits.”
“Is there anyone though.” Maddy starts asking
“There was this one guy, but yea didn't work out.”
“Naw that's not cool.”
“Hey why didn't I hear about this?”
“Because I don't want you to feel weird with me talking about other guys.”
“Zayn, you've been real with me for the get go, why wouldn't you share this with me, you know it doesn't bother me as long as you are happy and you're being yourself.”
“I guess he wasn't the type you want your friends to know about.”
“Ahh.” Both Louis and Maddy say at the same time having had relationships like that too.
“Maddy when we get to Sydney we're going to have a girls night”
“Done, that will be so much fun.”
“Hey what about me?” both look at Louis quickly and give him the too bad so sad shrug but he doesn't push further.
“Why don't the others know?”
“I was going to tell them but this trip beat me to the punch line so I will soon though.”
“Well you know you have us.” Maddy reaches behind the seat and Zayn takes her hand and gives it a squeeze,
“God Maddy it feels like we've known you all along.” Louis says still focused on the drive
“I second that.”
“Aww you guys, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be having a D&M with you two lads!” they all laugh at the thought looking back at how quickly this has all happened.
“Yea look out, you're stuck with us now.” and they laugh hysterically and tell stupid jokes the rest of the way, when their drive starts to wind down Louis pipes up
“I don't know about you guys but I think we need a celebratory drink now that we are all together.”
“I know just the place.” Maddy shares with them.
“It's just out of the town we need to go to but it's only like half an hour.”
“Well then what are we waiting for.” Zayn says. They hadn't had much further to go so for one last night they checked into another motel which was much better than the last, they soon all  got ready to head out. Maddy and Louis were sharing a room this time seeing as Harry's plan had failed and they all knew Louis would be the last one to try anything.
“The pub is just up the road, you guys sweet to walk?” they all nod and start their walk to the pub.
As the night goes on and they are all getting merry and relaxed with the atmosphere of the place they had all had a bit too much to drink but Zayn had a few too many more then the others, and was getting that little bit too happy/ smart ass, the boys could handle this but to a stranger... As Zayn walks up to order another round for the boys he spots Maddy sitting at the counter talking to another group of people and walks up behind her and wrapped his hand around her waist
“Madddyyy love the g-groups ova his wayy, can i-i get you another?” he slurs out leaning full against her so he doesn't loose his balance.
“I'm good thanks Zayn, but how about we just get you some water?”
“Yerr that's probably a good idea.”  he comes in closer and rests his head on her shoulder “You're so wonderful.”
“Oi mate, get your hands off her!”  Maddy turns around to see one of her older cousins walking over very huffed seeing what looks like some guy groping his little cousin.
“Dan it's not what you think.” she stands up and takes Zayn's hand so he doesn't stumble over
“Yea well what the fuck do I see here then?” as he takes a step closer to Zayn, Maddy puts her hand up to rest on his chest and looks up at him.
“You see a drunk guy who has a friend here”  she points to herself,
“trying to sober him up before he makes a dickhead of himself and before some idiot tries to have a go at him.” she wasn't afraid of standing up to Dan, she could get away with it, but if it was someone else saying these words it would be a whole other story.
“Alright, but if he tries anything on you Maddy.” he was just looking out for her. He hadn't seen her since everything happened with her and he was now awfully protective of her, he didn't want to see her heart getting broken all over again.
“He won't, but thank you.” she gives him a sincere look of gratitude that he is looking out for her. And she drags Zayn off to where the rest of the guys are.
“Woah you alright there Zaynie boy?” Harry has a go at him as Zayn collapses down beside Niall and Liam. Maddy stands over him
“Sober him up before he gets punched in the head.”
“Aww Maddyy.” Liam grabs her and pulls her down until she finds herself lying across their laps, being a bit tipsy herself when she tries to wriggle off them she fumbles a bit and they all laugh at her. She gives up and remains lying across them it's not that uncomfortable. With everyone being drunk themselves, Niall finds himself playing with her hair as they all talk and have a good night with each other. The feeling of him running his fingers through her hair gives her goose bumps and makes her feel so relaxed she stirs.
“If you keep doing that Niall I'm going to fall asleep it's so nice.” all the boys take it in the wrong context at usual and give them all ooohhs and ahhs she takes advantage of her position and nudges Zayn with her elbow and kicks Liam with her foot
“Ok I'm getting out of here I'm too tired now, anyone want to walk back with me?” she looks around at them all and rethinks.
“Actually Zayn you ARE coming with me, the rest of you come if you want or stay, it's up to you all.” She pulls Zayn to his feet
“Come on lets get you to bed.”
“But I want to stay.” he lets out a yawn and then realises he is tired. The other guys glance over at Niall while Maddy is preoccupied helping Zayn stand up, they flick their heads signalling for him to go with her, he gets up and makes his way over.
“Here buddy put your arms around us both.” he wraps one arm around Zayn while Maddy does the same on the other side of him, and they walk back to their motel.
“Yerrr know you guysss should stop denying yourselves.” Zayn slurs out on their walk back
“Honey you're too drunk to be giving relationship advice.”
“But Madddyy you know i'm right, who doesn't want a hot Irish guy?” he tries to whisper the last bit but fails. He then looks to Niall
“Annd you, mmm mmm get in there before you know who steals her.”
“He doesn't have a problem there.”
They manage to get Zayn into his room while he still mumbles incoherent words to them about hooking up, they strip Zayn down into his underwear and get him tucked into bed they close the motel room and Maddy makes her way over to her room. Niall walks behind her until she unlocks her room door. She leans against the door frame and looks up into his eyes, there they were again so full of passion, she gets a little flutter in her stomach.
“Thanks for your help.”
“You're welcome.” he rests his arm up against the frame closing the gap between them, she breathes in as he comes closer until she registers.
“Do you have your room key?” Niall was sharing with Liam who was still out, he pats his pockets and realises he is going to have  to go back and get it.
“Shit” he says under his breath, Maddy just giggles
“Well come on in.” she swings to door wide open so he can walk past her
“Are you ok with this?”
“Yea well it's cold outside and I don't want you walking all that way back by yourself, and Louis can stay with Liam when they get back, only makes sense.”
“Yar ok.” after they had gotten into the separate beds and the lights were out Maddy waited until she thought he was out of it.
“Hey Niall.”
“Yea” he whispers back
“I like you.” she let out under her breath letting her secret out into the open, he rolled over and took a breath in, he had heard her so he said it back with the same quietness
“Me too” Maddy leans back and faces the ceiling he really did like her back, was this a good thing or a bad thing? All she wanted to do was sleep but now her head was racing with what they had both just said. She waited until she thought he was asleep and shuffled out of her cosy bed and went out into the brisk night. She had thrown on one of Louis' baggy shirts so it hung just above her thighs and then put on a pair of long socks so her feet didn't freeze. It was just her and the night sky out here, it was so quiet and peaceful, a tear trickled down her cheek. Did she really want to let love in when it could be easily ripped out? She heard the door creek open as Niall walks out
“There you are, you alright?” Maddy quickly wipes the tear away as she turns to face him.
“Yea, just wanted some fresh air.” she smiles as he walks towards her, he is giving her that look that sends her mind racing and her stomach into jelly. Niall can see she is upset but doesn't try to push her, he just wraps her in a hug, at that moment he really wanted to kiss her to take away whatever it was that was making her like this but he knew he couldn't ask that of her. Maddy pulls out of the hug to look up at him, 'what the heck' her mind has given over to temptation and she reaches up kisses him. He lets out a small groan letting her know that this is what he wanted too, their hands are all over each other as the lean against the motel wall until they are interrupted as they hear snickering and laughing from the three others who had decided to make their way back now.
“Oh don't stop on our account.” Harry pipes up, both brake away and distance themselves
“Ah yea, just needed some fresh air.” Maddy tries to cover up but everyone has already seen it
“Don't hide it love.” Liam fumbles over
“He's quiet a catch.” he winks and grabs Niall into head lock and scruffs up his hair.
“Come on let's go.” Niall says to those two as they make their way to their own room.
“Where's Louis?” Maddy asks
“Here.” they all turn and see him sitting on the ground unable to go any further
“Jusss give me a minute.” Maddy pipes up more now and dishes it to him
“Big night aye Lou, come on you'll be right?” she bends down the help him up but struggles with his weight and end up falling on him. The others come rushing as she rolls off him and just starts laughing at how stupid she probably looks and the fact that she just made Louis feel worse.
“Heyy is that my shirt? What? What are you, never mind, I need sleep.” he moans as Niall and Harry help him up and push him towards the room.
“You gonna be alright with the grizzly bear?” Harry asks, she looks at him puzzled
“Louis doesn't snore.” they all chuckle
“He does when he's been drinking.” she really wanted some sleep.
“Fine!” she trudges past them and her and Louis' room and into the boys room
“Hey!!!” Liam registers, Harry quickly runs to his room where Zayn will be pasted out so he doesn't get any extra guests.
“I'm out” he chuckles behind him.
“Maddy come on!”
“I didn't say you have to go into the room, I just choose not to be there.”
“Ok fine.” Niall is left looking dumbfounded by the whole situation
“You coming?” Liam looks over at him waiting for him to get in out of the cold that had just set in.
“Yer” and they're in. Maddy looks around the room there is one double and one single bed. Liam makes it awkward again
“So Maddy you can choose spoon with me? Or Niall? Or sleep by yourself and me and Niall can spoon together.” she chuckles as she knows all too well he would enjoy spooning with Niall to annoy him.
“To save Niall from you, I'll go with him.”
“Naw sorry pal no shenanigans tonight.” he makes a kiss at Niall, strips off his clothes and climbs into the single and is out.  Maddy and Niall are left standing in the middle of the room, she decides to make it less weird and climbs into the bed, Niall turns off the lights and follows suit, he is instantly drawn to her body heat and wraps his arm around her and is out.
“Good night.” she whispers and Maddy finds herself finally falling asleep


Hey guys I hope you're liking the added extras let me know what you think, love hearing form you. xx

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