Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


12. Her Second Home

They had finally made it to Maddy's home town Penfold, though she now lived in Brisbane this was where she grew up, they had been there for a couple of days now. It was an early morning when she got up and decided to herself that today was the day. When she walked into the kitchen she found Harry slumped in one of the chairs
“How long have you been awake?” she says to him as she pours herself a quick glass of water.
“Haven't gone to sleep.”
“Well then come on, you need some sleep now.” she directs him back to his room, she turns away as he undresses himself and waits until she hears him get into his bed. She bends down to turn off the bedside lamp but finds herself getting pulled down into Harry's arms and his lips connecting with hers. She lets him explore her mouth, her hands waunder up and grip his hair as he goes to move his hands lower, he traces cirles on her hips and then almost instantly both stop, Maddy quickly gets out of the bed. Harry looks at her with pleading eyes not to say anything.
“I'm sorry.” he says Maddy acknowleged him with a nod,
“We don't speak of this.” she says before quickly leaving the room. What the fuck just happened! Her head screams, it's now racing a million miles she feels the tension. Harry hears the screen door swing open and close, she was gone but where was she going? At that moment Maddy did the only thing she knew; she ran.
She ran passed the main street she pushed her legs to keep moving though they were burning from the already long run she had taken but she kept going her head still wasn't clear, she found that she was being drawn to that one single place. She kept running alongside the road she knew it wasn't far now she saw the sign and did a quick dash across to the other side of the road. Her chest was heaving as she continued down that dirt path. It was was still early morning and the fog still lingered in the air when she reached the right spot, she knelt down and let the flood gates open as she looked upon her mothers grave.
“I miss you so much mum.” she let out, it had been a good year since her mum had passed away and that is how long she had been running from the truth. Maddy thought that her stint of travelling would fix this heartache but it didn't and then she met Niall and felt happy but now she was regretting it all, why did she bring him to her most sacred place, she hadn't even been back here since they buried her mum. She felt so confused and torn right now, why was she sharing this intimate part of her life with him, when she couldn't even face it herself. And there was this morning with Harry why did she let herself do that, she knew she didn't like him as much as she did Niall. As she lay down on her mothers grave sobbing and telling her all this she went quiet when she heard the footsteps. It was still a bit foggy so she couldn't exacatly see what it was until they came into her line of vision. She let out a sigh of relief it was just her cousin Mike.
“I thought I would find you here.” he came and sat down behind her and wrapped her up in his big arms. They sat in peaceful silence until she was ready to say something.
“Sorry I didn't come back, it's just too hard.” her and Mike were close they were like brother and sister, they were inseparable when she would come down to visit the  family during holiday times. He was right by her side holding her hand when she said goodbye, he knew the pain that she was going through. He held her tighter and she told him all about Niall and her fears of falling in love.
“Maddy you're mum would want you to be happy not closing off just because she is gone.”
“I just, I haven't even told him about this..”
“Maybe that is why you brought him here?”
“Yea maybe... I just.. Mike he is really special, but I did something really stupid...”
“What's that?”
“I kissed Harry... This morning.” she burries her head in shame, Mike can't help but let out a laugh at the predicament she just got into.
“And where does he come into the picture?”
“That's the thing, he just sprung up out of no where and now i'm just... well i'm just fucked.”
“No you're not.”
“I just wish mum were here to tell me who is the right one.”
“Who do you think is?” Maddy shifts she didn't expect this question and now it had her thinking but it didn't take her long
“Niall, but Harry oh Harry i'm just worried about him, he's a bit messed up.”
“Aren't we all?”
“See he said that too!”
“I feel like I just really want to be there for him to help him with whatever it is but Niall he he is the guy that I want to laugh, cry and have fun with he makes me shy and full of life at the same time”
“Well there you go, why don't you go back home and just you two go get away and talk like this to figure out where you are both at?”
“Yea you're right.”
“Of course, i'm always right.” Maddy elbows him at his smart comment
“Come on, let's get back, i'll race you.” they both loved running and would always do this, this was there way of clearing their minds and helping eachother forget what was going on. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up. They ran all the way back to their grandparents house. She didn't realise how long she had been gone, everyone was alreay up and sitting at the table when they walked in laughing while catching their breathe.
When Niall saw her come into the house laughing and joking around with this guy he didn't know what to think. How did she met this guy out on her run and why did they seem so close already, a tinge of jelously swept through him. How come she let him hug her like that? he shook his head trying to get the stupid thoughts out.
“Hey Niall, I'd like you to meet Mike.”
“Oh so you're the wonder boy, from the band?” Mike put out his had and Niall took in and shook it a little too hard to make an impression.
“Nice to meet you, how do you know Maddy?” Maddy and Mike shoot each other a look and burst out laughing it must be one of their in jokes.
“Niall relax he's my cousin.” Maddy comes over and scruffs up his hair
“Yea she only likes guys with accents.”
“Mike” she hisses at him and with that Mike shuts his mouth
“How many cousins do you have around here?” Niall cherps up remembering the fight that Zayn almost got into back in the other town with her cousin Dan. Mike raises his eyebrows
“I'm guessing you met Dan?”
“Yes they did but I intervened at the right time.”
“Lucky, so who was the poor guy?” both chuckle remembering how it all happened....
“Zayn.”  they take a seat at the table and help themselves to some toast.
“So Maddy are you gonna take wonder boy up the mount?”
“What's this?” Niall asks
“It's just..”
“Oh Maddy, she takes everyone up there!” Mike is now embrassing her by putting her on the spot
“I'd love to go.” Niall says, he really did want to get a bit more alone time with her and this was the perfect opportunity.
“Should I see if the others want to come?” both Mike and Niall respond for her
“Ok then, you go get changed into some walking gear.” Niall shuffles off to his room, she turns to face Mike
“What was that?”
“It was the push you needed, thank you.” She gives him a shove and he pretends she hurt him
“What, you need this, stop denying yourself.” he was her bestfriend and sometimes knew her better than she knew herself.
“It's why I love you cuz.” she gets up and plants a kiss on his head.
“Don't leave him hanging.” she rushes out the door just as Niall is about to enter and they smack into each other causing them to laugh.
“Ouch.” she rubs her head. Niall automatticaly places a hand on her face until he realises what he is doing and takes it away. They still didn't know how to act around each other after that kiss from the other night.
After a short drive just outside the towns limit, they pull up to the base of the mountain which was once a volcano that was now inactive and had beautiful blue lake where the crater once was.
“Come on, it's my turn to show you my secret place.” there was the main route to get to the top, however Maddy was going the way that only she took and no one else, this she didn't show 'everyone' else. Niall follows behind her careful not to slip on the loose gravel. After a 20 minute walk maddy stops and turns to Niall.
“This is it.” they weren't up at the top but the view was spectacular her secret place led them right to a ledge that stuck out enough from them to sit down and enjoy it without any interuptions. They sit side by side and Niall takes her hand
“Thanks Maddy, this is worth it.” she turns to look at him and finds that he is staring at her but he doesn't look away, she blushes.
“I can't.” her eyes start to water and she gets up and walks away
“Maddy wait!” he follows after her and grabs her and spins her around
“Don't run from me, you can tell me.” and she finally spills it to him
“I've been running away from my past and for the first time I want to open it all up and share it with you.” she looks up at him and he hears her message leans down and kisses her so deeply it's her turn to let out a groan. He pulls away,
“I want to do the same with you too.” they sit back down and open up their old wounds so the other knows why. She closes her eyes and lets the secret out from this morning
“I kissed Harry.”
“But, it's not him I want it's you, it's always you, since Irelnand when you opened up and showed me your secret place I knew I had to bring you to mine, and so well here it is and Niall just getting to know you these last couple of months has meant so much to me, I feel like i've known you forever, I want to share so much with you but i'm afraid that i'll loose you.”
“Maddy, you won't ever  loose me.” he takes a step towards her again as fresh tears well up in her eyes, Maddy tries to wipe them away but he does it for her.
“I want to tell you something first...” he kisses her cheek and begins to tell her what got him so spooked that night up at her dads.
“Oh Niall” Maddy pulls him into a hug as he sobs recalling the incident and all the insecuries that it had since brought along.
“Did this happen to Harry to?”
“I'm not sure what happened, we got seperated from each other that night and we haven't really brought it up since then, it's been really dentremental to our friendship it sucks.”
“He's going to be ok.” Maddy now smiles as she looks up into Niall's blue eyes she was getting school girl giddy again from admiring him, Niall smirks as he takes in the magnififent beauty stanindg in front of him, he turns so his back is to her and bends down a bit and says over his shoulder
“Come on, i'll carry you.” and he piggy backs her down the slope as they laugh and almost loose their footing a few times from their sillyness
“We don't need a repeat of Ireland.” Maddy reminds him as she tightens her grip around his chest careful not to choke him.
“Nar we need a better one.” he gently puts her down stands beside her and takes her hand and the quickly run down the last slope together, Maddy squeals as some of the gravel slips away from their feet but luckily neither of them end up on their ass again. Out of breath from the run they lean against the car give each other one look and are smiling from ear to ear, unable to resist, Niall takes the opportunity and kisses Maddy. He has her pressed up against the car as they continue to make out. Maddy has managed to inch herslef up to his height by using the car as a back support and wrapping her legs around his waist while he holds onto her thighs, she runs her fingers through his hair and breathes in his intoxicating scent, she has well and truly fallen.
“Oh um errr.” Niall quickly pulls away to adjust himself and they take that que to stop what they are doing, both blush unable to ignore the signs of how much they want to be with each other.
“We better get back.” Niall nods to Maddy's comment and both get back into the car to head back home.
“Stop it” Niall states
“Stop what?”
“Looking at me like that, you make me want to do naughty things to you.” Maddy's eyebrows shoot up at his remark he hadn't been this up front about how he felt about her before. She takes the opportunity
“Like what?” she places her hand on his thigh teasing him he lets out a groan closing his eyes trying to remove the thoughts he is getting.
“It's going to have to wait.” he finally says leaving her now craving for him.

As they pull up outside the house and make their way inside all heads turn to him.
“I think we need to party.” Liam says to the group
“Yea you too are finally holding hands.” Harry gasps, he knew as soon as they walked in that he had no chance but he wasn't going to stop caring about her. The other thought he had running through his head was that she would of told Niall that they kisses which meant Niall would be pissed off at him. Great, at least they would be drinking tonight so he could forget yet again.
“Come on then let's go” Zayn whines
“Ok but don't drink so much this time.” They all laugh at Maddy's remark. They all shuffle out of the lounge room and head down to the local.


Hey lovelies I hope you are all enjoying this what do you think of Maddy and Harry?

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