Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


5. Hello Australia

It's been a rough 48 hours neither of them got much sleep on the plane as much as they tried, both watched countless of movies and needed to pee loads of times. They annoyed some of the other passengers by laughing too loud at some movies and then there was the whole different time zone to deal with that left them completely wrecked when they got out to collect their luggage. Niall was so dazed that he almost followed the wrong person outside until Maddy grabbed his arm and directed him where they needed to go.
“Come on I left my car in long term parking so lets roll out.” and off they headed Niall could only get two words out to her the whole walk to the car
“Sleep, food.” they shoved all their stuff into Maddy's tiny little hatchback and got going.
“Ok we're doing food first, are you ok with MacDonald's?” Niall mumbles something back which Maddy could only gather was a yes. She decides to take the drive thru that way it will get them home quicker. Luckily Maddy only lived half an hour away from the airport. She fumbled with her keys as she unlocked her door and pushed Niall in who as acting like he was drunk he was that sleep deprived. He fumbles around and finds something that looks like a bed, which in fact was Maddy's own bed and crashes straight down onto it. Maddy is just as tired as he is and flops down besides him and is out. Both curl up next to each other still on the outside of the covers and still in their clothes.

The sunlight peaks in through the blinds and Maddy rolls over and accidently wacks Niall then snuggles into his back, he moves slightly but is still dead to the world. It isn't until the peak hour traffic comes to life and Maddy's phone alarm buzzes that gets her out of bed. She leaves Niall in bed and goes in search for some food, though she knows she won't have much in her cupboards due to being away, she manages to find some tea bags, luckily  she still had some sugar too, she makes herself and Niall tea. She shuffles on back to her bedroom and places the mugs down on the bedside tables. She then wriggles herself under the covers all the while trying not to disturb Niall but fails. He mumbles some more and then snaps his eyes open.
“Good morning.” She says taking a sip of her tea.
“Morning.” He is still groggy and his accent is more stronger when he wakes.
“So I don't have much to offer considering my holiday but I have made you some tea, I hope you don't mind I didn't have any milk.”
“It'll do.” he takes the mug in his hand and takes a long sip
“Be careful...” he doesn't listen as the hot liquid doesn't bother him. After Niall has woken up a bit more he branches the subject
“So what are we doing today?” Maddy stretches out
“Well we need food for our trip and well I kinda told my dad that when I got back from my holiday that I would go up and see him, so are you cool if we do that? ”
“Yea that's ok.”
“I was thinking we can head up the coast stay their a few nights and then drive on up to my dads, are you cool with that?” Niall just nods in agreement, he didn't really care what they did he was just stoked to be hanging out with Maddy in her own backyard. She was so confident they way she told him about all the places and things she wanted to show him. Though they wouldn't mean much to an average tourist these were the things Maddy kept close to her heart and loved most about living here.
“Ok then let's get going.” Maddy gives her dad a quick call to let him know that they will be heading up and staying a few days, they then head out to the shops. Lucky it's a week day and the shops are quiet, Niall gets a few weird looks but no one does a double take to know that he is the one and only. Their shop is over within minutes and he is surprised.
“That didn't take long, usually girls take forever.”
“What can I say, I know what I want.” and she places the bags into her car. It's midday by the time they get onto the highway. They have fun asking each other all sorts of questions and then when they are comfortable in their own silence Maddy switches on the radio:
Breaking news one of One Direction's members has been spotted boarding a plane; no one knows where, the other members don't seem to be in toe and are keeping tight lipped we'll have all the news at 3.
Maddy changes the station.
“You think they know?” Niall is concerned now, he doesn't want to bring Maddy into a crazy media frenzy.
“Relax we'll be constantly moving over the next couple of days so hopefully they don't know where, and they didn't mention me so... we're in luck.” he is still uneasy though Maddy has tried to calm him he knows what these hawks are like.
“Do you mind if we errr stay in when we get to the hotel?”
“Sure.” Maddy reaches over and squeezes his leg
“You'll be alright Niall.” he looks over to her and sees how sincere she is being, he places his hand over hers and holds onto it and goes back to staring out the window as they pass by row after row of pine trees. An hour later they have pulled up to a surf resort. Maddy gets out of the car to book the room for two nights, she soon comes back with a disappointed look on her face.
“I'm sorry we could only get one of the budget ones.”
“That's alright.”
“Ha! Had you, we got top story balcony baby!! and I can sneak you in down through the car park” She read his thoughts again.


Niall woke to the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks down at the beach, it was such a relaxing sound as he looked around the spacious apartment he couldn't see her anywhere, he started to panic slightly where was Maddy? He heard the balcony door close and Maddy came rushing in jumping on the bed
“You're awake! Ready to hit the surf?” She drags him out of bed with his hair a big mess she doesn't give him a chance to back out she throws some trunks at him to get changed into, she is already in her bikini waiting for him. She turns around to give him some privacy dressing.
“I'm a little nervous, I don't swim that well.” Niall admits to Maddy at that point she turns as the wrong time catching a glimpse of his backside.
“Ah sorry, I um didn't mean to, I mean..” she throws her hands over her face in embarrassment. Niall laughs it off.
“You'll be alright I'll be right next to in the water ok, and we won't go out to deep is what I was trying to say.” It's now his turn to throw a towel at her and they head out down to the beach.

“That was awesome!” Maddy says as they trudge on back to the apartment, Niall is a little bit weary as his experience was not as awesome as hers
“Yea being dunked by the waves and having sand up your ass crack, it was fantastic.” he says sarcastically, Maddy gives him a shove
“You did good, and if you remember I got dunked just a much as you did!” Niall nods remembering the priceless moment of when she came up from a wave only to have one come crashing down on her again. They go and take a seat at a little coffee place on the street below their apartment, Niall starts to shift nervously when both overhear a conversation between a group of teenage girls.
"Hey isn't that Niall from One Direction”
"No why would he be all they way down here"
"You just have One Direction on your brains he doesn't even look like him, I don't see the others around."
"Yea but I read somewhere..."
"Oh cut it out, it's not and don't embarrass yourself by asking a total random if they are a rock star!"
"I wasn't I just swear it is him"

They walk off and Niall is thinking to himself don't turn around but the girl does and before Niall knows it his picture is snapped by the girls smart phone shit! Maddy takes his hand and squeezes it she can tell he is all tense and is afraid oh having a crazy mob come after them.
“Do you want to head back up? Tomorrow we can leave early.”
“Yea I would like that.” he holds onto her hand as they go back up to the apartment, they could almost be mistaken as a couple.

Maddy strips out of her swimmers and lets the hot water of the shower run down her back, steam has filled up the small bathroom and she washes off the sand from today's swim. She hears the door click open as Niall enters, she stills
“What are you doing.” she calls out over the water
“Oh shit! I didn't know you were naked!” and he runs out of the room, luckily the steam was fogging up the glass. She turns off the water and grabs a towel off the railing and heads out to where Niall is watching some lame movie on foxtel.
“What did you think I was doing silly?” she throws a pillow at his head, he looks over at her, her hair is dripping wet and she is just wearing a towel. It makes him uncomfortable
“I just thought you were washing off the sand I didn't think you were having a shower, sorry.”
“It's all good, you can go in now, and don't worry I won't sneak in.” she winks at him, he gets up and brushes past her with a smile playing on his lips

"I wouldn't mind if you did." and quickly heads to the shower. As he strips down and gets into the shower he can't shake how sexy it would be if she were in the shower with him right now, he left it open ended out there but he know she won't join him. He shakes the thought away, he shouldn't be doing this.... Falling for her.

Maddy bites her lip as she shifts off the seat to go get changed before he comes back out, did he really just suggest that or is her head hearing things that it just wants to? Could anything even happen between them two? Don't fuck it up! she tells herself...


Sorry it's been awhile let me know what you think XO

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