Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


4. Farewell Europe

Niall and Liam wake to the smell of bacon
“Morning guys.” Maddy directs them to sit at the counter as she finishes cooking them all breakfast. She hands both of them a big glass of water and orders them to drink. Within minutes all of their plates are scrapped clean as they devour the food in front of them.
“That is the best hang over remedy” Liam says patting his stomach, he is feeling much better now that he has slept and eaten. Niall still has his mouth full but mumbles in agreement.
“So when are you heading back home Maddy?” Maddy looks down at her watch shit! She didn't realise that was the time and looks up ghost white
“Well... I am suppose to be at the airport in an hour.”
“Shit!” they both let out and start scrambling around and then stop
“No wait it's all good, we've got this.” Liam says
“We'll take you back to London.” Niall says
“No I can't let you do that.”
“Well you're going to have to and especially if I'm suppose to be coming with you.” Maddy raises her eyebrows
“Are you seriously coming?”
“Why wouldn't I?”
“Yea Niall you can take the private jet that way..” Niall cuts Liam off.
“I don't want to do that I think that will attract some unwanted attention and besides you guys might need it. I'll just book a first class ticket and we'll get your ticket upgraded too.”
“You don't have to do that.”
“What and have you run off and leave me stranded at the airport.” She shrugs
“Ok you've twisted my arm, I've always wanted to go first class.”
“Done what's your flight information so I can make the changes and get on the plane?” Maddy runs off to her room to get the paperwork. Liam goes back to putting the dishes away he'll head back to London with them.
“So when are we leaving here?” He checks with Niall
“Give us a few hours!” Maddy yells from the room she knew Niall still had to pack his bags after he was finished calling the airline.
“Hi I was wondering if I would be able to book a ticket to Australia... Great and is it possible to also get this ticket number upgraded?.... ok thank you.” It was all organised.

Their plane from Dublin had landed and they now only have a few hours to kill before they boarded their next plane for Australia. Liam decided to hang with them for awhile and as the time was getting closer he bid them farewell.
“It was really lovely to have met you.” Maddy says as he ropes her into one of his bear hugs
“Likewise, can you please keep him safe.” he whispers the last part.
“I promise.”
“And you” he grabs Niall
“If at anytime you know just call.” he looks concerned for him but at least Niall knows Liam will drop everything in a heartbeat to help him if he got into trouble.
“Will do, thanks Liam.” and he waves them off.
“Shall we go find our gate number?” Maddy turns to Niall they are just about to link arms and then quickly stop remembering that anyone could be watching.
“I will just you know....” and she starts walking off in front of him to get their distance so no suspicions happen. They sit awkwardly opposite each other in the lounge area of the terminal, a few fans have noticed who Niall is and come up and get his autograph. Maddy has some fun and pretends to do the same, Niall scribbles on her paper: you have a whole month with me
she reads it when she takes her seat again and looks up at him and smiles, quickly writes something down scrunches it up and tosses it to him: I just wanted to make you feel special, i'm your number one fan. He looks up at her and she is making a love heart with her hands, he just shakes his head and looks down. This girl was starting to have an affect on him, and their road trip hadn't even started...
Boarding had begun and to keep playing it cool Maddy made sure she was well distanced from him in the line and literally acts surprised when she found out he had managed to get them to be sitting next to each other.
“Well, well look who we have here, what movies should we watch together?” she asks him as he gets settled in.
“Flight.” She gets his humour and laughs. As soon as the plane has taken off and they are about half way through the movie Maddy has fallen asleep. Niall looks over at her and takes off her headphones and finds himself beginning to drift off. 



Liam looks down at his phone, 10 missed calls and 1 voice message, god what happened last night? He dials the number to hear the voice message play back.
“Mate it's Harry, guessing you're smashed right now as you're messages aren't making sense but boy do you have to tell me what this girl of Niall's is like, call me when you get this.” Liam smirks to himself knowing all to well that Harry just wanted to know her rating and if he could get any, but what messages was he talking about? He goes through his phone and sees what Harry means and what's this? He opens up his photos most are blurry but wait... there he sends it to Harry
L - we got way too smashed but look what I found! This is Maddy. It was a nice casual photo with her having her arm over Liam's shoulder and his around her waist as they pose for the photo. His phone starts to vibrate
“Is that seriously her?”  he chuckles
“Yes Harry.”
“Where are you, come catch up with us.”
“Just leaving Heathrow.”
“Great meet me at Louis and Zayn's and spill your guts.”
“Alright, see you soon.”

An hour later Liam comes barging through the door of their apartment as if the place is his own. He finds the other three sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for him to tell them everything
“She's great, that's all.”
“Fuck off, she's fucking hot that's what!” Harry pulls out his phone and shows the others the pic, Louis lets out a whistle as Zayn admires what she is wearing
“I want to meet her.” Zayn says surprising them all as they all turn to look at him to make sure they heard him right, Zayn is never the first to say he wants to met someone. Liam throws up his hands
“Alright, alright, give him some space for at least a week and then when he contacts us that's when we tell him we're going.”


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