Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


13. Down the Road

Niall had just come back with the drinks for everyone.
“Where's Maddy?”
“Where do you think?” Zayn says with a little sas
“With Harry.” Liam answers, Niall looks over to him puzzled but Liam gives him the reassuring nod that it's ok.
“Maddy can you please talk to me.” Maddy had agreed to talk to Harry but she kind of didn't want to; though she knew how she felt about Niall, she still had this strange feeling in the pit of her stomach about Harry and didn't want to risk it. She looks up into his bloodshot eyes and softens a bit
“Harry it's ok.” she rests a hand on his chest to steady him from swaying
“No it's not I over stepped the line and I just wanted to say sorry.” She can tell he is sincere about it and hugs him
“Thank you Harry” he holds onto her that little to long that she has to pull out of the hug, she makes her way back to the guys while Harry heads to the bar to get the next round of drinks.
“Man and I thought I was a dick.” Harry says coming back to sit with the others, they all look up to see who he is talking about. As soon as Maddy saw they guy Harry was talking about she realised it was one of her mates John from when they were kids.
“I'll sort him out.” she says to the guys getting up and making her way over to John, she had to admit he was being super annoying than his usual self. Maddy walks over and grabs him by the arm and walks him out of the bar, as soon as they reach the parking lot she slams him into his car. For a girl Maddy was quiet strong when she wanted to be.
“Maddy what the fuck?”
“You're being such a dick in there.”
“Oh Maddy come on, no hello how you going or anything” she turns to head back in
“Just leave John.” He grabs her wrist and pulls her into him
“Don't be so harsh Maddy.” he now has her pinned up against the car with a look of lust in his eyes.
“You know Maddy you really don't want to piss me off.”
“Yea and John you don't want to piss me off either, now let go of me.” she struggles against his grip only to have him tighten it a bit more. She was trying to be tough but knew if someone didn't come soon it wasn't going to end well...
Zayn was wondering where Maddy had gone off to,
“I'm just going to see where Maddy is.” the others just nod as he gets up to go find out where she could be, he searches the whole bar with no luck, he asks a few people and no one seems to know where she has gone. He pushes his luck and heads out to the parking lot he hears some scuffling and instantly gets the feeling that it is Maddy and something is wrong, awfully wrong, he runs back inside to the others. 
“Guys I need your help, it's Maddy.” they all look up at him and see that his expression is serious, they all get up at once and follow him...

John had started kissing Maddy and was getting forceful on her.
“Come on Maddy I know that you have a thing for me.”
“John...” She tries to push him away.
“Get real, I never had a thing for you, you're drunk get off me!” he continues to ignore her as his hand goes up to her skirt and pulls down her underwear. Maddy lets out a gasp, this was not the John she had grown up with
“What are you doing!?”
“What does it look like I'm doing? I'm doing what I should have done ages ago.” He presses into her so she can feel his erection, John lifts up her legs so he can gain access. That's when the boys spot them and rush over, Harry and Louis grab John by the arms and pull him away while Niall takes a swing and punches him in the face. Liam rushes to Maddy's side and wraps her in his arms as she now lets go of the tears that were building up. Zayn now takes over from Niall and punches John in the stomach. Niall sees Maddy and is by her side with Liam.
“Come on we've got to get her out of here.” Liam states. Niall spots her underwear on the ground and bends down and grabs them. He kneels down near her so she can slip her legs back into them. He himself hasn't even seen the intimate parts of her and it makes him so furious that this guy would try and  do that to her!
“Come on love.” he says and goes on the other side of her as they take her away so she doesn't get caught up in this mess.
While Zayn is laying into John, Dan Maddy's cousin comes out and spots the fight
“Oi! You! you little prick!” he grabs Zayn by the collar and starts laying into him. The boys let go of John and try to intervene.
“Dan wait it's Maddy.” He stops and looks over at John
“You're fucked!” He starts to make his way over to John but lucky for him the bar owner comes out and brakes up the fight before it gets ugly.

Liam and Niall had managed to get Maddy back home and were tucking her in just as they were about to leave her for the night she calls out
“Wait, please don't leave me.” Liam looks at Niall and he makes his way over to her
“Hey I'm right here.” he gets under the covers with her and she curls up to him straight away, she is so shaken up from the whole thing that she is literally shaking. At this moment the one person she really wanted to be with her could not be with her at all, she lets her thoughts out into the open air as she chokes back tears
“I want my mum.” Niall stokes her hair and encases her body with his arms
“Where is she? Do you want me to get her?” she hears Liam ask
“You can't” she heaves as fresh tears form for her mother
“She is dead.”
“Oh Maddy I'm so sorry” Liam lets out
“Please just go.” she asks he nods towards Niall as he takes a step back out of the room. Niall continues to stroke her hair and whispers against her ear
“I'll always be here for you.” and he pulls her in closer. He listens to her breathing calm down as she falls asleep in his arms. Niall now had this urgency in him all he wants to do is to protect her and love her no matter what, how could she have such an affect on him. As he is about to drift off Maddy stirs and says something in her sleep.
“I love you Niall.” she then rolls over and starts mumbling incoherent words. Niall feels the spread of happiness go through him as he hears those words but is sad by the fact that he wasn't meant to hear those words yet... he would wait until she was ready to tell him face to face.

A couple of days had passed since the whole John incident and Maddy had recovered pretty well she was back to her bubbly self as if nothing had ever happened. She knew John was drunk and that well the guys gave him a clear message not to do anything like that again.
“So guys one of my best friends has invited us around for a party at her house tonight, are you in?”
“House party, hell yeah!” Harry leaps off his chair, he was such a party goer he wouldn't pass down anything.
As they knocked on Jen's door they could hear the music surging through the house already and when Jen opened the door to greet them they where blown away by the volume. Jen squeals and swoops Maddy up in a massive hug
“Maddy you made it! Oh and I see you brought them, come on in!” she beacons them to come into the house. They make their way through the crowd and get shot all different kinds of looks some people don't even know who they are.
As the night drags on and everyone has had too much to drink Jen yells out
“Time for some twister!!” the party had dwindled down to a small enough group that were all talkative and friendly enough to enjoy this game. Niall wasn't liking the fact that every single guy seemed to try and get friendly with Maddy.
“Come on Maddy! You're good at this.”
“Alright you've twisted my arm.” she puts her drink down and joins the others who are going to play, Harry decides to join in and have some fun and to annoy Niall. Jen spins the arrow
“Ok left hand blue.” everyone places their hand on the spot
“Right foot green...” by the time the fourth move can be called three people have fallen out and it's just Maddy, Harry and another girl. Harry is loving this
“Two ladies aren't I lucky.” he beams and the guys cheer. A few more spins and it's now just Maddy and Harry. Jen has stopped spinning and is just calling out the most awkward combinations so one of them will give in. At one point Maddy's bum is almost in Harry's face. The game is won by Harry as it got to the point where she had to cross over the top of Harry  to get to her spot which caused her to loose her footing and land straight on top of him. They both ending up rolling on the floor in a fit of laughs.
“Again?” He asks her as he pulls her up off the floor
“Only if Jen joins the game!” she outs her friend and drags Zayn in as well hoping they can do some girlfriend bonding, the game gets awkward when her and Harry almost lock lips from one of the moves; as she moves her head and looks up to see Harry looking down at her with a smile playing on his lips, it isn't until  someone falls which causes them to fall and ends up with them head butting.
“Are you alright?” Niall rushes over to her
“Yea I'm good thanks.” she looks up at him and smiles at his concern. 
“Maddy are you drunk enough for this?” Someone from the crowd called, they look towards where the voice came from but have no idea who it was but soon the song changes and Maddy face palms herself when she hears the tune, it was her jam. Christina Aguilera's - Dirrty blasts through the speakers 'somebody ring the alarm a fire in the room.' Maddy gets up from the tangle of her and Harry, grabs someone's beer raises it high and then brings it down to her lips and skulls it.
“I may be a little.” everyone cheers as she starts shaking her hips. The boys all look at her wide eyed again, they had seen a little bit of this when Harry tried too hard to push her and Niall together. 'I need that uh to get me off...' she points over to Harry, walks up and grinds against him as the song hits the chorus.
“That's what you've been wanting right? Me to come onto you? To look you in the eye and kiss you and tell you how I feel.” she whispers suggestively into his ear, while her eyes quickly dart to Niall who looks a bit upset. But she remains looking into his eyes no they aren't the beautiful blue ones she wants to be staring so badly into right now but this alcohol was giving her the confidence to take on Harry and his forwardness.
“Yea but Maddy I'm just playing. I know you love him” He groans as she rubs up against him
“You're right I do love him but Harry between you and me.” she pulls at his shirt and says it so quietly that Harry isn't sure if he heard her right, 'but you just keep creeping in.' she turns away and leaves him, by now Jen has joined in and some other chicks are choosing guys to dance with. Maddy knows who she wants, she takes Niall's hand and he doesn't object and they start bumping and grinding against each other. By now Harry has been pulled away by some other girl and finally Zayn hooks up with a random guy. The music continues to pump through the house into the early morning. Niall and Maddy have not stopped dancing together they were both drunk in each others presence.
“I really want you Maddy." he whispers into her ear, she leans in an kisses his jawline as she says
“So do I, just not here." he lets another groan out as he pulls her closer and kisses her
“Where?”  It isn't until the music stops and everyone gets the point and starts to clear out. Maddy and Niall come out of their trance.  Maddy and some of the guys stay back to help Jen clean up the mess. Liam has passed out on the couch and Louis takes the opportunity to draw on his face and take pictures, he quickly uploads it to instagram and they all laugh. The media know they are in Australia but they still haven't figured out where lucky this town was small enough for no one to find them, but this picture would set them scaling the country again. The boys enjoy toying with them by posting random pics up every few days


Hey lovlies sorry it's been awhile, like for more :)

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