Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


26. Dinner party; bring your claws.

“I can't believe I agreed to this.” Maddy finishes fixing up her dress so it's sitting right, Harry comes up behind her and hugs her.
“It's the first time we've all been finally able to get together with our partners in a long time.” he was right One Direction were hosting one of the grandest dinner parties of the year it was almost on the Gatsby scale. It was also a way for them all to finally tell the world some of the rumoured secrets/truths that had been floating around in the media. The media had been in hot pursuit of Maddy and of course were captivated for the fact that she had a kid and yet still the Harry Styles was interested in her; this one particular woman and it was finally time for them to be real with what was happening between all of them.
“I'm just nervous, everyone else seems to know each other.”
“Ha,” Harry points a finger at her.
“That my love is not true, none of them have met Zayn's partner and plus don't you and Elle get along quiet well?” Harry had a point and it relaxed Maddy some more, they had been the only two to have met Josh and the one time that Maddy did finally met Eleanor they clicked straight away. There was still just one person she was eager and cautious to finally meet...

“Come on Maddy or we'll be late.” she hears Harry call out to her as she snaps out of her thoughts and back to the now. She slips on her heels and heads down the staircase where Harry waits patiently holding out his hand for her to take once she reaches the bottom
“You look stunning, Zayn and Josh are outside waiting.” She smiles at him and peaks his cheek,
“Ready little man.” both of them hold out their hands so Mark can walk inbetween them as they head out to where the limo is waiting they climb into the back where Maddy is engulfed by a massive hug from Zayn.
“Ready for the maddness to begin.” Zayn says blissfully as he pops the champange and pours it into their glasses they raise their glasses.
“Bring it on.” Harry announces and they clink to the toast.

As they pull up to the extravagant mansion that they had hired out for the evening they are greeted by a red carpet and a million flashing cameras going off.
“All together,” Maddy looks at them all and they nod, this was a big deal for all of them. They wait as the driver comes around to open up their door Harry is the first to exit and he extends his hand to Maddy as she tries to gracefully get out, she then helps Mark climb out she holds her hand out to Zayn to take while Harry picks Mark up, who gets a bit frightened by all the people. Zayn then turns his full attention back to the limo door where he holds out both hands for Josh to take and as soon as Josh's foot steps out everyone goes berserk. They burst out laughing as they here the reports begin.... Zayn is gay!!!
Zayn and Josh lead the way as they enter the party. Maddy takes hold of Harry's hand and holds on for dear life, she looks over to Mark and reassures him.
“Hey baby, you're doing so well, mummy is very proud of you.” this gets a bright smile from him as they begin their walk.
“Where's daddy?” Mark asks as they start to get closer to the doors, this of course was going to be the next big news for the night. Harry spots Niall waiting at the doors for his boy. Harry kneels down and sets Mark down and points to Niall
“Someone is waiting for you,” he whispers in Mark's ear as he points to Niall.
“Daddy!!” Mark says so loudly as he runs towards Niall who is now kneeling down with his arms stretched out ready to catch Mark. All heads turn to the outburst and once again the reports begin... The little boy is Niall's son!!!
Harry brushes himself off and takes Maddy's hand again as they reach Niall and Mark. They exchange hugs and kisses before they head on in.

“Oh my god Niall this must be your little boy, I've heard so much about you.” an unfamiliar voice says as she approaches Niall and Mark, she plants a kiss on Niall as she pinches Mark's cheek, Maddy smiles this must be Bianka, she continues to fuss over Mark some more before she finally acknowledges Maddy and Harry standing there,
“Er, sorry guys this is Bianka, Bianka, this is Maddy and Harry.” Bianka looks Maddy up and down with a look that leaves Maddy feeling uncomfortable.
“Maddy yay you're hear.” another voice calls out which thankfully ends the awkward meeting with Bianka. Maddy smiles over to Niall who seemed to be ok looking after Mark for now.
“Duty calls.” Harry whispers in her ear as he leaves her to be with Elle and he makes his way over to other guests greeting them and thanking them for coming.  As the night wares on the music starts to pick up as people were making their way to the dance floor, Maddy and Elle were still deep in conversation until she started to hear the music change it's tone, she soon found themselves out on the dance floor letting loose. Zayn whisks her away for a few songs where they act stupid and Josh joins in with them. The music changes yet again and everyone lets out a cheer as the DJ had started playing a mash up of all Michael Jackson songs. Harry soon came out to the floor and joined in the fun. Him and Maddy found their bodies moving to the groove with each other, some people admired the chemistry they had together as they laughed and showed the world how much they adored each other, yet some people were not convinced. Bianka stood their sipping her cocktail watching the two of them it almost made her sick, she knew Maddy was now with Harry but she just had this niggling feeling in the back of her mind that wouldn't let go that Maddy could end up with Niall again. Though neither Niall or Maddy had given that vibe for Bianka to feel like that. Maddy leaves the dance floor briefly to go check up on Mark who was now asleep in another room away from the noise of the party, as she tipped toed up the stairs and creped into the room she sat on the edge of the bed watching her son rest peacefully, Maddy looks up to the ceiling and thought of her mum and how she would of done the same thing when Maddy was a child. 'Love you my precious son.' She whispers as she leans down and kisses the top of his head and slowly gets up making sure she doesn't make a sound. As Maddy clicks the door shut and turns around to head back down the party she comes face to face with Bianka. Bianka had finally had enough cocktails in her system to give her the confidence to confront Maddy about Niall as she watched and followed Maddy upstairs.
“What are you doing up here?” Maddy whispers to her as she moves past her to head away from Mark's door.
“I came to talk to you.” Bianka says reaching out to grab Maddy's wrist, Maddy quickly pulls away from her not allowing her to take a hold. They share a cold look until Maddy softens a bit to hear Bianka out.
“Ok just not here.” she gestures with her head towards Mark's door and both head back up the stairs to find a quiet balcony where they can talk in private.
“Do you love him?” the question took Maddy completely off guard as she had to think who Bianka was referring to.
“Niall?” Bianka gives her the look.
“Of course I love him, he's the father of our child, but I don't love him the way I use too, I love him as families love each other.. Bianka you don't have to worry about me. I'm over the moon for Niall to be with someone and I can tell you he feels the same way too, can we just be friends?” Bianka is hesitant for awhile before she answers
“I don't know if its jealousy or what but I'm not convinced I know you're with Harry but what if... I just don't want to get thrown to the curb if you two feel like you owe it to each other.”
“Bianka you have no fears there, me and Ni had had our what ifs a dozen times and we finally let each other go on the last one, yes we'll always be in the picture but we're not like that anymore I don't know how I can make you believe me?”
“When Harry takes you off the market.” Bianka gushes and covers her mouth when she realises what she just says however Maddy just smiles at the thought and both end up laughing about the comment.
“You and me both want that.” Maddy admits and Bianka's walls finally come down and she goes into girl talk
“How sweet, do you think he will?”
“I'm not too sure we haven't really talked about it much but everything just feels right when I'm with him.” Maddy smiles as she thinks of Harry and then realises how long they have been away
“We better get back to the party.” her and Bianka now on much better terms link arms and head back down the stairs to where everyone should be.


Maddy is having a good time back out on the dance floor watching the night pass by in a blur, someone comes up behind her and whispers suggestively to her
“I'm rich and famous why don't you sleep with me next?” this sends a shiver down Maddy's spine but whoever this was, was in for a nasty shock as Maddy swivels around and lets her palm connect with his face with a loud slap her eyes widen as she registers she just bitch slapped Justin but she retains her composure as she glares at him and he backs down as people have now stopped to take in what just happened, Maddy stands there for a minute making sure he has moved far away from her.
“I need air.” is all Maddy could say once she realises who she has just slapped, the crowd parts as they watch her quickly leave the dance floor. Zayn saw the whole scene and looks around trying to find Harry but has no luck he excuses himself away from Josh and goes after Maddy himself, he sends some dagger eyes towards Justin and nudges his shoulder into him as he passes by.
“Dick move.” he says loud enough so people around them knew this was not acceptable.


Maddy's head was spinning, was it always going to be like this? No she said to herself she couldn't think like this. Her and Harry were finally together and nothing was going to get between them, as she finds a door leading out into the open air her thoughts stop as she stills listening to the kafuffle happening not far away from her, if she hurried enough maybe she could stop it. The guys didn't need rumours about unease in the group.


Harry had gone outside for a breather, he was just as nervous as Maddy was about tonight as he lights his cigarette to take his mind off ease as he slowly exhales the toxins, the crisp air lingers around him as he soaks in the silence of the night, it is however broken when he hears footsteps coming his way, Harry leans against the railing not bothering to look up to see who has come by.
“How did I know I would find you out here?” Niall comes to his side and sips his whiskey that he is drinking, Harry out of politeness offers him a cigarette which Niall kindly declines.
“Does Maddy know you're still smoking?”
“No, I only do it when I'm nervous. But go right ahead and run off an tell her.” Harry wasn't in the mood for Niall to be picking him apart.
“Errr I wasn't going to do that, I just want to make sure you are being honest with her.”
“And Ni when have I not been honest to her?” he stubs out his cigarette and turns to face Niall
“Just because you guys have a kid together doesn't mean you get a say as to who she dates.” Niall tries to laugh it off
“Well then what do you have to be so nervous about then, you finally got everything you wanted.”
 Niall didn't care if the message came across wrong he just wanted what was right for Maddy.
“Is that how you really see it, that I finally got the girl that you couldn't keep for yourself? I thought we had passed all this bullshit.”
“Yea we had,” Niall looks down into his drink and quickly finishes it.
“But what Ni, what's bothering you this time? You can't just take her back now she loves me, I love her, we're moving forward.”
“I know that! I just, I still care about her, I don't want to see her get hurt again.” Harry chuckles to himself
“Do you think I'm going to do what you did to her and break her heart because I can't handle dealing with a family and fame.?!” Harry had finally said it and now it was Niall's turn  he takes Harry by surprise causing him to drop his glass as Niall grabs him by the collar and pushes him up against the wall as the glass smashes.
“Because that is where we are different mate! All this fame doesn't mean anything if I don't have her by my side.” Harry gets his arms free and pushes Niall back off him allowing Niall to cool down, it had hurt what Harry had said but it was true and that's what Niall hated about it.
“You're right,” he finally admits it to himself and Harry
“I wasn't ready for all that responsibility back then and got freaked out and lost an amazing woman, a lot has changed and with everything that has happened we just wouldn't work out, just don't screw things up like I did.”
“Look I want us to be good and well....” instead of trying to explain everything to Niall; Harry reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a small box.
“I really do lover her mate, and you of all people should know I would do anything for her.” Niall had cooled down and was now silent; yes him and Maddy had moved on and they were both happy he looks back at Harry and embraces him.
“She is going to flip!”  Harry relaxes it mattered to him what Niall thought to an extent and to see him genuinely happy it meant good things for everyone. Niall was happy at the thought that this was a sure sign to him that all doors for him and Maddy were definitely closed which allowed room for other pursuits of love.
“Guys?” both of them quickly pull apart when they hear her voice
“I'm going to head back in now.” Niall quickly leaves the two of them. Harry smiles could he of made it anymore awkward.
“What's going on?” Maddy gives him a confused look as Harry goes in to embrace her,
“Nothing it's all good.”
“Good can I please have a cigarette.” Maddy's abruptness takes Harry off guard something was wrong. He pulls back and looks at her puzzled how did she know?
“You reek of smoke.” as if answering his question she waves her hand in the air as if to say we'll talk about that one another time Harry pulls the packet out and is about to hand it to her but pulls it away when she reaches for it.
“You know smoking is a bad habit.” Maddy shrugs it off and goes to reach for it again
“Then why do you get to smoke?”
“Because I'm a bad person.” a smirk plays on Harry's face as Maddy rolls her eyes at him until she gets an idea herself
“No,” instead of reaching for the box she grabs his tie and pulls him into a swift kiss
“You're addictive.” she didn't need a cigarette to put her mind at ease of what just happened she needed to be in the arms of Harry and instinctively he reads the need and pulls her closer and deepens the kiss, she rests her head on his chest as they now hold each other she was enjoying hearing the rhythm of his heart beat, Harry breaks the silence.
“What happened babe?”
“I, I slapped Justin and I came looking for you and when I heard glass breaking I started to freak out thinking you were in trouble.” Harry holds her more and chuckles
“You slapped Justin, good on you.”
“That doesn't make me feel any better.”
“Well if he tried to make a move on you he deserves it,” he laughs some more at the thought of Justin getting bitch slapped by Maddy, Maddy gives him a light shove to stop laughing but her mood lightens up a bit more too.
“So what was up with you and Niall.” this make him stop laughing and get uneasy again
“Cat got your tongue? Oh god please don't tell me you guys did fight?”
“Harry!! I thought everyone was over it.”
“Hold on I didn't get to the good part.” Maddy isn't impressed with his shifty answers and starts to get impatient
“And what might that be??” she huffs
“Oh I don't know if I should tell you now.”
“Fine.” she wasn't letting Harry win this one she turns on her heal to head back inside
“Maddy!” Harry calls out
“Har-” she turns back around and has the words taken out of her mouth when she sees him kneeling down with a small box in his hand. Before he could even get out the question Maddy answers him
“Yes, yes, yes” she picks up her pace and rushes towards him not slowing down she barrels into him, lucky the box was closed because Harry fumbles over and they collapse on the ground in their embrace.
“Will you marry me?” he finally says to her as they stare at each other lying now on the ground Maddy nods her head like a giddy school girl, they quickly scramble back up off the ground allowing Harry to finally open the box and produce the most elegant ring that suited Maddy to a T, he places it on her finger then swoops her up and twirls her around.
“Have I told you how much I love you?”




Finally I have updated sorry it has taken so long, let me know what you think xx.

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