Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


21. Backstage Passes

“Mike come quick!!!” panic surges through her voice as Mick rushes to the bathroom and finds Maddy surrounded by a puddle of water
“Shit, fuck, I'll go get the bags!!” he runs off to her room and grabs the bags they had prepared for when this happened. Mike gets the car ready and then helps Maddy down the stairs, she grabs hold of the banister as a surge of pain sweeps through her body,
“Oh my god, this is annoying.” she tries to make light of the situation, Mike just smiles and gets her in the car and they race off to the hospital. Maddy had been admitted into the hospital and her labour pains were increasing, she grabs Mike's hand and squeezes really hard as the pain intensifies and leaves her feeling nauseous.
“Don't leave me.” she pants as she lets go of Mike and he heads to the door,
“I won't be long, I'm just outside these doors.” he gets out his phone and sends the message

Mike - she's gone into labour, get your ass here now!
Curly -Coming won't be long!

Mike walks back in all calm and quickly heads back to her side and another contraction comes...
“Not long now, just try and refrain from pushing we just need you a little more wider.”
“I just want it out of me.” she breathes heavily
“That bad huh?' a British accent rings in her ears as Harry enters the room and comes to her side
“Wha- ahhhhh” he takes her hand and lets her squeeze the life out of it
“I couldn't let you do this alone, it's ok now i'm here.” he whispers in her ear as he wipes her forehead and plants a kiss on it.
“Ok you can push now,” a nurse says from down the other end of the bed and with all her might Maddy gives a push
“Come on almost there love.” Harry encourages as she struggles to push more
“One more” the nurse says and she does and the erruption of crying fills the room
“It's a boy! Did you want the cut the umbinical cord?' she asks looking at Harry thinking he is the father of the child, he is honored and grossed out at the same time, before he can say anything..
“I will.” Mike comes over and cuts the cord. Maddy rests her head back down on the bed and lets the nurses clean up, they head on out with her baby and a few minutes later bring him back wrapped in a cotton blanket. She rests the baby on her chest as she now soaks in her surroundings and can finally say something.
“What are you doing here?” she asks Harry as he sits beside her in a chair and plays with her hand.
“Long story, but I can't stay for long, could only make it for a couple of days.”
“How did you know?” Harry looks over to Mike
“Thank Mr Wonder over there,” her baby boy stirs on her chest and Maddy's attention goes back to the bundle of joy that she is now holding in her arms
“He's gorgeous,” she hears Mike state as he comes over to take a better look at the little boy.
“Can I?” he takes a step closer asking if he can hold him, Maddy nodds as the exhaustion finally seeps in
“But don't think that you're not going to get away with this uncle Mike and you.” she turns her head to Harry and smiles and mouths something that only he will understand he just smiles at her and squeezes her hand
“Better let you get some rest love.”
“That indeed,” Mike places the baby back in the crib and calls for a nurse and exits the room, Harry lingers a little while but he can't help himself and goes over to Maddy as she looks up at him half dazed and he plants a gentle kiss on her lips,
“I'll see you backstage.”
“Har..” she doesn't get to finish her sentence as she finally drifts off to sleep.

The six months had passed quickly for Maddy and it was now finally time to see the guys with the ticket Niall had managed to get Maddy, the ticket had included an exclusive backstage pass for a meet and greet with the guys which she knew that there would be other winners included in this pass. Both Niall and Maddy hadn't seen each other for over a year now. Niall couldn't wait for the show to be over  so he could see her. Once they had wrapped up their encore he darted off stage. There was going to be other winners but she had told him that she was free the whole night and could catch up with the boys after too. As they band rounded the corner ready to greet their lucky fans, they all made eye contact with Maddy and their eyes gleamed. Niall had to control himself, they all had to pretend she was just another fan. As they got through the hand shaking and introducing, the fans were able to sit down and talk with them for strictly 10 minutes. Maddy made use of this time to say hi to the others blending in well and speaking in code
“Louis how is your girlfriend going?”
“And Harry are you still..”
“You know it love.” he patted her leg
“And Zayn you staying out of fights?” they all snickered at this but one of the other girls joins in
“What fight did you get in?”
“Long story love.” Liam is now in the conversation
“How about you lovely ladies all tell us something about you?” the girls all giggle at this and start they talk about how much they love the bad and how they want to sing as well. It's now Maddy's turn and she plays along with it. Harry's hand is still on her leg and he rubs in gently.
“Well...” she blushes
“I have a major crush on you Niall and I just can't believe we're in the same room together.” she fans herself and sees the boys all smiling at the joke, Niall goes pink
“And well other than dreaming about you I work and live my life like a normal person should.”
“Oh my god, Niall do you fancy her too?” A girl has noticed him blushing, he doesn't say a thing he just looks up at the girl and laughs it off
“I think Zayn may fancy you.” she was sitting on his lap and they always outed Zayn as people thought he was the playboy little did they know the truth. This distracts the girl from her question and she blushes and turns to Zayn. Everyone starts laughing at that moment until the ushers came back to tell them all it was time for the fans to leave. They all do another round of now hugs as they say goodbye to the guys. Niall slips Maddy a piece of paper with the details of where they will be.
It isn't long until she is outside the bar he mentioned she walks in looking for them not sure if she got it right until someone quickly grabs her and pushes her into a dark corner. Niall pushes against her and kisses her like his life depended on it. Maddy's head is a blur, who is this asshole? Until she looks up and sees that it is him. She pulls him in closer and kisses him back with the same force
“Hey stranger” she says to him as they pull apart from their make out session, a smile spreads across his face.
“Hey beautiful.” His hands wander down and rest on her hips, he couldn't believe he was finally touching her.
“Come on the boys are this way.” he takes her hand and they make their way through the crowd to the booth that the guys are in.
“Maddy!!” they all bellow when they see her, she is swooped up into a massive bear hug by Louis and then gets pulled into hugs and kisses with the rest of them. Harry slaps her ass as she shimmy's in next to him and Niall she shoots him a look
“Oh thanks Haz make me feel welcome” he laughs
“No worries” she was back being in their inner circle which of coarse came with all the stupid things that they would joke and do to each other. She plays along with Harry's attention but just not the way he would like, she grabs his cheek and pinches it
“Missed you too baby face.” she says genuinely
“And how are you gorgeous.” she looks over at Zayn, he blushes
“It's not very fair they play those mean games on you with the fans... but seriously I have to ask you all, I never got to ask you guys this last time so here goes, do you tap some of that?” they all laugh and then realise she really wants to know Zayn is the one to set it straight.
“why so interested all of a sudden Maddy?” he cocks his head
“Do you want to know if your boys have been behaving?” he nudges Harry and he just glares at him.
“Well I've always been curious and it's been forever, I'm entitled to ask what my best friends get up to on tour.”
“Then yes.” Liam socks him in the arm
“Oh shit!” she laughs
“We can't lie to Maddy” Zayn says in defence
“Sorry Maddy just don't want you to think you know...”
“You're whores?”
“It's all good, gotta get some when you need it, I can't imagine it!”
“Sure you can.” Harry's eyebrows shoot up and he pushes her more into Niall
“You two are probably just dying over here.” Sometimes she didn't understand Harry's behaviour, she would have thought he would be fighting for some attention but he wasn't so Maddy goes with it.
“Yea you're right, Niall want to go?”  they all let out ooohs and aaahh's as they wait for his answer
“Errrmm yerr let's go.” she's embarrassed him by putting him on the spot but he hasn't stopped thinking about what they could be doing other than being here. They shimmy out of the booth and leave the bar.
“Harry” Louis eyes him suspiciously what was his plan.
“What if she was here any longer I would of tried something on her.” they all nod that was a good enough reason.
“so should we go 'get some'?” he jokes to the others and they all just shake their heads at his poor joke
“No but you can dance with me.” Zayn says getting out of the booth and grabbing Harry's hand and  taking him to the floor to distract him from Maddy and to maybe get an answer to the secret he still doesn't know.
“Still not going to tell you.” Harry says as they dance around the floor
“Fuck you,” he huffs
“You'll find out by the morning if Maddy is still in his room.” he winks
“come on, no thinking about her.”
“Maybe if I drink enough Zayn I'll end up in you're bed.” Zayn stops and death glares him he was lashing out all of a sudden so Zayn gives it back
“Stop being a little bitch and taking your shit out on me, besides once you turn there is no going back.” he winks and slinks away from Harry but Harry quickly grabs his wrist and pulls him in close.
“You're right dick move there and I'm sorry, I'm gonna call it a night, so go get some for me.” and with that he leaves the dance floor but not before he gives Zayn's ass a slap.


Niall has gone all shy on her as they enter his hotel room
“Did you erm what anything to drink.” Maddy notices the shift in his attitude and walks over to him and leads him to sit on the bed. She needs to tell him
“Niall I need to tell you something first.” he frowns as she gets nervous, he is expecting the worse, maybe she doesn't want to do this anymore.
“What is it.” his voice almost breaks as the walls start to close in around them.
“Hey just breathe.” Maddy knows about his fears and hopes he doesn't pass out from this.
“It's not another guy.... well sort of.” A smirk leaves her lips
“Another guy.” he gasps as he pulls at the collar of his shirt that feels like it is choking him
“Yes, ours...” the weights been lifted off her chest but she sees Niall's face going red as he is fearing another guy being she is in love with someone else.
“Hey hey look at me babe. Breathe” she holds his hands and talks calmly to him until his head clears for him to process it properly
“Ours?” he says when he is able to speak, she beams at him and starts to explain.
“Please don't freak out but... shit how do I say this.” it was now her turn be feel suffocated
“Ok so you know when we ah um when I came to London for x factor..” he nods waiting for her to spill
“Well I didn't find out until I had told you guys to forget about me, but that wasn't so easy because I found out I  was pregnant and well I had a baby, our baby. Don't get me wrong here I really wanted to tell you but I thought you know with everything going on with. not being able to physically see you I didn't want you to have to stress about this and I didn't want the media to find out because I just couldn't bear knowing that I ruined something good for you...” he stops her with a kiss how could she be so selfless about this? How long had she been with this news and he wasn't there the help her.
“I'm sorry.” he whispers to her
“What, you're not mad?”
“No, a little shocked and sad that you didn't include me but I'm not mad.”
“Do you understand why I didn't tell you...”
“Yer I do and thank you, but Maddy next time tell me something as serious as this, we're in this together.”
“How can you be so understanding?” she is so baffled by his calmness it was confusing her, he didn't even ask all the is it really mine questions.
“Because I love you.” he said and he pulls her into his lap and starts trailing kisses down her neck, her hands run up through his hair she had been dying to feel him and now she finally was and it was sending her body into a crazy fit of butterflies.
“Niall.” she lets his name escape her lips as they continue to torture each other being so intimate. Their bodies had been longing for each other and knew all the right ways for them to feel everything. As they lay side by side and Niall runs his hand down her bare back as she rolled into his chest, it was now early morning and he didn't want this to end. At that moment Harry comes barging into the room
“Ni.. oh shit, s-sorry guys.” Maddy quickly rummages around and throws on Nialls shirt as harry covers his eyes with his hands but quickly peaks through and something catches his eye.
“No way.” Niall and Maddy still
“What?!” they both look at him a bit agitated considering he interrupted them.
“Maddy you got some ink.” he walks over to her and lifts up her shirt and there it is a beautiful butterfly sitting on a four leaf clover and the letter M in the clover sitting just above her hip bone. Harry studies it more he really wanted to be kissing that hip line but couldn't he plays the game.
“Who is the M for?” Maddy looks from him and sees his gleam and then to Niall, she at least has to tell him the name of their son as all he knew was that her and bub were fine.
“Oh come on Maddy all tattoos mean something, and it's not you because why would you get a clover, wait why isn't it N?” he looks confused at Niall and goes white
“Did you guys breakup.” he whispers as shock starts to set in. Maddy cringes his face looks like Niall's was last night.
“no no no.” she chuckles
“His name is Mark, and no Niall has nothing to worry about, this dude is not even year old.”
“Wha-” he looks at Niall and he nods and a smile spreads across Harry's face.
“You dirty prick!”
“Whose a dirty prick?” Liam and the others walk into the room hearing the commotion. Niall thinks to himself what the hell and decides it might as well be now.
“I'm a dad.” Louis walks over to Maddy and picks her up and swings her around
“This is so awesome!” Maddy lets out a little squeal as all the boys start to gush over her and ask her all about it
"What's his name?"
"Do you have pics?"
"Naww cute, how old."
“Haha Ni he has your and Mads your...”
and then Zayn being his usual self says it
"But why didn't you tell us?”
“Because... you're famous and well I didn't want to be branded something that i'm not and I didn't want it to get in the way of all you guys you know like a pitty vote sort of thing. I didn't want Niall to feel like he HAD to do it.”
“Yar ok so can we meet him?” a massive smile lights up Maddy's face they really truly cared and wanted to see Mark.


WOAH!!! Sorry it's been awhile hope you enjoyed :D

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