Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


10. And a Dash of Fame

As the sun continues to scorch down on the road causing it to sizzle Liam brakes the silence
“There!” he yells scaring the shit out of Maddy. They had been looking for a  petrol station for ages as everyone wasn't coping well with the heat and they really needed fuel for the cars as this would probably be the first one in a long while. Maddy slows down and enters the station, they all get out of the cars and stretch out their bodies, Zayn wipes his forehead from the sweat
“Are you good to drive again?” Maddy throws the keys over to Liam as him, Harry and Zayn head inside to get some water and snacks. Maddy and Niall stay outside and fill up the cars.
“I've got the best idea.” Harry says to the others when they get inside the little shop making sure Maddy and Niall won't hear him.
“And what's that smart ass?” Zayn says
“I'm going to see if these two lovebirds are serious.” he rubs his hands together, he could be a conniving son of a bitch when he wanted to.
“And how are you going to do that?” Zayn says now intrigued, he liked seeing things become unstuck.
“Well; there is me, and we'll see if they will take the bait and share a room together alone.”
“One problem there idiot, haven't they been sharing all this time before any of us got here? And you're full of yourself, if she is into Ni she won't go for you.” Liam points out and rolls his eyes at Harry's idea but wanted to see Harry make a fool of himself.
“Alright.” both Liam and Zayn say. What Harry didn't know was the conversation Liam and Maddy had while they were driving together, he smiled to himself he had a different motive to get them to share a room: to make them come to their senses about each other...
When Niall goes in to pay for the fuel, the guy at the counter doesn't say much, he looks at him as if nothing phases him until a girl comes out of the back office.
“You're from One Direction.” she looks around and peers at the others all shy, Maddy walks in at the right time
“Hi lovely what's your name?”
“Sarah.” she says shifting her feet
“Did you want to meet my friends?” she looks up at Maddy with her eyes beaming, Maddy has made this little girls dream come true.
“Would you really?” Maddy takes out her hand so Sarah can take it
“Come on, so you've already met Niall.” he waves at Sarah as he finishes paying and takes her other hand and all three walk out to the cars
“Guys this is Sarah.” Niall gestures them to come over and they all do rushing over to her and greeting her with hi fives and big smiles, Zayn pulls out one of his caps and gives it to her.
“Would you mind waiting a second?” Sarah asks the group.
“Sure.” and she rushes back in and comes out with a poster for them to sign she is so sweet  and thanks all of them, they all form a big group hug with her.
“My friends won't ever believe this.”
“Here.” Liam  pulls out his phone and quickly snaps a photo and instagrams it.
“They will now.” she squeals and gives them another hug. They wave goodbye as they pull out Liam and Maddy continue to stay together until they reach a motel.
“Should I hold on for dear life this time?” Maddy jokes, he leans over and shoves her pretending to swerve a bit.
“Why did you give me the keys then.” she laughs and waves him on
“Why did you load that picture up?” She is curious to know what runs through a famous pop stars head. 
“With all of us being here soon I don't think it will matter and we're out in the middle of no where I don't think they will be able to pick up on that and of course if I can help make a little girls day I've done my job.”
“Oh Liam you're so sweet.” Maddy gushes and laughs, he points his finger at her
“Hey, save that for Niall.” That shuts her up
“Ok you got me”
“How much longer?” he asks
“We'll pull over for the night so we can get up early to pick up Louis and to make it to Penfold in one day.”
“And then rest?”
“I promise, but sorry to tell you that there won't be any 5 star hotels out here”
“It's alright, we can't be picky.”
They drive for a few more hours they had luckily made it through the plains in one piece. They managed to pull over to the side of the road as they watched a mob of emus go by, the boys were ecstatic that they got to see something like that. Niall accidently hit a bird and after that made Harry drive. It was just after dusk when they pulled up to a motel. Harry went on ahead and booked two rooms making sure that Niall and Maddy's room only had one bed. Liam had spoken too soon as when they unlocked the doors to their rooms and peaked inside they stood there frozen. It was a small room that was crammed with two beds and the  colour scheme looked like it had come out of a terrible 80's movie.
“Is this even safe?” Zayn asks as they all turn to each other mortified.
“We will just ah um...” Maddy scratches her head
“Sleep on top of the covers and we can” she dashes out to her car and brings back some small sleeping bags she ventures into their room and unzips the bag and places over the top of the bed.
“Done.” the others follow suit say goodnight and close their room door, leaving Maddy and Niall staring at their bed. They awkwardly clamper onto the bed together and try not to get in each others space, they were use to sharing the same bed but usually the other person was fast asleep by the time the other one came in.
“Erm goodnight Maddy.” Niall whispers into the air, Maddy closes her eyes and lets out a sigh she  brushes her hand down by the side of him but quickly moves it away and with that they eventually manage to drift off.
Once again Maddy wakes up finding herslef pushed to the edge of the bed again while Niall is spread out like a starfish, this guy could sleep anywhere. She accidently startles him which causes him to  roll of the bed with a loud thud.
“Shit are you alright!” Maddy calls out scrambling to his side of the bed and peaks over at him, Niall rolls over on his back, and lets out a groan.
“Why did you do that?”
“Me, I didn't do anything.” she throws a pillow down at him and gets off the bed, and steps over him into the small cubical of a bathroom and starts up the shower. It feels like forever until the hot water kicks in, by that time Nail has fully woken up and is raiding the complimentary biscuits. Maddy hears him call out something before she steps into the shower
“We're going to have to do a Maccas run.” and with that the water drowns out the rest of the world...
“What was that loud thud earlier?” Zayn has gotten on board the Maddy and Niall train and embarrasses them when they come out of their room.
“I fell off the bed.” Niall says not fully catching the drift  to what he is implying. Maddy sees Harry chuckling to himself leaning against the car she makes her way over to him
“I know what you are doing.”
“And what is that love?” Maddy knows how to make guys feel uncomfortable so she takes a leaf from his book and leans in nice and close to him so her lips are brushing up against his ear
“To get me and Niall to fuck.” she says it so sultry that it works, she didn't like talking dirty but she felt like she needed to say that to him. It worked as soon as her lips spoke those words  Harry got all hot under the collar and she left him feeling uncomfortable because she had turned him on.  She knew it worked as he shifted but he taunts her by piercing her with those vibrant green eyes
“I want you.” he says under his breath as she is distracted by the others staring at them wide eyed.
“Damn Maddy” Liam hi fives her
“wha.. where did you find her again? Why was I not filming that!?” Zayn asks Niall. Niall shakes his head and looks away, she confuses him why did she act that way towards Harry and not him? Maddy walks over to him
“Are you alright?” she places a hand on his shoulder but he shimmys out of it a bit pissed off with her actions.
“Yea, why wouldn't I be?” Maddy knows she had upset him so goes about fixing the situation
“Good” she  says ignoring his mood and takes his hand
“Liam my dear would you mind chauffeuring us?” Liam does a bow towards her and opens the back door of the car up for them to get in. 
“Care to join me?” she looks up into those beautiful blue eyes pleading with them for him to say yes. Niall looks down into her brown puppy eyes and his heart melts he nods and they climb on into the back seat. Leaving Harry and Zayn to drive themselves.
“Niall?” he hums to her call
“I really hope you like Penfold..” She lets out a yawn as she rests her head on his shoulder. Niall pushes the hair from her forehead away and kisses her and takes her hand in his.
“I'm sure I'll love it, besides I'll be sharing it with you.”
“You're so sweet.” she says now half asleep as she nestles more into his body.
“Louis here we come.” Liam says as they count down the minutes to picking up Louis. He quickly glances in the rear view mirror and finds Maddy still fast asleep on Niall, Niall catches him glancing and he send him a wink.

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