Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


9. Add Some More to the Mix

Day one had been done, they only had another two days to go, tomorrow they would be meeting up with Zayn and Liam. 
“Rise and shine princesses, you ready for day two?” Niall groans as he rolls over...
“You can drive....” Maddy jingles the keys and with that he shoots out of bed
“Yea, wait you can drive?” he throws a pillow at her and misses as it hits Harry instead and he joins in the banter
“You might want to be careful letting him drive” he chuckles
“He might write off your car.”
“No Harry that was you, I don't just get chauffeured around all the time ” Niall gets defensive and Maddy laughs as his attitude change.
“We're just playing with you.” she blows him a kiss and throws him the keys as they get in the car ready to catch the others. It takes Niall a little practice before he gets comfortable with driving her car.
“Ok DJ play some music.” He says to her as they drive
“Well we can't go past this one for a road trip...” and Flat Rascals - Life is a Highway starts playing. Niall nods his head in agreement and out of no where Harry starts singing the song word for word perfectly the others take their queue and join in when the chorus starts up: Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long, If you're going my way, I wanna drive it all night long.
It didn't seem like long when they pulled up at the agreed spot to meet the other two.
“We didn't get lost!” Zayn beams at them as they all get out of the cars and exchange greetings.
“Long time no see.” Maddy skips over to Liam as he swoops her up into a hug and twirls her around Harry nudges Niall as a joke to see if he will pull Liam up for being too friendly
“Maddy this is Zayn.” Maddy goes in to hug Zayn
“Gosh you smell so good, and that sounds creepy” she smacks her head while Zayn laughs at her
“I'll take that as a complement love, so whose going with who?” After they do some quick car swapping Liam and Maddy end up travelling together while the other three take the other car.
“It's nice getting away from them.” Liam chuckles as he clicks his seat beat and they pull out of the parking
“Yea those two were a handful, good luck Zayn.”
“To Adelaide.”
“To Adelaide!” Maddy joins in and they are off again. This was going to be the hardest leg of the drive as they had to drive across a big open plain where the horizon stretches on forever and the towns were so far apart. It's hotter than usual out here the summer heat is much hotter and being so inland and all. It's dry and dusty as they continue the tortuous drive through the plains but long drives always mean good chats...
“So how did you go with Harry, he was dying to meet you after I showed him a pic of you.”
“You what?” Liam laughs at the pitch of her voice,
“Yeah I was drunk texting him that night we went out on the town and then I stumbled across photos we took the next morning and sent one to Harry to shut him up.”
“I am guessing that one back fired.”
“What has he tried a move on you?”
“Sort of, he's definitely a ladies man.”
“What about you and Niall?”
“We're good, I found out some stuff” She glances at Liam as he entertains her curiosity
“Ok so I'm not asking you to tell me anything but the other night something really scared the shit out of Niall and then when we picked Harry up from the airport boy did he smell so bad of alcohol... and then I caught them talking about something that had happened with them and  so I've managed to put two and two together and figure out that what ever happened to Niall also happened to Harry, but I just don't know what...” Liam has gone awfully quiet once Maddy had finished her little detective talk to him until he lets out a big sigh
“Maddy love, just don't push him too hard it's a touchy subject and it's sort of why we've all come so he doesn't freak out.”
“What do you mean freak out?”
“Look you can not let on that you know any of this.... “ Maddy nods and zips her lips as he continues, “so something happened I'm leaving that up to Ni to tell you that but ever since then he hasn't felt safe and when he panics he starts to hyperventilate and he struggles to breathe, it happens more when he feels confined to one spot.” Maddy reaches over and takes Liam's hand
“Thank you for sharing that, I wouldn't in the world push him to tell me believe me I know how it feels when it comes to opening up old wounds, can I tell you something else?”
“Yea...” she blushes
“I'm starting to fall for him Liam and I'm really scared of what that means” Liam chuckles at her shyness
“I don't think you will have a problem with that, just watch out for Haz he likes to push the boundaries” Maddy shakes her head and recalls  that he did already try and make a pass at her. Liam looks over at her at that instant and realises he has already tried
“No don't do it, don't let him charm your pants off”
“He's just done a little flirting so far” he just shakes his head and before he can focus back on the road
“BRAKE!!!” Maddy yells beside him and he slams on the brakes as he now sees the kangaroo jumping across onto the road he goes to swerve out of the way but Maddy takes the wheel and keeps it straight
“Keep it straight, less damage if we hit it.” they come to a screeching halt that they are whipped forward luckily they had their seatbelts on and only suffer a little whip lash. The kangaroo gets startled and stumbles before it gets back up and hops off into the grass on the other side of the road.
“I see what you mean, it could of gone either way.” they stay still on the road when the others pull up behind them and race out of their car. Liam and Maddy get out of the car a bit shaken from what just happened. Maddy finds herself being engulfed by Niall's arms
“Are you alright? We saw the skid marks and you're car stopping” Maddy just soaks in his smell as she holds onto him tightly right now she just wanted to hold onto him and not let him go.
“Just a kangaroo.” Liam says his voice giving away how scared he is. Niall and Maddy pull away from their embrace and he plants a kiss on her forehead and whispers in her ear so the others can't hear
“I was so scared just then, I can't loose you Maddy you mean too much to me.”
“Are you guys going to be ok?” harry looks directly at Maddy and she can see how much he wants to reach out and hold her himself.
“Yea we'll be fine.” she walks over to where Liam is and pats him on the back as he is bent over trying to calm his nerves
“Want me to drive?” he nods, they all embrace and get back into their cars. They are soon over the ordeal and it's smooth driving
“Here,” she tosses Liam her iPod and he scrolls through and picks out songs as they travel along happily sitting in the peaceful silence.

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