Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


2. A Night Out on the Town

Maddy had pulled up at the apartment, Niall had messaged her early to make sure she wasn't lost, which she was but she was thankfully only an hour late from their agreed time. He was very specific to what and where she was to go just encase there were people watching. She was to go the shop underneath and go through to the back where she would be able to get to his apartment. As soon as she opened the shops back door there he was waiting for her.
“God I was a little worried” he pulls her into a hug taking her off guard.
“Hey, yea I got a little lost but i'm here now.” He takes her bag and she follows him up the stairs to his place.
“Welcome to my humble abode” He says as they enter into his massive open plan living apartment
“Your room is this way.”
“Aww shucks you got a room for me.” Maddy says as he shows her his guest bedroom. Her jaw drops this was luxurious with a great big bed in the middle of it she can't help herself, she kicks off her shoes and goes and jumps on it, Niall laughs at her thought and runs to join her.
“One perk to being rich.” he says as they jump and laugh with each other, they fall to a heap on the bed and just lie there staring at the ceiling as they catch their breath. Maddy rolls onto her side
“So where are you going to take me tonight? I've heard how much fun the night life is here.” Niall turns to face her,
“You aint seen nothing yet, wait can you drink?” She laughs at his remark
“I'm not one of your teen crazed fans! Of corse I can drink!” she swats a pillow in his face which sends her into a fit of giggles. Her laugh in contagious and Niall can't help but laugh with her.
“How long do you have?” he asks her as she had mentioned she was travelling around
“This is my last night and then I catch a flight back to London in the afternoon then homeward bound baby!” Maddy then gets another one of her crazy thoughts and turns to look at him
“Why don't you come with me?” without hesitation the words are out before he registered what he's just said
“I would love too!”
“Well, eerrr, yea we've got a few months off and well my last visit to Australia wasn't exactally a holiday with all the shows we had on.”
“Mmmm I remember that.... One Direction's coming down under with 20 sold out concerts!” she resits a newspaper headline that she saw when they came last year.
“Did you come to any?”
“No” she hopes she hasn't offended him, and decides to back track
“It's not like I didn't want to go, I love your songs I just don't go to many concerts, a girls got to work you know.” she laughs, Niall shifts
“Will I be in your way then if I come back with you?” Like all of a sudden he doesn't want to be interuppting her life
“No, no need for that, before I came on my holiday I quit my job and have two months off before I start my new one.” his eyebrows shoot up
“So how much longer do you have? I mean before you go back to work?”
“About the same as you, one month.”
“Well what are we waiting for!?” Niall jumps off the bed and pulls her with him!
“Let's get this party started.”
“Let me get ready then.” and she pushes him out of the door. The door clicks shut and Niall is smiling broadly on the other side, he has to let the boys know what he is going to be doing this break! He pulls out his phone and sends the message.
Going to Australia for the month! See you when I get back :D

He smiles this should be fun and then his phone starts going crazy with all their questions. Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had all answered!
What for? Have fun lad.- Lou
Is it a chick? What are you doing tonight, i'm in Dublin saw your car at the apartment -  Li
Jealous, don't get mobbed, who's going with you? - Zayn
You're crazy, who's the girl? - Haz

They all knew Niall too well to up and go if there wasn't a push from someone else, they all just wanted to make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble. Trust Liam to be in Dublin for the night, he knew he wouldn't be able to avoid him and so knew he would have to met up with him and introduce him to Maddy. Time to reply to them all, he decided to go with a group text to the other three:
Going with a girl I met; Maddy she's Australian! And yes to all I will be careful, showing her Dublin tonight can you believe it she knows the band but isn't a psycho about it. Catching up with Liam too so he can fill you all in about her. Enjoy your break lads!

He then replies to Liam:

Hey heading down to the local spot where we go, yes it's a chick bringing her with me so be nice. - Ni
Sweet what time you going to be there? - Li



Just as they had finished reading the text Niall had sent to both of them Louis looks over to Zayn, they shared an apartment together in London.
“So when are you going to come out?”
“Louis, it's not that easy...”
“Yes it is... hey guys I'm gay... see.” Zayn rolls his eyes at Louis' remark he thought it was so easy to come out about your sexuality but he knew that as soon as he did then that meant the entire world would know. He shifts uncomfortably
“Just because you have it so easy with your perfect relationship.” Louis throws a cushion at him
“At least tell the boys.”
“Yea I was planning to tell them all together but looks like that plan is snuffed.” he holds up his phone indicating Niall's new plans for the break.
“Well we could always go...”
“Yea cos he wants us crashing his party for two, great idea mate!” he throws the cushion back at Louis
“Trust me I'll find a way to get us in, we'll just wait for Liam to fill us in.” he winks and they go back to playing their x box game.

Just as he finishes reading Liam's message she walks out of her room all done up, Niall has to quickly look away afraid he was staring too much and encase he was blushing. Maddy notices the look he gives her when she walks out she can't help but smile he is cute himself! Niall quickly shoots a text back to Liam.
Give us half an hour
He turns to face her again collecting his thoughts
“You look beautiful.” he walks over taking her hands
“Give me a few minutes i'll go get ready, oh and by the way Liam is coming out too.” He says as he makes his way to his room. Liam... Liam..who is Liam? Maddy racks her brain. Liam Payne! One of the band members! She is nervous and excited at the same time, she hopes that what she chose to wear will be ok for where they end up going. Niall comes out with a buttoned up shirt and jeans, he's put some product in his hair so his blonde locks don't sweep down into his face.
“Wow, I mean look at you Mister, where are we going tonight?” Maddy blushes this is the pin up poster guy she is use to seeing everywhere.
“First we're going to eat, and then I will take you to a place me and the lads like to go.” he grabs her hand and they head out the door. Niall loves his food and knew of the perfect place to take her where she could experience a good Irish meal.

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