Road Trip

When Niall goes back home for a break he didn't expect to met Maddy and to be whisked half way across the world! What adventures are they in for, where are the other lads, who is Maddy? And what are both hiding?


24. A Kick in the Gut

“Hey mate how you going long time no speak.” Mike answered his mobile as soon as she saw the name appear on the screen.
“I don't trust him Mike, I don't think he is good news.” Harry's voice was husky on the other end.
“And how did I know this conversation would end up being about my little cousin...”
“Mike can you please just look out for her..”
“What do you think I've been doing over the last few years, even before you guys rocked up...”
“You're right I'm sorry, something just tells me there is something wrong and it's just a matter of time...” Mike lets out a sigh to Harry's concern, he had a point Mike had started getting a weird vibe off Henry lately too and he didn't like it. Maddy appeared to be fine but she had gone quiet so he knew this was not like his cousin.
“I know what you're talking about so relax I'll get it out of her, on the other hand how have you been going any news I should know about?”
“I brought a motorbike”
“Nice, as long as I don't hear about any high speed pursuits but how fast does it go?” Harry lets out a chuckle
“Fast enough I managed to top it out the other night”
“Jesus lucky you didn't get picked up.” Mike laughs at Harry's sometimes recklessness
“Yea,” he goes quiet for awhile

“It just helps clear my mind on a lot of things you know.” Mike hums his yes
“Things are a bit shitty here been recording non stop and I just want a break, we should be getting one soon but it's just always the same stuff, record, break, tour and repeat.”
“I don't know how you manage mate but just hang in there i'm sure you guys will be finished soon.”
“Yea I keep telling myself that.” they both laugh
“Well I got to get going thanks for listening Mike sorry if it's always about her.”
“It's all good just hurry up and get your ass here for good.” Mike jokes and Harry laughs it off
“Talk later”

Mike furrowed his brows together as he contemplates calling his cousin in the end he settles for a text message
Mike: how is my little cuz going?
Mad: Hey good, Henry is out at the moment can I come around with Mark?
Mike: Yea sure, come around whenever.
Mad: Be there in 30 xo

Maddy decided that today she had to tell Mike what was really happening. Her escape plan was almost complete but the other week had thrown her off because Henry had pushed her so hard and grabbed her wrist that he had almost sprained it. She rubs it thinking of the situation. It was now time she had also been going to some defence training but was holding those cards close until it became necessary. Maddy got Mark settled in the car and headed over to see Mike. As soon as Mike opened the door and Maddy put Mark down to run and go play she felt Mike embrace her and she held on like she depended on it and didn't hold back the tears that came rolling down. When her crying had calmed down they pulled out of the embrace and Mike set his hands on her shoulders and looked at her
“What's wrong?” they head on over to his lounge and take a seat.
“It's Henry” as soon as she lets that out a burden is lifted off her chest
“That bastard, what's he done,” Maddy grabs Mike's wrist to get him to look at her
“Maddy tell me..” he looks at her concerned
“Well... over the last few months I have been living in an abusive relationship.” Maddy blurts out really quickly and looks down at her hands.
“Oh my god Maddy! How does he hurt you?”
“Well it started off out of the blue when he came home one day and I said something normal and he just slapped me, he apologized for it and left but it's been slowly getting worse...”
“Maddy why didn't you tell me sooner?”
“Because I didn't want him to know that I had told someone plus I've got a plan”
“And what's that get yourself killed along with Mark?” Mike was frustrated at her and himself for not picking it up sooner!!
“You are putting your son at risk can't you see that?” he says to her now angry. Maddy sobs and nods her head, Mike calms down enough to comfort her and to hear her side and about the plan that Maddy had come up with. After their long talk and more tears Maddy sighs
“Who said non pop stars were safe.” she makes light of the situation and Mike smiles
“Is that what will make you happy?” Maddy grabs a cushion and rests her head in Mike's lap she knew the answer to this very well, Mike plays with her hair and turns on the TV and before she can answer his question the news blasting from the TV has them sitting up straight and leaning forward.

“Breaking news! One Direction star” Maddy's heart pounds as she dreads to hear the name but wants to....
“Harry Styles has been in a motorbike accident, medics were immediately on the scene late this evening and have rushed him off to the hospital where further tests will be carried out to make sure he is alright. So far he is in a stable condition. The other members were seen entering the hospital just minutes ago to be with their friend..... and in other news....”

Maddy's hands are covering her mouth as fresh tears roll down her face this can't be happening was what she was thinking she looks over to Mike who is in just as much shock and his eyes are starting to go glassy.
“He told me he wouldn't do anthing stupid.” she lets out and Mike looks at her puzzled
“When did he say that?” Maddy waves her hand in the air recalling the situation
“When I just met Henry I was leaving his apartment and I saw Harry and got to quickly talk to him."
“Wait he was here? Son of a bitch!”
“I have to see him!” She gets up as does Mike
“I should, I should call Zayn!! he would know.”
“Maddy slow down, everything is going to be ok.”
“But how do you know that, I can't loose another person Mike, I can't loose him!” she pushes him as she stuggles against his hold as he grabs her and lets her cry into his arms.
“It's Harry, he does the unthinkable.” Maddy gives a sniffle to the joke, she looks up and wipes her eyes,
“He is what will make me happy along with so many other things he makes me feel, right now I want to slap him.” Mike laughs
“Come on you better get home and call the guys and get stuff organized.” she points a finger at him as she and Mark are about to leave.
“You are coming with us.” she pulls out her phone and then sees the message from him and her face drains
“What?” she shows Mike the message
Henry: where are you, we need to talk have just found something out!?
Mad: at Mikes just leaving now.
Henry: Who the fuck is Mike?!
Mad: Relax he is my cousin silly, see you soon

Mike rests a hand on her cheek
“Do you want me to come with you?”
“No I'll be fine.”
“If he lays one hand on you call me straight away, no wait if I don't hear from you within an hour I'm coming around” he looks at her and she nods.
“Ok I'll call you in an hour.” she hugs him tight and heads on home.

Henry had been drinking as per his usual for the end of the week, Maddy had just walked in the door with her arms full with Mark and some shopping. Maddy came to a still when she saw Henry with her laptop and a clenched up jaw.
“Why the fuck didn't you tell me Niall Horan was the father!” Maddy quickly put Mark down and told him to go play in his room as she watched him scurry towards his room she made sure she was close enough encase Henry did anything.
“Henry what do you want me to say?”
“Well why hasn't that faggot done anything about it? Why am I the one working and paying for his kid while he is off being a famous pop star with all the money in the world?”
“It's not like that.” she runs her fingers through her hair knowing where this could be heading.
“He does pay for Mark.... I have  just put it in an account for just him and who do you think pays all the childcare?” Henry gets up furious to know that she had been keeping all this from him why wasn't he seeing any of the money?
“So you're saying we could be living in a better place then this dump and you choose not to?” Maddy rolls her eyes at his remark this was for Mark
“Don't you fucking roll your eyes at me.” he grabs her jaw and makes her look at him.
“I can see you still love him, I saw all your chats to him, why don't you go running back to the little Irish boy who left you?” a tear escapes Maddy's eye she closes them and opens them with a new determination.
“You will not control me! I love Mark and so does Niall yes he is on the other side of the world right now but that is what WE choose to do. You can just leave!” Henry looks at her raises his hand and slaps her, Maddy falls to the floor and lets a cry escape but  this time instead of cowering away from him Maddy gets the fire that she needs, she stands back up and looks back up at him with a look that almost dares him to do it again to see what will happen next. He is about to spew out venomous words at her but she bets him to it
“You know I have had it up to hear with you lately, you find out that Niall is the fucking father of my child but you know what you didn't even care who the father was as long as he wasn't in the picture, which he hasn't been do you know what you can fuck off you think you can get away with beating me down but honey the tables are turning so you better leave right now before I call the police! ”
“Oh come on Maddy” Henry tries to take back his actions by changing his mood but Maddy shoves him away
“You need to leave now!” and she points to the door
“And if I don't.” he now switches back to the aggressive side and challenges her as he places both his hands against the wall where Maddy's head is.
“I'll fucking make you leave mate.” Henry turns his head to the side giving Maddy the time to quickly shove him aside and watch Mike step in and grab him by the shirt and throw him out. He closes the door on him and locks it and focuses his attention onto Maddy.
“Are you alright?” he makes his way over to her and cups the cheek that was a flush red from the slap, Maddy winces at the touch but nods to let him know she is ok.
“Yea, I need to call Niall to find out about Harry.”
“Mike he needs me, I need him.” tears well up as reality sets in from all that has happened today and she collapses to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Mike gets on the floor beside her and pulls her into his arms rocking her until she calms down. After a few minutes Maddy wipes face and collects herself ready to move forward.
“I'm alright.” Mike watches her cautiously as she gets up and heads to the laptop dialling Niall, all the while she is praying silently that he picks up.
“Maddy, is that you?” the familiar Irish voice calls through the computer.
“Hey yea I am, is everything ok over there?”
“No,” his voice cracks and her screen finally lights up with his face it was all tear stained and fresh tears were rolling down his cheek.
“We need to get you over here fast.”
“Yea I want to come”
“There is no want; you are coming, wait what is that?” Niall focuses in on her face and sees the red hand mark on her face and all the colour drains from his face.
“Oh Maddy what has he done, I should of never...”
“Ni it's ok, I'm ok, Mike is here.”
“When did he do this I'm going to kill him.”
“Niall! Focus.” Niall had started mumbling to himself about what he was going to do and how Harry had warned them all that he didn't like his guy but now that Niall had finally seen what they were all dreading it enraged him that some prick could do this to the woman he loved, to the mother of his child.
“Did he, did he touch Mark?”
“God no!”
“Oh Maddy I'm so sorry, we're getting you over here as soon as possible, I'll message you later but  head straight to the airport because this is going to be very fast paced.” he sighs
“He needs you Maddy, god, I need you.”
“I'll see you all soon enough ok, hang in there.” she blows him a kiss as they end the conversation.



What do you think? Will Harry be ok?

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