Our Love | {Short Story}

If you are looking for a happy ending, you have come to the wrong place.

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6. V




As I push Lacey up to her door all I can think about is; Is she buying it? Will she finally be mine? Will she finally see me as beautiful intend of a complete stalker? She looks over at me smiling as I reach her door, "Today was great Ember, thank you. Will you come over tomorrow?"

I smile, "Of course." I knock on the door, waiting for it to be opened.

Jake comes up with a weirdly fake smile, "Hi Ember, thanks for bringing her home."

I push her wheelchair inside and Jake helps her out of it. I smile at the both of them before Lacey comes up and hugs me. I hug her tightly, I've always wanted this, I finally get the love of my life. She pulls away smiling as we both say our goodbyes. I wave as I turn around heading to my car. I hear the door close then some footsteps.

I glance over seeing Jake. He scowls me, "You need to leave her alone. Just because she forgot what you were doing, doesn't mean I did."

I glare at him, "And what makes you think she will listen?"

"I'm her brother you are nothing but a psychopath.", He spits at me.

I roll my eyes, "Stop making a fool out of yourself Jake." I open the door of my car getting in. He yells something but I turned my music so loud, I couldn't hear him. I pull out of the driveway, making my way back home.

What if he tells her?

What if she believes him?

That just can't happen. It can't.


I sit down on the couch, waiting for Jake to get back. I told him to tell Ember to come back tonight for dinner, I want to know more about us. My attention goes to Jake who just slammed the door.

"What's wrong?", I ask furrowing my eyebrows at him. He sighs, putting his head in his hands. I start to get worried as he whispers things to himself, "Jake you are scaring me."

He sits down facing me, taking a breath before saying, "Lacey there are some things you need to know."

"Okay.", I reply wanting him to continue. 

He sighs, "Ember isn't telling you the truth."

I look in his eyes, "What?"

"Before the accident you always told me that she was your friend. But then that changed to you always saying how much you hated her. You said she followed you everywhere, even tried to take pictures of you. You even said she was in your room one time when you weren't home. She is trying to get you to believe in her reality and not the real one.", He says steadily. All the words seeping into me.

​I furrow my eyebrows, my voice cracking a bit, "No, no this isn't right, she wouldn't do that. There must be a mistake."

"You never loved her, Lacey.", He says quietly. 

I look down at the floor, "Call her. I want to talk to her."

He nods, grabbing out his phone dialing her number. My whole body is shaking in fear as I hear the phone ringing. Once she answers he gives it to me.

"Hello?", She asks.

I cough, "Um Hi Ember."

"Oh hey Lacey! What's wrong?", She asks, concern filling her voice.

"Can you come over we really need to talk.", I say quietly. 

I hear her biting her nails from here, "Um yeah I can. Right now?"

"Yeah it's important.", I say sternly.

​"Sure, I'll be right there.", Before she could say anything else I hang up the phone giving it back to Jake. I kind of stare of into space, absorbing the pain and betrayal circling my body. 

Jake coughs awkwardly, "Are you okay?"

"Just tell me when she is here.", I say bluntly. He nods, walking over to the kitchen, leaving me alone.


The doorbell rings and it feels like every thing just stops, including my heart. I stand up, a bit shaky as Jake answered the door. Ember smiles at me, walking closer. It takes every once of me not to cry. I glare at her, "How dare you? How dare you take advantage of me!", I scream at her.

She jolts back, obviously not expecting it. She looks baffled and shocked as she looks me in the eyes. "Lacey, what are you talking about?"

"Jake told me everything. How you stalked me and how you were obsessed with me! I never loved you Ember! We never were together!", I yell at her.

She looks down then back at me, "I'm sorry. I was going to tell you after you give me a shot at being yours."

"You will never be mine! Ever. You are a crazy person!", I yell.

She takes a step back, "Maybe you are the crazy one."

I scream as loud as I can as everything turns to darkness. I fall to my knees still screaming and screaming. Till finally my eyes open. I look around me and I'm in a hospital bed. I look up and see my mom and dad and a nurse. But as I keep looking around it looks like a weird kind of hospital, like an asylum?

"Mom? Dad?", I whisper but my voice is so hoarse from screaming.

The nurse looks me up and down, "She has been in these deep sleeps lately, screaming herself awake. We have to sedate her half the time. She doesn't even know what reality is."


The End.

Wow. Were you guys expecting that? Epilogue coming soon to explain more :)

Please comment telling me what you think :)

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