Our Love | {Short Story}

If you are looking for a happy ending, you have come to the wrong place.

© Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014. All rights reserved.


4. III






"Lacey?" I ask softly, after one knock at her hospital room door. Her eyes meet mine for a second, making my legs weak for a moment.

"Yeah, come in.", She sends me a weak smile as I walk in, closing the door behind me. I sit down on this chair that is beside the bed. 

I gulp before saying, "How are you feeling?"

"Better, I don't have that much of  headache anymore. They said I can leave tomorrow.", She looks up and down at my outfit before asking, "Did you sleep here?"

I smile a bit, "Yeah I did. I'm not gonna leave you here alone."

"Ember, I don't remember much but I'm willing for you to help me remember.", She says a bit hesitantly.

"Yeah, yes of course. Do you remember the last time we spoke babe?" I ask my smile  growing bigger at the memory.

She snaps, "Don't call me that. I'm sorry I'm just not comfortable with it. No, I do not remember."

My big smile then fades, and turns to a slight fake one, "I understand." I croak out. A silence falls between us before I say softly, "We are together. We have been together for about eight months. We both love the show American Horror Story. You make playlists for me, you have the best taste.  We love each other, Lacey. I love you so much." A tear rolls don my cheek, but I quickly wipe it away. 

"Please stop.", She mutters. I sigh, putting my head in my hands. "I'm sorry Ember I just can't remember."

"It's okay, it's fine.", I whisper softly. I look back into her eyes, "When they let you go home tomorrow, I'll come over and we can listen to music, look at pictures, and talk. You will remember I promise."

She looks down before looking back at me. Tears rimmed her eyes before she says so softly, "Was I happy?"

I let out a mix of a laugh and sob before nodding my head, "Yes you were happy, we both were."

Some tears slip down her pale cheeks, "Then why am I so sad?" I get closer to her, giving her the best hug that I could manage without hurting her. I felt her sob into the crook of my neck. It felt nice cause I felt that closeness that I have been craving for. She sniffles before pulling away, which was way to soon in my opinion.

I reach my hand out to hers, "I'll make everything okay soon, I promise. But you need rest and I need to go home or your brother will get upset."

She nods before asking, "Will you be here tomorrow?"

I smile, "Of course. Goodbye Lacey."

She smiles back waving goodbye as I walk out the door. I sigh as it closes wiping my tear stained cheeks.


"Laceyyyyy.", I sing as I skip into her house, setting down my purse before walking up the stairs.I look into her room and she wasn't there. I sigh, "Lacey?" I hear someone walking in the bathroom. I walk over to the bathroom, knocking on the door, "Lacey, you in there?"

"Go away, Ember.", She snaps harshly.

I sigh, "Babe, c'mon tell me what's wrong."

I hear her lean against the doorway, "I did something I shouldn't have. And when I tell you-", She starts to  cry a bit more before continuing, "-you are going to hate me."

I take a breath, "Lacey, I could never hate you, just tell me."

She opens the door, her hair a bit messy, her makeup runny. She wipes the black off under her eyes, looking down. She gulps then says, "I made out with Asher's friend, Mark."

My heart stops for a moment because of the pain hitting me like a bullet. I gulp down a bit of pain, looking up at her, "Why?"

"I had to make sure.", She whisper so softly I can barely hear her.

I look up to her, our eyes meeting, "You had to make sure of what? That you still liked girls?" I say a bit harshly, more harshly then I wanted to.

"That I was in love with you.", She whispers, "I had to make sure before I said it. I knew I was when it felt wrong and gross. I love you Ember only you."

I smile, "I love you too Lacey."


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