Our Love | {Short Story}

If you are looking for a happy ending, you have come to the wrong place.

© Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014. All rights reserved.


2. I


I run into the hospital seeing Lacey's brother pacing in the waiting room. "Jake?", I ask breathlessly, still absorbing the information I was just given. "Can I see her? Is she okay?" He looks down to his shoes, making my heart sink. "Jake!", I pull his attention back to me.

He swallows hard, "It was a full on collision. She is lucky, she could have died but she hit her head pretty bad."

My eyes glance back and forth from his eyes, "Can I see her? Please I just need to see her."

He swallows again, "Ember, she doesn't remember you."

"What are you saying?", My breathing seems to get heavier as I wait for him to respond.

"She can't remember anything that has happened for awhile.", He confesses.

"But you don't know for sure that she doesn't remember me though. Let me see her, Jake.", I demand.

He finally gives up and walks into the hallway. I follow him, glancing in every room just hoping for a glimpse of her. My heart is pumping so hard, I can barely breath. Jake finally gets to the room telling me to wait outside. I nod and look into the window. I see cuts and bruises on your face and some down her arm. My hand gets to my mouth, hating to see her in that horrible condition. Im just thankfully she is breathing. Jake opens the door telling me I can come in. I don't hesitate to walk in rather fast, my flats hitting the floor as I make my way to my love. I see her look up at me. A huge smile forms on my face as my eyes meet hers.

I crotch down beside the bed, "Hey baby. You scared me shitless.", I laugh softly, and put my hand on hers. She quickly moves her hand away, my eyebrows furrowing in response.

"Who are you?", She asks, searching my eyes hoping to recognize me.

I gulp, bricks just hitting my hear, but I keep my composure, "Lacey, love it's me, Ember. Your girlfriend."

She shakes her head no, "I don't have a girlfriend."

Those words almost make me burst out in tears. I stand up, looking down at her, "Yes you do. We have been together for a year now. You just don't remember. But soon you will, baby I promise." I force a smile even though I'm breaking inside.

"Ember could you leave and give me and my brother some time to talk? I need to know what's been going on.", She asks, forcing a smile.

I wipe the tear that rolls down my eye, "Um yea sure. I'll be outside." I turn around, putting my hand to my mouth muffling the sob that finally escapes. I quickly walk out of the room so she wouldn't hear my loud sobs. I close the door behind me, and just let all the sobs go through. I keep wiping each tear as they roll down my flushed cheeks. How could she just not remember a whole year? Our year. I look back in the window seeing her nod and talk to Jake. How can someone just forget? I just want to run to her, hold her, kiss her. But I can't. 


| One Year Earlier |


"Ember! Hurry up!", My brother yells from down the stairs. I groan and quickly slip on my cardigan before grabbing my phone. I jog down the stairs adjusting my floral dress. Asher looks up at me smiling, "Ready to go sis?"

My eyes roll, "Please don't call me that at the party."

"No promises.", He winks before opening the door for me. We both yell out to mom and dad telling them bye. As the cold wind hits my skin, making me cling to my cardigan. We both get inside the car, still shivering from the cold. Asher starts the car, the warm air finally making me stop shaking.

"So where is this party?", I ask as I slide my seatbelt over me. 

​He backs out of the driveway and starts to drive, "At Lacey Hale's house."

"Who?", My eyebrows crinkle in confusion.

He laughs, "This hot girl at school. She is new too."

"If she is hot then you have no chance.", I send him a smirk as he pulls into a large two story brick house. The house is gorgeous, it even made my mouth drop. As Asher parks the car, I fix my hair a bit. Once the car stops, I unbuckle my seatbelt then open up the door. The smell is strong of beer. The music is blaring also with the song 'Bubblegum Bitch', which is one of my favorites from Marina and the Diamonds. 

Asher smiles, "I didn't know she was rich too."

I scoff, "Then you defiantly won't get a chance. I have a better chance then you."

He chuckles and so do I as we make our way to the entrance. We knock on the door and a red haired girl opens up the door with a smile on her face, "Welcome to the party."

Asher shows off his smirk before saying, "This is my sister Ember. Ember, this is Lacey."

She smiles and shakes my hand before saying, "I'm glad to finally meet the legendary Ember Jones."

"I wouldn't say legendary, but nice to meet you also.", I smile, glancing at the tight blue dress that she was wearing. She was so beautiful. I felt so insecure just looking at her.

Asher walks in leaving me and Lacey alone, which the awkward silence was slowly killing me. She takes my hand, surprising me slightly as she pulls me into the loud crowd in her house. The house was beautiful, some expense vie nicknacks around and also beautiful and detailed paintings on the wall. The loud blaring sound of Marina's voice and chanting of jocks where heard throughout the house. Lacey finally stops and hands me a drink while yelling over the music, "I like your dress!"

I smile at her but before I could thank her, someone already stole her away. I sigh biting my lip looking around to try and find anyone I knew. But I couldn't. I was alone.

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