Forgive Me

He was the new guy from across the block, rarely came outside, rarely showed his face, but he attracted so many people. No body knew his name. Sydney thought she was only going to talk to him once. But he lived across from her. She started making excuses just to see him. But he had told her before he wasn't looking for any relationships, she thought she could change his mind. She soon discovers he was hiding something from her, he tore her heart up to protect her. But will she ever find a way to forgive him?


1. New Neighbor

I never found myself to believe that I would be attending UIC. It was a dream come true until I was brought to life. I had one week of school left and I was in Calculus finishing a test. The reason for this is because I just got carried away thinking about what college would be like.

I watched a few seniors leave on their rides. It was pretty crazy how I will graduate, freshman year I totally thought I wasn't going to make it, but I guess I am!

I looked at my test once again, I needed one more question to answer and I was going to be completely done. I solved it and quickly stood up giving it to Mrs.Oak, she gave me a smile and told me,"Congratulations, Sydney, I am very fond of you! College will be the best". I was extremely over-whelmed and I thanked her and left. Mrs.Oak had always been my favorite teacher, she really cares about all her students and she is just so kind.

I made my way into the student parking lot and opened my car, putting my materials in the back seat. After everything was ready I drove home, where I would catch up with what's going on. As I opened the house door I noticed that it was quiet but a few chattering came from the kitchen and I made my way there.

"So were taking her to see the campus tomorrow?" my mother said stirring food in the pot in front of her. "Yes, she is going to have to feel the pride every time she gets there" my father responded and I walked in. I was very happy and I couldn't wait to visit the campus, I only lived a few miles away.

I wasn't sure either to stay at home or move into a dorm, I wasn't sure if we had enough money for a dorm and I had already received a car. I wasn't going to ask for more, so I would just drive the days that I would go to UIC and drive back.

"Oh, Sydney, can you please take the mail to the new neighbors? It accidentally got mixed up with ours", my mother said pointing to the stack of mail on the kitchen counter. No one had seen the new neighbors, they would always stay inside, or they would be somewhere where no one would see nor find them.

I placed my backpack down and grabbed the mail, I wasn't sure what to do, I would just leave it on their steps when I got there. I exited my house and crossed the street to go straight ahead, it seemed as if no one was there. I silently opened the neighbors gate and just made sure if there was anyone there so I knocked. When I was going to knock for the last time the door opened slightly and I took a quick look inside the house, it was very dark.

"If you're a scout I'm not buying your cookies", the guy said in a very thick and raspy voice. I then focused on him, his hair was slick to the back of his head as curls came down the sides by his ears, and he had very green eyes.. not to mention he had no shirt and tattoos were visible.

"I- no I'm not a scout", I couldn't speak, I had forgot what I had came for. I looked at the guy again, he leaned on the door frame crossing his hands over his chest. I gasped at the sight of a six-pack on him. I quickly liked down, embarrassed by the fact that he probably found this amusing.

"Then why are you here, you must have a reason", he said in a calm tone, I quickly looked down at my hands and remembered why I was even standing here. "I-" he cut me off. "'I' what?" He said. "Can you please let me finish?", I said clearly annoyed. He was embarrassing me and he knew it, what's wrong with him? What's his problem, I came down here to return something and he's cutting me off? I should tell him that exactly!

"Go for it", he said putting his hands up to defend himself and leaning back on the door frame. "I was going to give you your mail since it got mixed up with mine but since you didn't let me explain I guess I should wait until your parents are home", I said stepping away from the tattooed boy and walked away.

"Wait!", he said. "Can I get my mail please? I didn't mean for that to happen" he said laughing. I walked back to him and stuck my hand out for him to grabbed the mail and our hands slightly brushed against each other's and I jerked my hand away.

I could feel my face heat up and I felt a shiver run down my spine, "I'm Sydney Fields by the way" I said stepping off his porch. "Harry Styles", he said giving me a fake smile but introducing his lovely dimples to me. I awkwardly closed his gate and started walking back to my house.


I said I would keep posting so here I am

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