Three Wishes

Two girls go and save a magical creature who gives them 3 wishes each. What happens when they wish for their dreams come true? Read to find out


3. Chapter 1

Toni's POV

"Alright here" it said as we each got three rose petals

After it gave us the rose petals it disappeared. I looked at Delaney. She had a big smile on her face.

"Do you know what you are wishing for?" I asked her

"Yeah, I want to be Seventeen, win the X-Factor, and to have fairies with me" Delaney says. The last one I could tell was just for fun.

"I want to be Eighteen, win the X-Factor with you, and to be gorgeous" I say

"Okay I'm going to wish now" She says

She held up her first petal and wished. All of the sudden she grew bigger boobs, longer hair, she was taller and she was beautiful. I held my first petal close to my chest and wished.

"I wish to be Eighteen" I whisper

I became taller, bigger boobs, longer hair, I became skinny, and a nice ass formed. I looked at Delaney and noticed our clothes were a little to small. She must of noticed me look at her clothes so she looked down. I looked down at myself and gasped.

"Delaney. Before we make our second wish we should go shopping" I suggest

She nodded and we ran into a mall an bought clothes that would fit us. Then I looked at her.

"Lets make the wish tomorrow" She says

"Yeah, lets get used to being older" I say

I woke up the next day, in the bed next to Delaney's. I sat up and looked around the orphanage. I looked at the time to see it was noon. I stood up and walked over to Delaney's bed.

"Delaney! Wake up!" I slightly yell in her ear

She opened her eyes. Her eyes grew wide when she saw me. I looked at myself and gasped then I remembered what happened yesterday. I looked at Delaney and laughed.

"Well next wish?" I ask casually

"Yeah!" she cheered

I took my second petal, held it close to my chest  and whispered

"I wish that I was in and won the British X-Factor"

We looked at each other and smiled. We got up and got dressed. I put on a red stripped crop top, blue acid washed high waisted shorts. I threw on some TOMS and walked down stairs. I got downstairs to see a note. It said:

Toni and Delaney,

Hello girls! I took the other girls to the store. You girls can do whatever you wish. I've heard you girls singing, go on the X-Factor. The Irish one or the British one. Have fun!

Lots of love xxx

Ms. Stockwell

I looked at Delaney. She looked at the note and smiled.

"So we going?" she asks

"Hell Yeah!" I say in a 'Duh' tone

"Fuck yeah!" we said and ran to my car

"Wait! What about clothes?" Delaney yelled out. I looked at her.

"Lets go pack!" I say happily

We ran back inside and quickly threw all of our clothes in suitcases. We grabbed everything necessary for this trip.

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