The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


9. chapter 8 (very dirty)

(A/N~ if you don't not like dirty things plz don't not read this chapter cause it does involve sex)

Calums pov

Me and River ran all the way to car and jumped in. River was rubbing on if her hands up and down my leg "hey no teasing!! That's not funny" I said smirking. "You are get pay back!" I said winking. We drove all the way to the house and got into the house. I pressed her back to they wall so She couldn't move. I started to kiss her. Our lips moved in sync and a highly sexual tension rose between us. "No sex..." I moaned rubbing my hand up her thigh.

"Then stop teasing me!" She giggled against my lips.i smiled and continued kissing her. She slid her hands up my shirt and felt my core. "Whoah, y-your built!" I smirked and lay my hands on the bottom of her ass "No sex.." I sang. She sighed and pulled away. "Damn I missed you" I said. She laughed "at less this time you didn't lick my face aha" we both started to laugh. "Well I could if you would like" I said winking at her. "Nope" "ok then I guess your missing out" I said "wait why no sex?" She asked "well I don't know. We could if you wanted to but I didn't want to put you there cause you know" I said bitting the bottom of my lip. I kept think to my self .. I hope she says yes but she could say no. "well yolo right?" She said smirking. I picked her up bridal style and cared her to my room.

I pushed her on to the bed. I got on top of her and started to kiss her again. She pushed me of off her and got on top of me. I love how she takes control. I moved my hands up her shirt.

While i was rubbing her breasts, and our tongues were playing with each other, I started to move one of my hands down her stomach, all the way down to the edge of her lace undies. I moved my lips away from hers and kissed her cheek bone, then her cheek, her jaw, and then her neck. She really couldn't keep her pride any longer,she started to open my shirt. She opened half my shirt, when I stopped kissing her, She fast ripped shirt of my shirt, making the shirt buttons fall off. My pants around 'Mega Calum ' got tighter, and a huge boner grew. Somehow it made her smile, knowing that she was the reason. My hand, made its way down in her undies, and i started rubbing her clit, making her moan my name. My smile got even bigger, when She let out an even loud moan, but then i removed my hand. She looked at me "Don't stop doing what your doing" (A/N she what I did there hehe) She begged, making me laugh. I started kissing her stomach, and in a few seconds, I had pulled her undies down her ankels, and my tongue started licking her. First in circles, making her grab my hair. I slipped two long fingers inside of her and started to rub them against her g-spot, leaving her gasping for every breath. While my tongue started working harder, i pushed another finger into her and this time i went so fast that she couldn't say a word. All the pleasing feelings made me overwhelmed

Rivers pov

I wanted all of him, full size. Between every moan, I whispered with a shaking voice, "I. need. all. of. you. now!". He pulled his fingers, out, and stopped licking me. I fast regretted, cause I didn't want him to stop, the feeling was so damn good. "Are you sure?" He whispered, while looking at my body. He was still wearing his pants, and that fucking had to change. I just nod, and sat up, but he fast pulled me back down on the mattress again. I Lay back. I could hear him unzip his jeans, and when he pulled his jeans and boxers down, and threw them in the corner of the room, I bit my lip. His cock was stone hard, and looked so big. He leaned closer to my face, and whispered, with a caring and sexy voice, "It's okay if you don't want to... I mea-" I cut him off, "Just get inside of me!" I hissed, and at that moment his eyes turned darker. He grabbed his cock, first he ran it up and down my clit, teasing me. "Don't tease me..." I whispered, "Beg for it!" He raised his voice, and slapped his cock against my clit again, "Please, Calum? Please!", "Not good enough", " Calum!! Please! Just get fucking inside of me!" I tried to sit up again, but he fast and hard pushed me down in bed again, and then... In a mix of pain and pleasure, he slided his full sized cock inside of me, making me gasp really loudly. I bit my lip even harder, and dug my nails into his back, trying to hold back the tears, "Are you okay?" He asked, and I answered by nodding, and saying, "Just fuck me, Hood!" it was hard for me to not start crying. I just didn't want to ruin it, and I knew it would get better. I just had to get used to his size. He slapped his cock in and out of me many times, and after about 30 seconds, the pain faded, and pleasure so strong, that it made me get dizzy, took over my body. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I screamed, when he hit my g-spot over and over again. "Shut up, you cunt!" He covered my mouth with his hand, while holding my other hand down, over my head, with his hand around my wrist. I moaned loudly, and his hand on my mouth didn't really turn the sound down, "I'm gonna cum," I whispered, and he moved his hand away from my mouth, grabbing my other wrist, and pulling it down, over my head. While holding me down, he snapped, "Don't you fucking cum! you'll wait for me to allow you to cum. Understood?" His eyes were so dark, that it scared me and turned me on at same time. While he was hitting harder into me, it got harder for me not to cum, but I tried to hold it back, "I... I c-can't hold it any longer C-Calum!" I whispered, cause my voice didn't have enough power for me to said it loudly. "NOT YET!" He screamed, but it only got harder. When my pussy walls started closing together around his cock, just before I came, he pulled out. "What the fuck?!!" I yelled, and sat up, while pulling his body close to mine again. He just laughed at me, and pushed me down on the mattress for the third time, "You're so desperate..." He laughed, and moved his hands down to my waist, "Turn around," His voice was hypnotising, but I didn't turn around, just to see how he would react. "I said, TURN AROUND," He hissed, but I didn't move, just controlled the smile on my lips. This time I couldn't do anything, he brutally turned me around, and placed me in a doggy style, "You better do what I say!"His lips so close to my ear, was enough to make me moan. He pulled my hair away from my bag, and ran his fingers up and down my back bone. I loved it when he talked dirty... I don't know why tho. He stuck his huge dick in my ass. "Fuck" I screamed. He started to slap my ass leaving a few of his prints on my white ass. After a while he pulled his dick out of my ass. "Damn best sex ever" he said . I got under his blankets and fell a sleep naked beside him.

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