The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


8. chapter 7

Calums pov

River or at less who I thought was River handed me a piece of paper. Was it really River? Did she come back from the dead? Was I over acting? Did she fake her death? I had so many questions going through my head.

After the show I went to my dressing room to open her note. I made sure no one was near me when I read it.

Dear Calum

I need to explain. Call me (519)-481-9871

Xox River

She was alive! I wanted to call her but I didn't know what to say. So many questions..How are you? What happened? Are you the real River? And other things like I miss you, I love you, please come back with me and the boys. I pulled my phone out. I dialled her numbers in once I hit call Ashton walked in. I quickly hung up my phone. "Who you calling mate?" "Just my mom" I said. "Haha your such momas boys" he said walking out. Maybe I should wait and call her after the show at the flat.

Rivers pov

I was singing and dancing to one direction. I noticed harry wouldn't stop staring at me. Oh who gives a fuck. I'm here to have fun. "AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER" I yelled not caring if people were staring at me. I felt someone hit me. Then everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I saw I was laying down on a bed. Where was I? I looked down and saw I was wearing what I wore to the one direction concert. "I told you, you shouldn't be there" a deep voice said "where am I!"i spat. "don't worry you will be gone before you know it" he said smirking. He pulled me if the bed and started hitting me. " fuck" I said . He pushed me to floor and starting kicking me. "Bitch stay here or else"he walked out if the room. Leaving the door opened. I thought i could run pass him through the door. I got up and ran. My shirt ripped on the door showing a bit of my neon pick bra. The guy pushed me to the floor siting on top if me "you thought you could get away the easily?" He said grasping my boobs. "Please stop" I said. He looked down at my pants and ripped them of. Next he went to my shirt and also ripped it of. I was on the floor in my laced underwear and my bra. He took he shirt of and pants of. He was just standing there in his boxers.he went for my boobs and took my bra of. I tried to move out of his grip but it just kept geting tighter. He started to slap the shit out of my boobs. "Crap.... That ....hurts" I said breathing deeply." Good. Now take that of" he said poniting to my panties. "No no no plz no" he grabbed them and ripped them of. He went down to my pussy and started biting it.yea I said it he was butting my pussy and it hurt like hell. He took his boxer of showing his huge hard dick. Fuck it was big. He pulled me up pulling me to his bed. He pushed me onto it and he entered me. He was going hard it hurt like hell. He got out of me and pulled my hair. "Suck now" he said poniting to his dick. I did what he did and sucked it. I pulled away and he looked at me I closed my legs trying to hide my body. He just opened my legs and reentered into me. Why me?

Once he was done, I remembered that I had my phone in the back of my jeans. I for my phone and turned it on. Someone tryed calling me.. It was Calum. I quickly called him.

R=River C=Calum

C- hey

R- hi it's River. I don't have that much time. Someone kidnapped me.. I don't know where tho so look at where this call is coming from and save me.

C- I'm on my way.

The line went died. Let's hope he gets here in time before something else happens. I really need him.

I walked to the bathroom. I saw I had bruise all over my body. I was ugly. "Get here you rat"he yelled. He grabbed me and pushed me to the stove. He turned it on and pushed my face to it. "Owwe" I yelped. He burn my neck. I could see blood in the stove. "Next your face" he said pushing my face close to the burner. "Your going to jail" a police men said.the police man come up to him and grabbed him and pulled him away from me. Calum ran up to me "not so pretty anymore ehh?" The guy said. I rolled my eyes . Calum started kissing me like crazy "thought.. You.... Were ...dead?" He said between kisses . I pulled away. "Sit down. This is going to take a while" I told him what happened with the murder and how I had to fake my death and hide. He looked at me wide eyed. "Well I'm happy your back" he hugged me. I missed him so much. These all kind of seems like a weird dream.

"the guy who Had you captive was not the killer. Sadly the killer still somewhere out there. You are going to have to be careful and watch out because the guy we took today was one of the killers helpers. He said that there are lots of people helping the killer" one of the police men said. "What about my old life? Can I go back to it?" He gave me werid look. "It's up to you. You would have a better chance of not being found if you kept being Liv but you can go back" I jumped up and down.. "Eeeee" I ran up to Calum and jumped on his back. " let's get out if this hell hole" I said..

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