The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


6. chapter 6

The day of the date

I just put my hair into a messy ponytail. I put in some black shorts and a light blue crop top and my toms on. I walked out of the door. It was only 4:39 and the park was at less a ten minute walk. I started to walk down the street when a heard a women scearmed. I turned around and saw her dead on the ground. There was a huge blood puddle beside her. I looked up and saw a huge guy standing there. He had grey hair, he was very buff and he has a lot of tattoos."you shouldn't be here" the killer said walking towards me. I started to run. I looked behind me and I couldn't see him there so i pulled my phone out "911 what's your emergency?" The voice on the other side of phone said "I have just witness a murder" I said. I told her where I was "do you have anything close by to you that you could hide in?" She asked. I looked around and I saw a dumpster "yea there's a dumpsters" I replied "ok hide in the and our team will come get you when it's safe" she said. The line went died. I could believe that I just witnessed a murder. Was the killer going to come after me? "This is the police. We are armed. If you are here please show your self" I jumped out of the dumpster. The police walked over to me "so you were the eye witness?" A police man asked me "yes" I said. "Ok your going to come back with us. We just need to ask you a few questions"

I gotten into a police car. I pulled out my phone and saw It was 7 I thought I should text Calum to tell him what's going on since I missed our date

To Calum: I'm soo sorry I miss our date. I have a pretty good reason tho. I saw a murder. Killer try to get me and now I have to go to the police station to answer some of there questions then I should be home and we could watch a movie xoxox

From Calum: I'm just glad your safe. Mean girls;).?

To Calum: yes omg aha

At the police station

I was waiting in a old white room. There were no Windows what so ever. I don't know why they wanted me in here. I only witnessed the murder . I wasn't the sick kick or anything.

"River Murray, it has come to my attention that you witnessed a murder. Is that true?" A guy asked. He was every buff. He had black hair. It looked really shaggy and greasy. "Yes sir" I didn't know what to call him so I thought sur would work. "Well we think that the killer you saw is a serial killer that has been going around the world for almost 3 years. We have been trying to track him down but we couldn't. Since you saw him murder that women we believe that he is going to come after you. You are going to have fake your death and change your name, look and place where you live. Sadly you can not tell anyone about this because it put them in danger" he said. I could tell that shit was real since he wasn't smiling or noting. I just wanted to breakdown and start crying but I couldn't. I didn't want anyone to see me "My crew is going to fake a car accident on Saturday. That gives you one day" I nodded my head "I should go and pack then" I said. "No you can not pack anything. You have to leave your house like you just died. We will give you some money for you to go and get some clothes"I nodded my head again. This is so much to take in at once. I'm going to have to leave anyone. I don't know how am going to do this. It just going to be hard.

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