The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


5. chapter 5

A/N ~ in this book the boys did not put what I like about you and the only reason on there album!!!They only put she looks so perfect, heartache on the big screen, try hard and heartbreaker girl. Just thought you guys should know


I didn't know what to wear so I put on a light blue laced dress, I put on some black high heels. I also found a small black belt that matched my shoes so I thought I should put it on. I curled my hair and I put some makeup but not a lot.Michaels jaw dropped when he saw me. "Man I never seen you in a dress before. Shit your hot" Michael said smirking at me.i lightly hit Michael in the back of his head. "Damn still acting like yourself tho" we both laughed "shit so where are you going anyways?" He asked "well I'm going to stay with Harry for a while. I need a break from Luke" I said staring at the ground "girl you only been here for 2 days and your already leaving us?" "Yup" I said popping the p. "Well watch out ok? Harry can sometimes well do the nasite.. So when is he coming to get you?" "He said he would be here in a hour. You know what?you should to me sing like old times" he smiled and ran up to his room to get his guitar. When we were little he would always sing to me and tell that he was going to be so famous. I never believed him but hey I guess I was wrong. "What sing should i sing?" He asked "#selfie" he gave me a weird look "um no a different song" I started to think then It hit me "what I like about you! Please I love that song" he nodded his head and began to sing.

Michael pov

I started to sing.

"That's What I like about you, you hold me tight. Tell me I'm the only one, wanna go moving tonight. Keep on wispering in my ear tell me all the things that I wanna hear cause it's true, that's what I like about you"

I pause putting my guitar down and picking River up.. I spun her around in the air and I started to sing while holding her by her waist.

"What I like about you, you keep

Me worm at night, never want to let you go know you make me feel alright" I put her down. I could feel her breathing on me, I thought it was cute.

Rivers pov

After mic put me down he was standing there breathing on me, I thought it was cute aha. "Um River your phone, it's ringing" he said. I answered it.

"Hey River I can't come and get you. I'm stuck at work.. I'm so Sorry" Niall said

"Yea it's fine . I can survive here a few more days" I giggled

"Bye River and I'm very sorry" I clicked the end button.

"Looks like I'm stuck hear with you and they boys" I sighed "wait specking of the boys wear are they?" I asked "playing video gamesome both walked down stairs. We saw all the boys there. "Omg let's play truth or dare!!" Michael said "oke but your staring" me, Ashton and Calum said together. "Fine" mic sighed....

"Um River truth or dare?" Micheal asked "dare I ain't a pussy" I said "i dare you to let me take you to a hair salon to dye your hai" everyone fake gasped "ok, let's go buy the dye right now" to be honest I always wanted to dry my hair but I never had the time I guessed. I got up and got into michaels car, we drove to some weird hair place and I told the stylish what I wanted and aha did it. Within 1 hour it was done. "Damn your hotter with your hair dyed" Michael said smirking. We got back into his car and drive home. I put a Beanie over my hair so the rest if the boys could see what my hair looked like. To be honest I didn't really dye it. I just had the bottoms of my hair dyed light brown. It was so cute I loved it.

"River let me see your hair!!" Ashton said "drum roll plz"i said winking at Ashton. I pulled the beanie of. "I love it" all the boys said. " thanks"

I looked down at my phone and it was already 11 I was tired so I thought I should go to bed "night boys" I said waving to them.. I walked I to my room. I put some pjs on and just as I was about to go to bed I heard a knock on the door.

"Hey River is it fine if I come in" Calum asked "yea comeon in" "well I wrote a song and I want you to tell me what you think about it" Calum said rubbing his arm. "Yea I'll love to hear it" Calum got his guitar and sat down beside me in my bed. He began to sing.

"All the cross wire just making tired. Is it to late to being us back to life.

When I close my eyes and try to sleep I fall a part I find it hard to breath your the reason the reason the only reason. Even tho my dizzy head is numb I swear my heart is never giving up. Your the reason the only reason"

i almost cried it was so meaning ful. "Um who is it about?" I asked shyly "well it's kind of about you and me" I started to cry. He wrote a song about me! "I love you" I said "you don't understand on how long i have been waiting for you to say those three words.. I love you too River" he lend in to kiss me and this time if didn't reject him. He pulled away from the kiss and just looked at me.this is the person that I could spend my life with.ashton never made me feel this way before. "Um want to... Umm maybe go on a date... With me" "Calum I would love to" he smiled really big "tomorrow at 5 ish? Just wear whatever you want" I nodded my head.

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