The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


4. chapter 4

Luke's pov

Ashton, Michael and me just got back from the bar. Everyone was wasted but me. I drove into my house. I helped the boys go to bed. Once I did I went to check on River. I found her in her room sleeping with Niall. I turned the lights on.

"NIALL WHAT THE FUCK!! GET OUT OF NY HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!" I yelled "bro me and her watched a scary movie and she could sleep so she wanted me to comfort her" Niall said"Whatever get out" he got out of her bed and walked out if the house. Let's hope they didn't have sex or anything.

Rivers pov

I woke up in the mornings without Niall beside me. Maybe he had somewhere to go. I got our of bed and went to the bathroom. I straightened my hair. I put on black high shorts and a black crop top that said "fuck". I put on some of my flats and walked down stairs. I see all the boys in 5sos sitting there looking at me. "River we need to talk to you" Michael said. "Umm sure go ahead" " no take a seat. This is going to take awhile" fuck it was one of those talks. "Luke said he saw you sleeping with Niall last night. Why?" Calum asked "oh my fucking god Calum! Me and him watched a scary movie last night and I asked him to stay with me so I wouldn't get scared or anything!" I said getting up from the table. I walked back upstairs to my room. I remembered that Harry put his cell phone number in my phone. I pulled out my phone and texted him.

To niall: hey, Luke and the boys are being dicks. Is it fine if I could maybe stay the night at your house? :)x

From Niall:yea anything for you my love.. I can pick you up in like a hour. Is that fine?

To Niall: omg thanks your my lifesaver!:* xoxoxo

From Niall: yea yea gtg see you in a hour :) xo and wear something nice ;)

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