The Only Reason

"Calum tell me where she is" He said "I know you have her. So tell me" he pushed the knife closer to my neck and dug it into me. I could see blood on the knife.. That's when everything went black


1. chapter 1

(A/N- the boys ages have changed!! In the book every single one of the guys are 20!)

It's been almost 3 years since I last saw my big bro the one and only Luke Hemmings. My mom said that I needed to spend some time with him so there making me go and live with him and the boys. I don't want to go tho but they forced me. They said if I don't go they are going to make Luke leave the band and I would never want that to happen to Luke.. I think the band just changed Luke but don't get me wrong I'm happy for him.. I just miss the old him.

"Honey your going to be late!!" My mom half screamed. I can't believe the day has came. I'm going to miss it here but hey I'm going to be in the same area as One Direction! Yep you caught me I'm a directioner. I started to day dream about dating Niall, he was always my favourite.

I put both of my suitcases in the back of my moms car. She looked like she just lost her dog or something. She just couldn't stop crying. "you're sure you have everything?" My mom asked well she was holding my arm so tightly I could start to fell my fingers going numb. "Phone cards, emergency credit card? Passport?" Gently, I loosened her grip. "mom I checked three times before we left"

(At the airport parking lot)

"come on mom. You have had 19 years to prepare for the day that you would have to set me free and let me walk 55 feet through an airport unattended" I tried to explain to mom but she wouldn't listen to me. All she did was think of the worst. "what if you get lost?" my mom asked. I undid my seatbelt and graded my suitcases."I will be fine mom" I started to walk away from her. I tried so hard not to cry. I have always been with my mom and for the first time in forever I was gone without her by my side..

After the plane ride, I looked at my phone. I had 2 texts from my mom. 1 from Calum and 4 from luke. I opened Luke's texts first.

From Luke: how much more longer?

To Luke: I just got of the plane. Where are you?

From Luke: well I can't be there to get you so I had Calum come and get you. He should be there and remember no funny business ok?

To Luke: bro he's my best friend. I'm not going to fuck him or anything -.- god see you soon.

I could see Calum standing there playing On his phone. I took a running jump landing on Calum's back before he squealed, like a girl. He turned me around throwing me on the floor before pinning my arms over my head as he licked my face. Yes I said it. Licked my face. "what the fuck was that for Calum?!?!" He licked his lips. "Well I just missed you" I couldn't help but giggle. "So you licked my face?" We both laughed. "Well umm I will get back to you on that" he said blushing a little bit. "Well could you get of me? People are starting to stare" I said hoping he would get of me. "Well I like being on top of you" I just rolled my eyes and I pushed him of off me. "Why do you have to be so nasty bro" I replied trying not to laugh. He just stared at me. "Hey Calum why don't you just take a pic. It will last longer" within a few seconds I saw a flash. Calum took my advice and took a picture of me . "Ok let's go before Luke kills me" we both laughed. Luke was very protective of me. He would never let me date any of his friends or band mates cause I'm too good for them and crap.

I jumped into the front seat of Calums car. He turned his engine on and we were of to the boys house.

***skip the car ride****

We pulled up to a huge house that looked liked it was 3 stories, it was brick and looked like a fucking castle. "So I guess this is where you all live right?" I asked."yup. Pretty big eh?" God sometimes Calums can be a loser. I started to walk to door, I opened the door and saw all theboys standing there.. Well all if the boys but Luke.. "OMG SHES HERE THE REAL MOVIE STAR!!!" Michael shouted.. I pulled him in for a hug. "Hey Mikey!! Share her with me too" i pulled away from Michael and went to Ashton. Ive missed him so much.. He was always there for me."God ash you smell so good" he smirked showing his dimples. "Well your face looks good" I slapped his arm "what was that for" he said pulling away from the hug. "Well don't flirt with me" I giggled. "Well that really hurt you bully" he said while doing the puppy dog face. "God dammit Ashton stop flirt with my sis" Luke said walking into the room. "Luke he wasn't flirting! We were just taking"I sighed. "Well seems more like you guys were flirting" he said under his breath."why don't you just to up to your room and start fucking all the boys. Cause sooner or later you are" everyone just stood there speechless "You want to know what Luke? Fuck you! I try to come here and talk to you but you keep being a dick to me!" I yelled slamming the front door behind me. I'm sick of Luke always telling me what to do. He won't even let me talk to the boys now. I started to walk down a dark road. There was no lights what so ever, I could hardly see where I was walk. I could hear someone's footsteps. I thought I was over acting but I wasn't. The footsteps were getting louder and closer. I could hear someone breathing. I started to run at full speed when I fell in a pothole.. Fuck! I get up. I couldn't hear the footsteps, I hope the person following me gave up. But man was I wrong. I felt someone grab my waist, who ever it was, was hugging me. I tried to pull away but i could. The persons grip was so tight. I slapped the person in the face. "Fuck what was that for?" Once I heard that voice I knew who it was. I pulled him in for a hug than I kissed his cheek. He chuckled lightly being clearly amused by me. "You dont need to kiss me but, please carry on!" He smiled.I rolled my eyes when he pulled me back into a hug. "Please, on the lips, no funny shit!" He begged. I rolled my eyes again and sighed. "No" Calum sighed "sorry bro. Luke would kill me if he found out I was kissing you" just as Calum was about to something, it started to rain. Great just my luck. "Come on River let's get back, everyone's probably worried sick about you" Calum said taking his coat off. He handed me his coat. I just took it. "Thanks Calum"

I walked back into the boys house. I ran upstairs to the bath room to change. My hole body was soaking wet. I put on a white, black and yellow smiley face tank top. Followed by black ripped denim jeans, a pair of yellow converse, a 'fuck' snapback and then i added some mascara also my black lip piercing. I walk our of the bath room to find Ashton and Michael siting there "shit River we so worried that you'd so some crazy shit" Ashton sighed "well I didn't" I said walking into my room. I locked the door behind me. I really didn't feel like talking to anyone. I. Knox head the boys talking. I thought a little but of ease dropping couldn't do me anything wrong . "Look I didn't want her here to start but my parents forced her too" Luke said to the boys "well I think we get a long great with River, you have to treat her better tho and let her do what she wants cause she is a adult" Calum said. See Calum cares about me. " I know I know I just don't want you guys flirting with her cause I don't want you guys to date and break up. It could wreck everything" what the fuck luke ? Did I really just hear that right. I'm sick of Luke acting like my dad or something! He knows i would never really would want to date anyone in the band but if it was going to date someone I would want to date someone in One Direction but on the bright side I will be on the same your bus as One Direction in one week. I slowly started to fall asleep.

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