Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


8. 8

Saras pov

I didn't know how to tell the 2 boys. So I thought I should tell one of my closest friends Calum. He was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry in. He was kind of like a old brother to me cause he was there For me.

I pulled my phone out and started to text Calum

To CalYum: hey I need to tell you something top secret sometime today bro.

From CalYum: ok bae just met me a my place in about 30 ish mins:*

I went into my room and got change. Since I was just hangout out with Calum I put in a owl sweater and some black jeans. I walked to my front door and put on my uggs. I was ready. I had 30 mins to get to Calums place and it only takes me like 5 minties to drive to his place. I just went to Starbucks and got a drink to go. Once I got it I looked down at my phone.

From CalYum: ready whenever you are.

Here i was standing on Calums yard. i was really scared to tell him cause I have no clue how he will react to me having a baby with Michael. I was drunk at the time so maybe he won't care a much but on the other hand he could kill me.

A/N~ I'm soo sorry that the updated have been so short . I have been busy and I haven't had enough time to update them so I promise you guys that they will be longer and since it's a long weekend I will write two long chapters just for you guys

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