Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


6. 6

Sara's pov

"Time to get my party on!!" I yelled running out of the house, not caring if people could hear me. "What who's driving?" I asked. He looked at me then looked back at his phone. "While umm let's just take a taxi cause I have no clue" he said.

Once we got it the taxi Luke just played on him phone.. The hole time! He didn't even say one word the hole 26 minute drive! Are you like kidding me! Whateva be a jerk Luke

Luke's pov

I pulled my phone and texted the guys the hole time. I felt like a dick but I didn't know what to say to Sara. I didn't want to get her pissed of and I didn't want to flirt with her since she said she didn't like me even tho we had a big makeout but whatever.. I will make her fall for me in no time. I just need to find a way. "Umm Luke were here" a small voice said. We paid the driver and went into the club. I could see Michael standing at the bar. He wasn't to hard to find since he had neon pink hair. "Hey bro this is Sara. Sara this is Michael" I said. "Damn is she your girlfriend?" Michael asked out loud. She blushed a bit "no she just a friend" I explained. "Well you wanna dance Sara?" Michael asked her. What she's mine! Do you not know the rules of the bro code or something bro. Sara nodded her out and went out to the dance floor with Michael.

Michaels pov

I could tell Luke was a bit made at me for stealing his date. Opps oh well who gives a fuck. I pulled closer to me by her waist. She started to move her hips side to side. She was smiling like hell, maybe she did like me. I pulled away and went to the bar . I got the strongest drink they had there and gave it too her. She drank it pretty fast. Once she finished the drink she began to grind me again."let's go somewhere else" she said looking at me. I grabbed her hand and ran out if the bar. To be honest we were both a bit drunk but oh well. We ran to my house. About a 4 min walk away.

Once we were in the house she started to kiss me like crazy. "Let's go to my room" I moaned as she was kissing my neck. She jumped on my back and we ran into my room.

Luke's pov

I started to look on the dance floor for Sara but I couldn't find her.i hope she didn't leave cause if she did it wouldn't end well. I ran around the club for a about a hour. I have up. Were could she be? Then it hit me. I started to run as fast as I could out of the club to Michaels house "Oh Michael faster" a voice moaned. I ran into his room and saw him and Sara there having sex! "DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE BRO CODE!! WHOEVER FINDS HER GETS HER AND I FOUND HER WAY BEFORE YOU!!" I yelled slamming the bedroom door.

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