Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


5. 5

I thought about what Luke said "I see a nice, cute little girl inside of you that is traped and can't get out. If I was you I would let her" maybe I should let her out. I did miss her a lot but were would I start? I looked into a mirror and thought about it.. My hair..

I went to the hair Salon and told the girl I wanted to dye my hair back to my natural color. She did what I said and chafed it back. I paied her the amount of money I owed her and left.. Next.. Some new cloths. I likes the cloths I had but they were a bit dark. I tried on some many cloths. In the end I bought a lot of clothes and when I mean a lot I mean a lot.. I had spend 513.12 on clothes. Hehe oppss. I walked home. I was scared about tomorrow. I was like a new person. Will people know it's me? How will they treat me? God I'm so scared. I pulled my phone out and called Luke.

L- hey

S- come over right now! I need to show you something

L- I'll be over in a hour.

I ran upstairs to my room. I put on a light blue dress. It strapless and it hugged my bum really good. I put on some black heels and a black belt, since it matches my shoes. I put some eye liner on and some mascara. I did smokey eyes and I put my new blond hair into a messy ponytail. I ran back down stairs and waited on the coach. I was scared for Luke to see the real me because I didn't want him to not like me anymore. He walked in "hey is sam here?" He said checking me out "wait sam?" He asked puzzled "um yea.. I'm going to be the real me real me like you said" I span in a circle "what you think" I said winking "hottier than the old sam" I smiled he still liked me "we are going clubbing tonight!!" He said. Well I was all dressed up so why not. "Ok let me grab my wallet" I got my wallet and grabbed Luke's hand interlocking it with mine. "Hey my band mates are going to come to. Is that fine?" I nodded my head "the more the marrier"

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