Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


4. 4

Sara pov

I went home and started to cry a lot. Did I really like Luke that much? He just a guy. It doesn't matter.. Yes it does matter. I love Luke Fucking Hemmings!! "I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS!" I yelled. "Well I love you to" I looked up and saw Luke standing there. "What! How did you get in?" I asked looking at him. "I looked under the welcome mat outside and there was a key under it" makes sense. Everyone hinds there key under it. "Well I didn't mean what I said before" I explained. "Then why would you yell it?" He asked crossing his arms and tapping his foot "give me a minute to think about it" I said giggling. "Omg you laughed!!" Luke said laughing. "You learn something new everyday" I replied. "So um I know you think I'm a creep but i love you" Luke said. I have been waiting for him to say those three words to me forever." I-I love.." He grabbed my waist and started to kiss me.I put my arms around his neck. He leaned in. I pressed my lips against his and moved my lip in sync with his. His tongue massaged my bottom lip. i gave permission. We fought for dominance and he won. He explored my mouth and lay his tongue on my tongue.

"Damn best kiss ever" Luke moan between the kiss. I pulled away "I've had better" I hissed. He crossed his arms and raised one of his brows. Then he pulls back to kiss, I tryed to pull away but he was to strong. He licked the bottom of my lip. Nope nope I'm not letting him in! I kept my month closes and kept trying to push him away. I kneed him hard in the balls "OWEE" I have to say he screamed like a little girl. "I'm not going to stop kissing you till you tell me I was the best person you ever kissed" he said smirking. "Nope" he pushed into my bed and he laid on top of me. He put my hands over my head and he was hold into them. He lend down to my face and licked my face. Yes I said it. LICK. MY. FACE. "What the fuck was the for?" I asked "tell me I'm the best kisser! Now ir else" he said. "Mmmhmm or else what?" I questioned "You don't want to know"he said winking at me. "Luke Hemmings was the best person I ever kissed" I said. He started laughing. "What?" I asked "Luke Hemmings was the best person I ever kissed" he played from his phone. "Hey that's not funny" I said pushing him of off me. He just kept laughing.

"You know your not as bad as everyone thinks" he said rubbing the side of his arm. "Like everyone sees you as a hot goth chick but from what happened today, I see different. I see a nice, cute little girl inside of you that is traped and can't get out. If I was you I would let her out" I thought about what he said. Maybe he was a bit true. I changed a lot when my parents passed away. Maybe I should let the old me come back. "Bye Hemmings" I said kissing his cheek. "Bye Adams" he waved goodbye and left. Was I really crushing on him?

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