Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


3. 3

Luke's pov

Sara's pretty chill. She's different than all girls at my school maybe that's why i was head over heels for her. I have been trying to get her to go on a date with me for almost 3 years and she's always said no. I've tried kissing her.. Got rejected. I have tried everything. She just doesn't like me. "Hey babe" I said winking at Sara. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. She walked away than turned around and stuck the middle finger up "not a chance dick" damn Sara that was harsh. I guess I was a dick but oh well who cares. I left the school and went to Tim Hortans. I got a ice capp and started walking back to school not caring I was 5 minutes late for class.

I walked into the class room. I saw there was a sit beside Sara. I walked up and sat beside her. She was cute. She put her feet on the desk and pulled her phone out. I leaned up to her and kissed her.. Hard.. She put her hand on my chest trying to get me off of her but I wouldn't let her. I pushed my tonage Into her month. I felt her bit hard on the bottom of my lip. Fuck it just . I let her out of my grip. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR" she asked yelling at me as she walked out of the class room. Shit I wished she kissed me back. I fucking don't understand any girl would have loved to be kissed by me but she didn't. She was so hard to get and that's why I think I keep trying to get her.

I walked out of the class room and saw Sara. I grabbed her by the waist and just as u was about to kiss her she pulls away "I don't fucking like you!!" She yelled. Well great that makes me feel better "why can't you be like other girls" I spat. Everyone around us gasped. She stop in her mid tracks and turned around. Shit! To be honest I was scared as crap. She's way strong than me and she could bet me up if she wanted to. "Cause I don't want to fuck your sorry ass" damn. Hurt full much. I saw a girl beside me. I grabbed her waist and pushed into a wall. I pressed my lips hard against hers . I licked the bottom of her lip and she let me in. Our tongues dance together (not really) I pulled away and looked at Sara. She had a tear in her eye. What did I just do?

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