Try Harder

So somehow I'm the badass of the school. Luke hemming is the jock and to be honest he's hot as hell. He's always flirting with me trying to get me to have sex with him but everything changes within a day


2. 2

Sara's pov

I walked into school. Fuck I hate this hell hole! It's full of fake bitches who wear to much makeup and care more about sex and how they look than grades. It's just gay. I walked up to my locker and typed in my pass code. "Hey babe" Luke said winking at me. I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker shut. He was always trying to get me to have sex with him. I just walked away from him sticking up the middle finger. "Not a chance dick" I yelled walking away. Ok so maybe I had a little crush on Luke but hey every girl needs a crush and some how I was crushing on the schools jock. He was so hot. He had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They were so blue, like I could stare into his eyes all day everyday. Don't even get me started on his hair. It was dirty blond and it was alway style. And he always had the most cutest clothes on. He would always wear nirvana shirts, rolling stone shirts and shorts like that. Man if everyone wasn't so scared of me I may have made a move on Luke but I can't. I have to rejected him cause I don't want people think that I'm a lover person.. And I'm not!

I walked into science.. Yay! I hate science I was fucking bad at science and the teacher sucks. He is always giving us lectures on how school is really important and that we should try harder to get better grades but we all clearly know we aren't even go to try to get better grades. I sat down in the back row. Luke walked into the class late as always. "Hey babe what's up" I put my feet on the desk and Ignored Luke. I was pulling out my phone when stoped by someone pressing there lips on mine. I put my hand on the persons chest trying to pull away but they wouldn't let me. The person forced there tongue in my month. I bit hard on the bottom of there lip and the person let me go. "LUKE WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR" i spat.i got up and left the room. I was pretty sure that everyone was staring at me as I was walking out but I didn't care.

"Sara Adam can you please make your way to the principles office Sara Adam" I rolled my eyes and walked into the principles office. "Yea yea. I shouldn't be walking out if class without a pass or telling the teacher. I will take two week of detection" the principle or also know as Mr, Linch just raised his eyebrow. "Make it one week" Mr,Linch said. Damn he was in a good mood. I walked out. The bell rang once I left. I started to walk when Luke grabbed my waist. I just slapped him in the face. "I don't fucking like you" I yelled. "Damn playing hard to get I see" I stuck the finger up and walked away like always "why can't you just be like all the othe girls?" He asked. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Everyone near gasped "because I don't wanna fuck your sorry ass!" I said giving him the death look. "Well all the other girls would love to be kissed by me" he said grabbing a random girl that was close to him. He pushed her back up to the wall and started to make out with her. He pulled away after 1 min and looked back at me. I don't know why but one little tear came out if my eyes."whatever man whore" I managed to say before walking fastly out of the school. Why was I crying over a boy? It was point less.

I walked to my house. I lived alone cause well my parents dyed last year in a car accident and the police said I was old enough to live by myself. I missed my parents. They were the only ones that understood me.

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