Love is an open door

Darcy Marie Espinosa never saw it coming


2. *moving in*

Darcy's p.o.v

We just got here so I decided instead of unpacking go around and meet the neighbors. I throw on a hot pink crop top that says crazy mofos and some milk white jean shorts and my galaxy vans and put my hair in a fishtail braid.

I walk outside an go to the house on my right I ring the door bell and some kid who looks about 16 or 17 opens the door. Hello I'm Darcy Espinosa I just moved in next door.

Hey Darcy I'm Nash does it so happen your bro is Matt

He asked

Yeah that's him

I'm smiled kindly

I'm apart of the magcon events too

He says

Cool so see ya around

I say

Yeah but hold on I'm going I get my little brother you two will hang out while us guys go on stage

He says befor walking away

I stand there awkwardly Nash was pretty tall considering I'm only 5'2. He comes back with another kid that looks my age. Zayyyuumm I think he is fine

This is Hayes. Hayes this is Darcy Matt's little sis

Hi nice to meet you

Hayes says

You too well I better get going now see you guys tonight


They say

(Later that night)

I am getting ready I put on a sweater that says teenage runaway and black shorts with combat boots with a walking dead SnapBack my hair is flat ironed

Matt drove himself and I to the event. We walked in I walked up to Nash tap him on his shoulder e turns around then smiles and hugs me and spins me around then sets me down.

How ya doin Darcy

He says

Good have you seen Hayes anywhere

I ask but then feel a tap on my shoulder and see Hayes I hug him. We pull apart

Hey pretty boy

I say

Hey Darc

He says

While the boys wen on stage Hayes and I went into some random room and started playing 20 questions

(H:Hayes m:me)

H:favorite color

M: purple

H: favorite band

M: 5 seconds of summer

H: favorite animal

M: penguin

H:favorite song

M: bangarang

H: favorite types of shoes

M: vans and combat boots

H:favorite shirt of yours

M: my batman shirt

H:full name

M: Darcy Marie Espinosa

H:pets name

M: Lucy

H: how old are you

M: 13

H: who is ur crush

M: not telling

H: why not

Doesn't matter I'm bored

I say

Me too

He says

How about I call a cab and we go back to my house and have a movie night

I suggest


He says

I send Matt a text telling him what we're doing. I then call a cab. We walk outside. We have to wait for 10 minutes. It's a summer night you hear all the frogs and crickets. All of sudden Hayes grabs my hand. But I don't pull away. The can pulls up.

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