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Niall Horan


2. the date

"This really isn't the type of weather that you would go on a date" said my mom kind of stressed ."Yeah I know mom but I really like this guy and I don't want to mess stuff up with him!"I said with anger."Ok fine dear but I wouldn't go out in this wether if I were you I would call ........"then I stoped he dead in her tracks "Yeah u would call and say I don't think this is the proper weather to go on a date so we r going to have to re schedule"I said with anger at my mom.

When we arrived at the Olive Garden off of highway 25,we sat down and then we made sure everything was perfect it was until, Niall was walking and then he ran into a waitress and when he hit her the food fell everywhere all the way to me and I was five feet way! Niall apologied like twenty times and then came back looking like a bleeding octopus."Niall!!!"I giggled but also screamed "R u ok?"I said antiously " yeah I'm fine just a little spaghetti I'll be fine " Then the date was over ten minutes to twelve and we said our good byes and we said that we would meet again.

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