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Niall Horan


4. baby

It was nine months in to mine and Niall's relationship and we then decided to try to have a family and then get married.So it was one day after work and I walked into my apartment and I saw Niall sitting there and then said "Are u ready Anna?" Then I said in a soft scared voice "yeah" When we tried it finally worked me and Niall were gonna have a family!!!!👼

I was now 8 months pregnant and I was in so much pain sometimes every day after work I would cry my eyes out .

One short month later I was rushed to a hospital and four long hours later out came a baby boy that look a little like Niall and a little like me. I was so excited that as soon as he was born I was begging the doctor if I could take him home now but the doctor said we had to name him first then my little boys name was ................HARRY!!!!!

"Read on to the next chapter because it is going to be exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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