5 seconds of summer imagines -open-

I hope you guys like this check out the first chapter to know what you need to put for an imagine sorry if it is late I am a very busy girl luv ya guys��❤️❤️❤️


8. Kaelah & Ashton

*Kaelah's P.O.V*

Today was the first day I get the meet Ashton I person.We were always texting and calling,but that was it.I was scared he wouldn't like the way I looked.Maybe he wouldn't like the tattoo on my right thumb.Or maybe he won't like my curves or my nose piercing.I stopped looked in the mirror and said to myself, "It will all be fine" After I got all my make-up on I heard his car in the drive way.The butterflies can back,Then I pushed them away.I can do this.He knocked on the door I looked at myself in the mirror and went and opend the door.He looked amazing."Ok you can stop staring and you look amazing too." He kinda laughed and smiled and when he smiled I noticed he has the cutest fricken dimples ever!Then I relived what he had said, "did I say that out loud?" I asked him.He shook his head yes then lead me outside.When we left when went to a nice restraunt.Then we went to the mall.When we were done we drove into the middle of nowhere and just layed there.We looked at me and we kissed.It Was Amazing!After that night we don't know how it gapped but we just kinda went together and stayed together.

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