5 seconds of summer imagines -open-

I hope you guys like this check out the first chapter to know what you need to put for an imagine sorry if it is late I am a very busy girl luv ya guys��❤️❤️❤️


5. Eve & Luke

Me and Luke were laying on my bed.Watching my fav tv show Dr.Who.Me and Luke were cuddling.When we finished watching season 1 of Dr.Who,we turned off my Telly and I was trying to go to sleep when Luke say up and looked at me.I looked back at him and he asked, "Would you ever go out with one of your best friends?" "Yeah why not." Was my reply.I looked into his eyes he leaned in and kissed me.I was shocked at first but then kissed him back.After we stopped kissing he looked me in the eyes,again,and asked. "Eve will you be my girlfriend?" I shook my head yes and kissed him again.I guess I get a happy ending.

*Authors note*

Hi guys so this one is for my BFF Eve she is awesome why don't you follow her.Her name is goth100%

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