5 seconds of summer imagines -open-

I hope you guys like this check out the first chapter to know what you need to put for an imagine sorry if it is late I am a very busy girl luv ya guys��❤️❤️❤️


4. Elaina & Ashton

Elaine's P.O.V

Ashton and I were walking around in the park one day.We were just walking and talking.when he saw a bench he sat down,and so did I.we talked for a while.When it started getting dark Ashton started walking to his car.So I followed him.When we got there I got a text.....from Ash?

The text message read:

Ashton:Will you go out with me

My eyes started to water.I looked at up and there was a heart made out if flowers."Yes Ashton Fletcher Irwin I will be your girlfriend." He leaned in and kissed me.*2 years later* 5 seconds of summer is still famous and the best band ever.Me and Ashton are engaged we have one daughter named Cassidy.I am always going on tour with the boys and I take Cassidy with me because she is 2 almost 3.I love Ashton and Cassidy and I always will.


Hi guys so this one is late sorry but this is for an awesome girl Elaina

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