Dave Strider's sunset


1. smuppets

i guess it is going to be a long day of avoiding those damn smuppets of my bros. i mean. they're cool and all. but those things are starting to creep me the hell out. what were they doing in the microwave. or even the fridge. like i went to get some apple juice earlier. and when i opened the fridge. i was covered in a shit ton of those things. then i found out that we are out of apple juice. that made the trip worthless. so i went back to my room and thats when i see that everyone decided to pester me. it was almost like i had a sign that said. alright guys. i just dug myself out of a bunch of plush rumps. so give me a chance to tell you all about it. i then see that rose and john are wanting my attention for some reason that i really dont want to know. which is where we are now. wow did i just point out the present. whatever. i guess ill answer john. rose can wait.

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