Dave Strider's sunset


3. rose

i exit out of johns chat window. what is his deal anyways. why is it bright in here? i guess i will look out the window. wow. the sky is so orange. i need to see it from the roof. i guess that i will switch to my ishades so that i can get rose to leave me alone.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 16:54 --

TT: The birthday of one of our friends will soon be upon us. The birthday of one Jade Harley.

TT: The matter of what will be gotten as her gift is still unresolved.

TT: Do you have any opinion on what the gift should be?

TT: Dave?

TT: Are you even reading this or am i just typing to a pair of shades?

TG: hey sup

TT: There you are.

TG: i just dug myself out of a shit ton of plush rumps

TG: like i went to get some apple juice

TT: Dave, I am sorry to inform you that there are more important things to be discussing at the current moment.

TG: then when i opened the fridge

TG: they just fell on me

TG: like egbert to a bad movie

TT: Wait, what were your brother’s puppets doing in the refrigerator?

TG: smupetts

TT: Pardon me?

TG: smupetts

TG: they are called smupetts

TG: and they are starting to creep me out

TT: Could it be that this is your brother’s way of keeping you in check?

TG: wait

TG: what

TG: nah man

TG: thats what lil cal is for

TG: he is always there for me

TT: So your brother could be using Lil Cal as a substitute for himself?

TG: rose

TG: youre analyzing again

TG: you know that i asked you to stop that doing that

TT: It’s just so hard to stop when I am talking to a gold mine

TG: whatever

TG: wow

TG: that sky

TT: What about the sky?

TG: its so orange

TG: almost blazed orange

TG: almost like the meteors were streaming through it again

TT: As much as I like listening to you talk about the sky, we still need to discuss the matter of Jade’s gift.

TT: What do you think we should get her as a gift?

TG: she likes guns

TG: get her a gun

TT: Is that the best you can come up with?

TG: sign the card

TG: have a blast from dave

TT: Dave, be serious

TG: that was serious

TG: im going to go now

TG: i need to enjoy this sunset


-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 20:00 --

rose keeps sending messages but i just ignore them. why dont i come up here more often. the sunset is one of the coolest things around. not as cool as me though. bro is probably the only person or thing that is cooler than me. man the last time the sky was this orange. i almost died. for all i know. while we were in the game. the sunsets could have been like this. just. i was caught up with everything that was going on. and. i forgot to take the time to look for it. and i should have looked for it. because. well. this is so beautiful. peaceful. almost relaxing. i can barely describe it. the only thing that comes to mind is. wow. i wish they were here. john. jade. but at least rose. she would definitely love this. just. im afraid that she would start trying to psychoanalyze me. damn i hate it when she does that. whatever. i wonder if bro is back with some apple juice. before leaving the roof. i look back at the sunset. i wonder what she would think. then i leave.

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